Salento Astroshamanic Workshop, 21-22 November 2015

With Franco Santoro

This workshop takes place in Poggiardo, close to Otranto, in the east coast of the Salento peninsula (Apulia, Italy), the land of Tarantella and Pizzica dance.

During this workshop, participants are initiated to astroshamanic core practices aligned with the seasonal cycle of Sagittarius and Autumn.

The workshop focuses on clarification of your life intent and connection with your inner guidance. Participants are led in working with basic astroshamanic techniques for expanding perception and reawakening authentic purpose. We also acknowledge areas of darkness and grievances, and employ spiritual healing practices of release and transformation, which participants can learn and use also on their own.

The programmes includes core astroshamanic practices integrated with tools from various spiritual traditions, elements of astrology, the use of the sacred circle, and the experience of the Basic Ritual of the Sacred Cone, the key astroshamanic healing practice taught by Franco Santoro.

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The workshop takes place at centro AMRIT, via San Nicola 55, Poggiardo (Lecce), tel. 3402283498,