9.2 web2The Sun is in Sagittarius, and the Moon is in Taurus, from 5:15 GMT, 3 December 2014, to 10:28 GMT, 5 December 2014.

Ideologies separate us. Dreams and anguish bring us together. (Eugène Ionesco, Sun/Ascendant in Sagittarius, Moon in Taurus)

Binary Number: 98
Degrees:  12½-15° Sagittarius
Aspect: Quincunx
Moon Phase: Gibbous
Handorian Reference: State of Vanjuli
Binary Spirit: Nivaya Rata
Provisional Territorial Unit: AREA D9-2, POLAND

In the Astroshamanic Binary System, Sun in Sagittarius (9) and Moon in Taurus (2) constitute Binary 9.2, or Binary number 98.

The combination Sagittarius/Taurus, mutable fire and fixed earth, blends enthusiasm, expansion, desire to explore and longing for truth with sensuality, stability and pragmatism. Sagittarius and Taurus are in quincunx aspect, which tends to cause slides into parallel universes affecting what happens in your everyday reality.

This produces most loyal, passionate and devoted beings, inspired both by high ideals and the natural beauty of earthy life. They are practical and capable in their work activities, yet unconcerned about ordinary survival issues, operating with spontaneous trust and confidence, nourished by a grounded sense of hope, which tends to pay off and produce tangible results.

Sagittarius and Taurus are in quincunx aspect, an angle of 150°, which is five-twelfths of the 360°. This aspect tends to cause slides into parallel universes affecting what happens in your everyday reality. The influence can be moderate, yet in some circumstances rather abrupt. Depending on the multidimensional conscious openness of the elements involved it can be experienced in harmonious or disharmonious ways.

During this binary the Moon is still Gibbous Moon, though it is gradually approaching the Full Moon. If the first days of the Gibbous Moon have provided harmony, ease and effective work, this is a time of anticipation for the upcoming challenges of the Full Moon. You may start to identify some areas drawing attention and requiring action. This could be either the best time to undertake action, with the desired outcome climaxing with the Full Moon, or to acquire the necessary resources so as to act on the Full Moon itself. Binary 8.1 Martian features build up here reaching culmination and release.

Astroshamanic Seal: a bull’s head and a star, and a cluster of stars (Pleiades).

“Give form to your vision. Disregard the fact that it appears to entail efforts. Express what you have inside and communicate it everywhere.”

9.2 Sagittarius/Taurus, Pahekarubhe Vision – 031298

The following vision and the related glyph apply to the binary 9.2 (Sagittarius/Taurus) and was received on 3 December 1998, when the Sun was in Sagittarius and the Moon ion Taurus.

The visions received before 2000 have special value for the present millenium.

In the Lower World, the village of Quiumakai, the tribe is camping in an ample space. The place has acquired a certain familiarity and there are a series of references: trees, bushes, a small lake, rocks. I go towards the rocks and feel a sense of security. I feel some pain in the left side of the belly and allow the Guide, Pahai Sadoh, to work on it. Upon drinking the potion a bird descends and gives me a twig. I take it and notice that there is a piece of paper. I open it and see the image of a bull’s head followed by some stars. This image appears on the glyph. I realise they are the Pleiades.

I see the luminous and smiling faces of the Sadoha based in Urplei. I also see the fracture with that realm. Now this space is talking to you. Its voice comes to you. I ask for guidance regarding what to do.

Give form to your vision. Disregard the fact that this appears to entail an effort. Express what you have inside and communicate it everywhere.