Sector 7


©  6th edition, 1996-2004, by Franco Santoro, Cluny Hill College, Forres IV36 2RD, Scotland.



Sign: Libra (Libra, Bilancia, Waage, Balance)

House: 7th. Planet: 1) Venus. 2) Uranus.

Ray: 3rd (Active Intelligence/Adaptability). Element: Air/Neutral. Quality: Cardinal.

Direction: West. Season: Autumn. Totem Spirit: Ataherah. Epic States: Hanmar, Ramnah.

Animals: ass, bee, butterfly, camel, cat, crow, deer, dolphin, dove, duck, frog, goose, hen, lobster, kingfisher, owl, panther, partridge, peacock, pheasant, rabbit, salmon, sparrow, swallow, swan, trout, turtledove, wren.

Plants: they usually have very attractive flowers and pleasant smell, smooth leaves and green fruit. Almond, apple, apricot, archangel, artichoke, asparagus, beans, birch, brambles, carob, cherry, chestnut, chickpeas, clove, cypress, daffodil, daisy, dandelion, fern, fig, gooseberry, grapes, ivy, lady’s mantel, lentils, lily, mint, mugwort, myrtle, oak, parsley, parsnip, peach, pear, peas, pennyroyal, peppermint, plum, pomegranate, prune, rhubarb, rose, rye, strawberry, tansy, tea tree, thyme, vanilla, vervain, violet, wheat, yarrow, ylang-ylang, all sweet smelling spices and perfumes.

Minerals: agate, aquamarine, alabaster, beryl, bronze, brass, chrysolite, chrysoprasus, copper, coral, carnelian, diamond, emerald, jade, kunzite, lapis lazuli, all white stones, moss-agate, blue sapphire, pink tourmaline, turquoise.

Spirits: Anaele, Lucipher (Angels). Quetzalcoatl (Azt.). Ishtar (Bab.). Frigg (Brit.). St. Mary Magdalene, Natanaele, Philip (Chr.). the Innamorati or Lovers (Commedia dell’Arte). Isis, Maat (Eg.). Turan (Etr.). Aphrodite, Hera, Athena; Adonis, Themis (Gr.). Krishna, Shakti, Lakshmi (Hindu). Freya (Nord.). Venus, Juno, Pallas, Vulcan (Rom.). Justice (Tar.). Asher (12 Tribes)

Anatomy/Physiology: hair, skin, complexion, facial features, venous circulation, parathyroid glands, kidneys, breasts, cheeks, chin, lips (esp. upper), navel.

Associations: love and romance, marriage, partnerships, social life, love affairs, beauty, pleasures, entertainment, festivities, arts, dancing, rhythm, harmony, money, beautiful possessions, cosmetics, jewellery, co-operation, diplomacy.

Calendar: Autumn/Fall Equinox (22 September). St. Adomnan (23 September). Our Lady of Mercy: Santeria identification of Obatalá (24 September). Birthday of Athens; St. Vincent de’ Paoli: patron of Madagascar; St. Cosme and Damian: Santeria identification of Ibeyi (27 September). Michaelmas; Michael, Gabriel; Raphael: patron of Bruxelles (29 September). St. Geronimo (30 September). St Theresa of Lisieux: patron of Russia (1 October). Guardian Angels (2 October). German Unity Day (3 October). St. Francis: patron of Italy and Santeria identification with Orúnla; St. Petronius: patron of Bologna (4 October). Our Lady of the Rosary; St. Justine: patron of Padua (7 October). St Keyne (8 October). Columbus Day (9 October). St Kenneth (11 October). Lailat al Bara’ah: Islamic Night of Forgiveness, Spain National Day (12 October). Day of Martyrdom of Holy Templars; St. Edward the Confessor: patron of England (13 October). St Levan (14 October). St. Theresa of Avila (15 October). The Great Horn Fair; St. Luke: patron of Brasil (18 October). St.Peter of Alcantara: patron of Brasil (19 October). Birth of the B’ab (20 October).

Cinema: K.Allen (st;MO/SG), J.Andrews (1;AS/VI, st/MO/SC), M.Antonioni (st;MO/TA), B.Bardot (9;AS/SG,MO/GE), M.Chevalier, M.Clift (AS/VI,MO/SG), C.Deneuve, M.Douglas (st, SUcjnNE), A.Ekberg (MO/TA), R.Hayworth (VI/st), T.Howard (MO/SC), D.Kerr (MO/VI/st), M.Mastroianni (MO/LI), G.Marx, W.Matthau, Y.Montand (st;MO/PI), R.Moore (MO/GE), S.Weaver (MO/AR). W.Beatty, Heaven Can Wait. H.Becker, City Hall. L.Bernard, A Letter to Brezhnev. I.Bergman, Scenes from a Marriage. R.Bresson, Lancelot du lac. J.Curran, Praise. A.Dieterle, All That Money Can Buy. S.Donen, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. M.Curtiz, Casablanca. V.DeSica, Matrimonio all’italiana. N.Ephron, Sleepless in Seattle. V.Fleming, Gone with the Wind. P.Germi, In nome della legge; Alfredo Alfredo. M.Goldenberg, Bed of Roses. A.Hiller, Love Story. C.Lelouche, Un homme et une femme. J.Logan, South Pacific. S.Lumet, The Verdict. J.Madden, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. P.Marshall, Pretty Woman; Vénus Beauté (Institut). A.Pakula, The Pelican Brief. S.Pollack, Out of Africa. O.Preminger, River of No Return. J.Rappeneau, Cyrano de Bergerac. B.Reiner, A Few Good Men. R.Reiner, When Harry Met Sally. E.Rohmer, Le beau mariage; Les nuits de la pleine lune. A.Rudolph, Made in Heaven. S.Soderbergh, Erin Brockovich. F.Truffaut, The Man who Loved Women. Perry Mason’s television series.

Colours: green, oxide of chromium, soft yellows, turquoise.

Countries and Places: Argentina (1), Austria (2), Burma, Canada (1), China (1), Cyprus, Peru, Scandinavia (2), the Maya civilisation. Antwerp, Arles, Frankfurt, Gaeta, Leeds, Lisbon, Piacenza, Messina, Siena, Speyer, Wien; harmonic landscapes; windmills, upper rooms.

Detectors: Partner, ex-partner, paternal grandfather, maternal grandmother, 2nd son/daughter, 3rd and 7th brother/sister, 1st son/daughter of 1st brother/sister, room mate, friends of father. 6-2, 5-3, 4-4, 3-5, 2-6, 1-7.12-8, 11-9, 10-10, 9-11, 8-12.

Esoteric Astrology Keynote: “I choose the way which leads between the two great lines of force”.

Famous People: (Astrology) G.Cardano, C.Jayne, ME.Jones. (Philos.) Euripides, Heidegger (st), Nietzsche (MO/SG). (Polit.) Augustus, Eisenhower (st;AS/VI), Gandhi (AS/SC/st, MO/LE). (Relig.) A.Besant (MO/CA), A.Crowley (4/st;AS/LE,MO/PI), Lahiri Mahasay, pope Paul VI (st), DT.Suzuki (st). Lumière.

Grievances: Excess: ambivalence, compromise, dependence, exploitation of relationships and sexuality for ego gain, extravagance, frivolity, over-gossiping, indecisiveness, indolence, laziness, narcissism, procrastination, wastefulness. Deficit: incapacity or unwillingness to establish long-term relationships, fear of intimacy, lack of balance and sense of beauty, destructive relationships. Physical: kidney and bladder troubles, acne, skin disorders, nephritis, spices or sugar addictions.

Hours: 6-7 am; 6-7 pm.

Labour of Hercules: Labour VII – The Capture of the Erymanthian Boar

Letters: Greek: H (H) – hta (hta); S (S) – sigma (sigma). Roman: G; T.

Literature: Cervantes (MO/VI), Colette, T.S. Eliot, G.Greene, J.le Carré (MO/AQ), A.Rimbaud (AS/MO/LI), Virgil, P.G. Wodehouse (TA/st,MO/CA). Manuals on beauty, books on love, relationships, competitive events, art, photo, fashion, law. Srimad Bhagavatam. D.Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People. E.Fromm, The Art of Loving. G.Goethe, Die Wahlverwandtschaften (Elective Affinities). L.Greene, Relating: An Astrological Guide to Living with Others. L.Pycknett, Mary Magdalene. G.Marino, Adone. M.Williamson, Return to Love. J.Samford, The Invisible Partners. W.Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet. H.James, The Ambassadors.

Music: J.Lennon (AS/LI), C.Saint-Saëns, P.Simon (MO/CA), G.Verdi (MO/AR). B.Adams, “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” in Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves; Asha, Love is the Only Prayer. A.Baker, “Sweet Love”, “Same Old Love” in Raptur. P.Bernhardt, Atlantis Angelis. Beloved, Conscience. J.Cocker, “You Are So Beautiful”; S.Ciani, Velocity of Love. S.Cooper, Together; J.Denver, “Annie’s Song” e “My Sweet Lady”. Eurythmics, “Miracle of Love”. Genesis, “No Son of Mine” in We Can’t Dance. C.Glassfield, Libra. C.Green, Crusader. S.Halpern, Radiance. G.Holst, “Venus”, Planets Op. 32. M.Jarre, Ghost, “Unchained Melody”; S.Jones, Love’s Dream. J.Lennon, Collection. K.Loggins, “Cody’s Song”, “My Father’s House”, “Sweet Reunion” in Leap of Faith. R.Lynch, Deep Breakfast; Pachelbel, Canon in D Major. J.Richardson, Love’s Undying Storm. Rowland/Maloney, From Angels to Lovers. T.Schroeder, Rosa Mystica. Star Sounds, “Venus” in Planets; Sting, Nothing Like the Sun. J.Taylor, “The Water is Wide” in New Moon Shine. P.Thornton, Alchemy. Troggs, “Love is All Around”. V.A., Garden of the Beloved; Shadow of the Pines. V.A., Just Married. A.Vollenweider, Book of Roses. Zucchero, “Ridammi il sole” in Miserere.

Note: F sharp.

Occupations: artist, musician, painter, interior decorator, fashion consultant and designer, model, tailor, graphic designer, beauty specialist, perfumer, cosmetics, jeweller, hairdresser, diplomat, politician, public relations, receptionist, judge, lawyer, mediator, florist, gardener, photographer.

Physiognomy: attractive, refined, delicate and well-proportioned features, soft hair, sweet and spontaneous smile, wide and elegant lips, quiet or flirtatious eyes, graceful and harmonious movements.

Qualities: aesthetic, art, balance, beauty, charm, co-operation, diplomacy, gentleness, grace, harmony, love, partnership, peace, refinement, relationship, sharing, sympathy, tenderness.


Please be aware that A Provisional Guide Book to the First Level of the Operative Training in Astroshamanism acts solely as an auxiliary, purposefully incomplete and transitional tool of support for the energetic transmissions and experiential teachings that are given during the Training. The Guide Book, as such, does not describe the contents of the Training and cannot be used in any way as a self-study book or to provide effective understanding on the topics covered. The language employed and all omissions or faults are those of the Editor and do not necessarily refer to the teaching to which this work refers. The basic assumption here is that to make this tradition manifest through intellectual or literary expression is a most forlorn and preposterous enterprise. Please keep also in mind that the ideas and practices of each of these Lessons reflect the nature of the Sector they deal with and could seem contradictory when compared with those of other Lessons.



“Behold Spirit Circle, Guide, Great Force of Love and Ecstasy That Moves Through All. I call upon the 7 Directions and 12 Sectors of the Sacred Cone Circle. I acknowledge their divine nature and allow them to be one again in Love and Ecstasy. I respectfully summon the Spirit of Sector 7. Be with us, teach us and show us your sacred ways. I claim this work to serve in accordance with the Plan of Salvation and my Intent connected with the Function. Kahesha Opa!”


If two make peace with each other in a sigle house, they will say to the mountain, “Move!” And it will move.” (Gospel of Thomas, saying 48)



s7-sealThe way of Sector 7 leads to the direct encounter with the most evident experience of the polarities that thrive in my third-dimensional existence. Here I am confronted with major opportunities to delve into and dissolve the strategic deceit of dualism, moving further into a trine perception of reality and finally allowing individual and collective oneness to reveal itself. In this harmonic landscape I draw the motivation that support peaceful relationships among various Sectors and the connection of apparently different Intents to the same Function. It is a territory where balance is a major aim and all necessary actions are taken to foster peace, co-operation, agreements and loving relationships. Here it is easy to experience the interrelation of all parts and how their gentle combination contributes to the benefit of the whole. The expression of this Sector requires patience, adaptation, diplomacy and practice in a constant search for equilibrium between one polarity and the other, or what is outside and inside: a delicate enterprise where points of accord are emphasised and contrasts are kindly released. In this area of the Sacred Circle I learn to accept myself through the acceptance of others, to understand what is the true significance of whoever is around me and how I am supposed to relate with them according to my Intent and Function. In such a context the aim in any confrontation or apparent situation of conflict is to find points of agreements and common benefit, a policy of mutuality, which requires unbending integrity and commitment. This involves releasing matters of divergence and supporting what is mutually approved by all parties.

Common ways of activating Sector 7 at Level 1 include the awareness of aesthetic values (clothes, furniture, art, beauty, etc.) and partnerships or relationships with other beings. This Sector is also related with the shadow: what I project outside and what follows me just like the physical shadow does, when I walk across a field on a sunny day. This side manifests itself in the people who are frequently close to me. As Sector 7 tends to absorb so much energy in outer relationships, it can sometimes be a difficult area to explore in the shamanic world and, as a consequence, a place which easily becomes unbalanced. One of the major causes of power loss consists of investing conspicuous dosages of energies in nourishing thoughts and emotions of yearning, sadness, torment, jealousy, conflict, morbidity, obsession and all other kinds of grievances for past, present and future partners or lovers. This is a most customary parasitic practice for many human beings. Its consequence is to deprive me of vital energies that could be profitably employed to achieve shamanic states of consciousness, directly face the shamanic forms[1] of the shadow and therefore truly improve relationships in the ordinary reality.

In astroshamanism, the connection with Guides, Totem Spirits and shamanic or inner forms, allows the energies that are wasted or suffocated in ordinary relationships to be balanced and healed. The way in which I experience my relationship with others illustrates the reflection of my interaction with shamanic states of consciousness. Usually, when I am unable to create fulfilling or harmonious relationships in my outer life, it is because I do not live those relationships in my inner life. An intimate connection with the Spirit Circle or Guide and the states of consciousness that lie beyond ordinary awareness is what is truly searched for in outer relationships. The Spirit Guide is indeed the only figure that is capable of offering constant love, support and fidelity. Nevertheless, as his presence is discreet and non invasive, I am the one who needs to take the first step toward him. To relate with the Guide as a lover or non-ordinary partner is also a most effective way of balancing Sector 7.


281px-libra-svgLibra: The glyph consists of two horizontal parallel lines with the upper one containing a semicircle. This image suggests the Sun as it approaches the Earth at dusk or dawn. When the Sun sets and the light gradually fades away, human beings perceive darkness and the disappearance of the Sun. Here there are two options: suffering the loneliness that this causes and desperately looking for some forms of artificial light, or rejoicing at the opportunity of surrendering to my inner world and connecting with the inner Sun. At dawn, the Sun returns to bestow its light, and then again I have two options: spending a day bearing a grudge for its abandonment and, as another possibility, also hopelessly fighting to keep it from disappearing again, or enjoying the warmth of its presence and sharing it with all I see. This glyph teaches the balance and the equality of giving and receiving: the Sun provides energy during the day and then, in the course of the night, I give the energy I have received from the Sun to the Sun itself. All proceeds with a perfect and gentle balance. Sometimes the outer Sun is stronger (when daylight is longer, especially in Summer), at others the inner Sun takes over (when daylight is shorter, like in Winter).

Libra is the only sign which is represented by a tool rather than an animal or human figure. In India it was called Tula (balance). The stars of Libra originally identified as the claws of Scorpio and were mainly acknowledged as a constellation in later times. The Greeks regarded them as the scales held by Astraea, the goddess of justice associated with Virgo. The Egyptians seemed to have an earlier interest for Libra, also due to the importance played by the scales in their culture. At the time of death the heart of the deceased is weighed in the Great Balance against the ostrich feather of Maat, the goddess or truth and justice. If the heart is found to be heavier than the feather, the soul is sent back to the third-dimensional realm of illusion (the world) in order to release the extra weight. If the heart is found to be lighter or of equal weight, the deceased is fit to move into the next realm of existence. This model has been inherited by the Christian tradition, where  the archangel Michael holds in his hands the scale of justice and weighs the souls of the deceased. Libra here operates as the gate to Scorpio (the sign related to death, transformation and rebirth), which is actually the sign that it precedes. The Egyptian term Maat and its deep implications describe the essence of all ancient mystery schools and esoteric knowledge. It is associated with truth, justice, balance and that which is unchanging, being the same in the beginning of time, in the present as well as in the future. In practical terms it includes any act or state that promote balance, co-operation and reciprocity between all apparent polarities and diversities, between the higher and lower realms, between gods or Totem Spirits and human beings. Maat is the acknowledgement and conscious expression of multi-dimensional balance and harmony. In ancient times there was no separation among dimensions. The three Worlds were united and men were gods, and gods were men. When the process of separation began to take over, ritual practices were introduced in order to keep the connection at least in certain moments of the day or in specific locations (temples, sacred sites, etc.). Hence, the performance of rites and spiritual exercises, the observance of specific traditions and customs became a way to practice Maat. These would and still allow a relationship with the ancient gateway or bridge to other dimensions, although they did and do not necessarily imply the passing beyond. While the allegiance to specific practices is fundamental and signifies my Intent to retrieve the original unity, in order to truly move beyond I ultimately need to cross the familiar structure of the bridge and step into a sphere of gnosis (knowledge gained through direct experience).

This sign begins with the Autumn Equinox: i.e. the time when the Sun passes from the northern to the southern hemisphere, making night and day of almost equal length all over the planet. The seasonal time of Libra marks the shift of the balances: the period of growth ends while the declining cycle of nature begins. Trees lose their leaves and days become shorter, although this is still happening slowly and gradually. As the Earth produces landscapes of rare beauty, there is still time for relishing soothing moments of harmony and calmness. At the same time activities intensify: animals gather their winter supplies or get ready to migrate, and at all levels agreements and preparations are made for the next season to come. On the Autumn Equinox the opposites are balanced, representing the relationship between the God and the Goddess, and consciousness begins its descent into the darkness and underworld. On 29 September it is Michaelmas, the feast day of St Michael the Archangel and All Angels. Michael is the guardian of Paradise from where Adam and Eve were evicted. Christians often invoke St. Michael as the caring angel of death who leads the souls of the faithful into the Eternal Light.


With Libra the individual moves into the second half of the Zodiac and reaches a turning point. Here he starts being involved with a reality which goes beyond the personal level and expands in the social order. The first step is to move from one to two and this process regards relationships and partnerships between two or more beings and the realisation of harmonic interactions through conscious or unconscious contracts. This brings a desire for justice and accord through equal considerations of both sides. Such attention is meant to build bridges between polarities, to lay aside differences and support connections. “Libra is true consciousness of the other. Here is the ability to relate as an equal with another human being. To focus in on a relationship – which can be co-operative or competitive. […] Too much Libra and a person may be too reactive. Such an individual may be constantly responding to others, but not initiating on her/his own. Some people put so much energy into the other individual, they become doormats – feeling they must always give in to the other person in order to save the relationship. They are obsessed with keeping things pleasant. Other people will be constantly observing the two sides (or two hundred) to every question and stay wishy-washy, never developing strong opinions or beliefs of their own. A lot of Libra energy can go into projection. […] People with an abundance of Libra or Scorpio or seventh or eighth house emphasis are prone to giving away  their own power to others. After people project their own ability and strength, they react in different ways. Some will withdraw – fearing the power of the other. Some will fight to regain the power they gave away. Others will consistently give in, appease – still fearing the power they gave up. To be healthy and balanced, we learn to own our own power and use it. Rather than putting down the other person, we learn to co-operate, compete in an appropriate situation and to help other people. Too little Libra and people are often unwilling to work at long-term, equalitarian relationships. […] Or they may lack the detachment and balance needed to see other points of view. And they may miss much of the beauty in the world”.[2]

The labour of Hercules attributed to Libra by A. Bailey involves taking alive a fearful wild boar which lived on Mt. Erymanthus in Arcadia. Hercules sets and hides a snare, then he waits for the whole night until the boar falls. He captures and tames the beast, seizes its hind legs it and returns to Mycenae forcing the boar to walk down the mountain on its front legs. This scene causes laughter to all who witness it. Unlike most of his labours, Hercules achieves his ends lightly and without the use of brute force.

In some Native American traditions the period of Libra corresponds to the Migration Moon, whose animal totem is usually the Raven. It is the position where I can understand the nature of polarities or opposites, and learn how to balance them. Here I acquire skills in diplomacy and empathy for others, although I need to be careful not to succumb to compromises or paralysing indecision.

In the Italian Commedia dell’Arte Libra is represented by the Innamorati (Lovers): the aristocratic couple that regularly features in every theatre performance. They have various names, such as Cinzio, Fabrizio, Flavio, Orazio, Leandro, Silvio, Ottavio, Florindo, etc. (for males), and Isabella, Angelica, Flaminia, Silvia, Lavinia, Aurelia, Ortensia, etc. (for females). They exist in their own world and are usually more in love with themselves being in love rather than with their actual beloved. They often experience difficulties in communicating with their partners and they relate to their servants for support. They do not wear a mask, yet they dress very elegantly, have heavy make-up and often hold a handkerchief or flower. Their movement lack firm contact with the ground with the feet often in a ballet position.

Among the 12 major Porte (gates) that surround Bologna, my natal town, the one related to Libra is Porta Maggiore, which is one of the most attractive and elegant gates. It was built with very precious and expensive bricks. In 1945 the Allied forces entered from this gate and were warmly welcomed by the population of Bologna.

According to the astroshamanic mapping of Cluny Hill College, the main campus of the Findhorn Foundation, the area of Libra incorporates the former tennis court, which emphasizes themes of relationship, and its pavilion, whose structure is that of the Libra scales. It consists of a small central area with two bathrooms and two group-rooms (Pavilion East and Pavilion West) on both sides. Also in the Libra area are the Ball Room (originally a meeting point for dancing couples) and the Ladies and the Gentlemen toilets (the only two WCs in Cluny Hill College where the difference of gender applies).





Seventh House: The cusp of the Seventh House corresponds to the Descendant, located opposite to the Ascendant. The Descendant relates to the people, energies or situations that I meet as I apply my Intent connected with the Function. These can be employed in two possible ways: to support and nourish the ego hallucination or to release such an illusion through forgiveness. Here some of the major repeated scripts of human beings can be found, especially as regards relationships. Certain people and circumstances in life respond to the work of refinement and focusing of my Intent and help it connect with the Function. The planets close to the Descendant, the zodiacal sign of the Descendant, its position and the aspects of its ruler, define the energies of those people and situations that contribute to the release of grievances or the reception of blessings.

Traditionally this house corresponds to relationships and partnerships of all kinds, including those with enemies. “The Descendant reflects the individual’s participation in the world as a social being; it is where he becomes aware of the significance of other people through the experience of them. It marks an exchange of energy between himself and others and particularly reflects the quality of his one-to-one relationships, such as marriage. […] Much of the way in which a person describes his partner will portray the qualities of his own Descendant… It also has to do with any situation/relationship in which we are required to negotiate, befriend and include the other as an extension, albeit unconscious, of ourselves”.[3] The experiences in this house can either refer to special separated relationships or to sacred relationships aimed at forgiveness and unity with the Whole. In this area, enemies or people who I tend to dislike are very useful as they help me find and release the grievances that my friends or lovers would politely ignore. The Descendant sheds light on the Shadow and whatever has been denied or neglected in order to give space to the energy of the Ascendant.


venusglyphVenus: The circle (Spirit) of the glyph is over the cross (matter) to signify union between Heaven and Earth. The image also suggests that of a mirror and the fact that in all relationships, what I see in the other is the result of the projection of what I have chosen to see. After the Sun and the Moon, Venus is the most luminous planet in the sky, and also the one which is most similar to the Earth as regards diameter, volume, mass, density and gravity. The rotation around its axis is backward. Therefore on Venus the Sun rises in the West and sets in the East. Besides, as its rotation is slower than its revolution, a Venusian day is longer than a year. Although it is the nearest planet to the Earth, its thick clouds make it difficult to observe its surface. Venus, as seen from Earth, is never more than 48° away from the Sun. As a result, in the chart it is always either in the sign of the Sun or in the two adjacent signs. Such proximity makes it visible either at dawn or sunset. According to the astronomer Immanuel Velikovsky,[4] Venus is a newcomer to the solar system. Before settling as a planet orbiting the Sun, it was a wild comet wandering in the solar system and causing massive upheaval and destruction to other planets. This shows how personal relationships (Venus) can cause severe damage until I manage to orbit them around the Sun. If I put others at the centre of my love or attention and then they leave, I am left with no centre and this is inevitably going to cause pain and all sorts of grievances. At the same time, even if that person continues to be with me, I live with the conscious or unconscious fear that sooner or later I am going to lose him or her. So called love relationships can become a major sickness and, although they do look most romantic and full of passion at times, they easily end up supporting the ego hallucination of separation or the manufacture of further separated bodies. As Paracelsus wrote “If the essences of the soul that characterise the influences of Venus would not exist, the instincts that urge human beings to multiply their species would not exist”.[5]
Aphrodite (Venus) is the goddess of divine love, beauty, prostitution and licentiousness.  Conceived from the severed genitals of Uranus, she emerges in Cyprus from the foam of the sea. Aphrodite is forced to marry the lame god Hephaestus, but this does not deter her from having numerous affairs, especially with Ares, Adonis, Anchises, Poseidon, Dionisus, Hermes. Other Greek deities related with Sector 7 are Hera (Juno) and Athena (Pallas). Hera is Zeus’ wife and patron of brides, marriages and female virtues. She is also associated with ornaments and beautiful clothes. The peacock and the stork are her sacred birds. When her marriage is at risk, she can be rather pugnacious and vindictive. Athena was born springing already armed as a warrioress from the forehead of Zeus. As a consequence she is often involved in wars and connects with Sector 1 also, although she is less aggressive and more balanced than Aries (Mars). Like Demeter, Athena is originally a trinity of goddesses. She is associated with wisdom, handicrafts, weaving, navigation, justice and olive trees. In many western esoteric circles Athena was regarded as the supporting muse for heroic poets and virtuous knights. Both three goddesses (Aphrodite, Hera and Athena) take part in a beauty contest organised by Paris. On that occasion Athena offers Paris success and victory in war, Hera wealth and power, and Aphrodite a most beautiful woman as wife. Paris elects Aphrodite as the winner, gives her the prize of a golden apple and receives Helen as reward.

The position of Venus in the natal chart can provide a key regarding the way in which I express my feelings towards others. Here I identify the types of person, things or situation that attract me or bring me pleasure, what I project on others, how I feel I can bestow affection on others, the way I behave and the strategy I employ in order to be loved, what I may give in relationships and the way in which I perceive love. Love is one of the most misunderstood energies and, as such, it often finds destructive expressions. This is the case when I disassociate from my Intent connected with the Function or with my Spirit Guide, and I project that on another person. If this occurs I move away from my sacred centre and transfer it into the precariousness of someone else, as I perceive that in his/her physical form: this is inevitably going to produce and nourish fears and pain when that physical form, for some reason, is not with me anymore.

In a woman the position of Venus generally represents the particular feminine archetype she identifies with or aspire to, whereas in a man it may be similar to Jung’s concept of the anima[6] or to the features of Black and White Demons (see Astroshamanism Book One: A Journey into the Inner Universe, Chapter 7, “Demons and Graha”). The position of Venus in a man’s chart tends to show what aspects of the feminine archetype cause most attraction or are projected onto external partners. This figure can appear through a large variety of expressions ranging from the most ideal woman according to the related highest expectations of the subject to the representation of the lowest feminine aspects. Although Venus typically embodies some of its basic traits, all Spirit Totems share features of the female and male polarities, or anima and animus, in the context of relationship. Astroshamanic work in this area has to do with the retrieval of these qualities and the development of the holy relationship, that is a state in which the inner partner is fully integrated and acknowledged, no matter with whom I am in an external relationship or whether I am in such a relationship at all. This path inevitably leads to the final union of the two polarities, generally identified as male and female, and to the full awareness, acknowledgment and embracement of the reality of multi-dimensional relationships.



Mary Magdalene: the apostle of the apostles (apostola apostolorum), according to the official doctrine of the Catholic Church, is described in Christian literature as having a very close relationship to Jesus. Mary Magdalen (from Magdala, a town near Tiberias) was at the crucifixion, witnessed  Christ’s burial and is the first person to see the Christ risen. “The first day of the week cometh Mary Magdalene early, when it was yet dark, unto the sepulchre, and seeth the stone taken away from the sepulchre.Then she runneth, and cometh to Simon Peter, and to the other disciple, whom Jesus loved, and saith unto them, They have taken away the Lord out of the sepulchre, and we know not where they have laid him. Peter therefore went forth, and that other disciple, and came to the sepulchre. So they ran both together: and the other disciple did outrun Peter, and came first to the sepulchre. And he stooping down, and looking in, saw the linen clothes lying; yet went he not in. Then cometh Simon Peter following him, and went into the sepulchre, and seeth the linen clothes lie, And the napkin, that was about his head, not lying with the linen clothes, but wrapped together in a place by itself. Then went in also that other disciple, which came first to the sepulchre, and he saw, and believed. For as yet they knew not the scripture, that he must rise again from the dead. Then the disciples went away again unto their own home. But Mary stood without at the sepulchre weeping: and as she wept, she stooped down, and looked into the sepulchre, And seeth two angels in white sitting, the one at the head, and the other at the feet, where the body of Jesus had lain. And they say unto her, Woman, why weepest thou? She saith unto them, Because they have taken away my Lord, and I know not where they have laid him. And when she had thus said, she turned herself back, and saw Jesus standing, and knew not that it was Jesus. Jesus saith unto her, Woman, why weepest thou? whom seekest thou? She, supposing him to be the gardener, saith unto him, Sir, if thou have borne him hence, tell me where thou hast laid him, and I will take him away. Jesus saith unto her, Mary. She turned herself, and saith unto him, Rabboni; which is to say, Master. Jesus saith unto her, Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father: but go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God. Mary Magdalene came and told the disciples that she had seen the Lord, and that he had spoken these things unto her.” (John, 20:1-18). Mary Magdalene is also related to the use of oils, as in John, 12:3 (“Then took Mary a pound of ointment of spikenard, very costly, and anointed the feet of Jesus, and wiped his feet with her hair: and the house was filled with the odour of the ointment.) The use of oils dates back to the shamanic Egyptian traditions, when they were employed to support the transition after death. Oils and spikenard In particular are also related to tantric traditions. Mary Magdalene plays an important role in the Gnostic tradition, where it is often considered as the “companion” of Jesus.


The Holy Relationship


An average man is too concerned with liking people or with being liked himself. A warrior likes, that’s all. He likes whatever or whomever he wants, for the hell of it.[7]

“For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same?
And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others? do not even the publicans.” (Matt., 5:46-47)


From the astroshamanic perspective there are two basic kinds of relationship: those based on the perception of separation, which A Course in Miracles calls special relationships, and those aimed at retrieving the awareness of unity (holy relationships according to ACIM). The first kind of relationship consists in employing a human being to give form to a surrogate of the connection with my multidimensional identity, the Spirit Circle, the Spirit Guide and Totem Spirits. What happens here is that, as I feel uncompleted and unhappy – due to my separation from what lies in and beyond the third-dimensional or physical realm – I have the urge to catch at someone special with whom I can experience my compelling need for unity and love. This entails making an agreement so that, if someone does something for me and decides to love me, then I also love that someone and I do something for him or her. When most people talk about love[8] they usually refer to this kind of relationship, which is often bound to nourish a vicious circle of guilt and attack. On the one hand it satisfies my compelling need for unity and love, and this gives me a temporary sense of relief. On the other, it strengthens the dependence from my partners, the exclusive need to be with them, the fear to lose them and the, more or less conscious, realisation that because of them I am breaking up my relationship with my true Self. As a consequence my memory of the separation is reawakened, together with the related sense of guilt and separation, which is indeed the original cause for the creation of the special relationship itself. As it is such guilt that scares me more than anything else, and my partners contribute to recollect it, then I will hate or attack them, or find a way to break the relationship. Due to an underlying sense of guilt, all special relationships are based on fear. This is why they are painful or change so often. When fear abides in a relationship, then there is no space for love and what is left is only guilt. I had many experiences of special relationships, both in my life and through my counselling work.[9] I had preposterous expectations regarding my relationships and transformed my partners into idols. I felt uncompleted, a meaningless fragment cut off from the puzzle of life. I needed another piece to stick to, so as to complete myself. When I found it, I would then be in anguish as I knew that sooner or later it could disappear, die or leave me, or that I could disappear, die or leave it. In the desperate attempt to procrastinate the inevitable, I would employ all kinds of compromise, manipulation, game, fight and trick. I did that for I was afraid to lose my hold to that piece as I had lost that to my multidimensional self, Spirit Guide, the ecstatic dimensions, Handor, Quiumakai, the Sky, the Earth and all that exists. I did not realise that such a loss had been a choice of mine and that I could decide otherwise. Power is based on my capacity to choose. There is absolutely nothing wrong or bad in being in a special relationship based on separation, as long as this is the result of my conscious choice. It is only through direct experience that I understand more about myself and life. And it is not at all possible to judge from the outside what is truly happening in a relationship. In this context, and from a pure multidimensional perspective, all relationships are holy and what I have been writing before does not make much sense. What appears to be an addictive and so called co-dependent relationship may indeed be a major gate of transformation and blissfulness. Nobody can judge what is going on in a relationship. All relationships eventually serve a holy purpose, which is represented by the liberal coexistence of the Games of Separation and the Game of Unity. Again, as long as I am aware of which game I am playing and also in as much as I can choose which one to play, I am in a position of power. Power is based on awareness and choice. All choices are powerful as long as there is awareness about them.

Well, since this is the First Level of the Training, I would rather stop with the above controversial considerations and go back to the approach of A Course in Miracles, leaving matters about Games to the domain of the Second Level. A special relationship according to ACIM “is based on differences, where each one thinks the other has what he has not. They come together, each to complete himself and rob the other. They stay until they think that there is nothing left to steal, and then move on. And so they wander through a world of strangers, unlike themselves, living with their bodies perhaps under a common roof and yet a world apart”.[10] A holy relationship has a different foundation. “Each one has looked within and seen no lack. Accepting his completion, he would extend it by joining with another, whole as himself. He sees no difference between these selves, for differences are only of the body. Therefore, he looks on nothing he would take. He denies not his own reality because it is the truth. Just under Heaven does he stand, but close enough not to return to earth”.[11]

In a holy relationship the partners are reflections of the Spirit Circle. They are provisional catalysers of energy who mirror the divinity in me, him, her, them, you, us and all possible personal pronouns until there is no need of personalising as everything and everyone is included. Then they are part of me and I am part of them. They go with me wherever I go as God go with them wherever I go. The above are statements that can overcome completely any sense of loneliness and fear of loss or abandonment. Depression, anxiety, suffering, violence, misery and all the so called ills of the world that I perceive when I am decoyed by the ego hallucination, are the inevitable result of the belief in separation. In order to overcome those ills, many cures have been invented. The only thing which seems to be disregarded is to question the reality of the problem itself, despite the serious and tragic forms it may take. “Deep within you is everything that is perfect, ready to radiate through you and out into the world. It will cure all sorrow and pain and fear and loss because it will heal the mind that thought these things were real, and suffered out of its allegiance to them. You can never be deprived of your perfect holiness because its Source goes with you wherever you go. You can never suffer because the Source of all joy goes with you wherever you go. You can never be alone because the Source of all life goes with you wherever you go. Nothing can destroy your peace of mind because God goes with you wherever you go”.[12] If I would truly believe this, all kinds of problem would fade away and I would be in a state of constant bliss and love. My true perception is obscured by heavy clouds which make up the hallucination of separation. Yet, I just need to hold that belief for an instant in order to have an experience of the reality of unity and reach a sense of deep peace. Then, when I realise how much this contributes to make me happy, I simply need to extend this belief and release whatever opposes it. On my part, a specific commitment is necessary: that of moving beyond the dark clouds and reaching the light and love that exist there. This light and love are real: every single human being has experienced it in his life and, even if his existence is apparently darkened by pain and devastation, he continues to experience light and love at an unconscious level and at least every night during the time of sleep. It is impossible to live without love. Love is like air. I cannot survive without it. Love is indeed all that exists. I can pretend that this is not the case though. I have the power to create an insane fiction where hate, separation and all kinds of grievance reign. Yes, as a human being I can create whatever I wish through my thoughts and imagination. I can decide upon the scripts that are broadcast in the planetary network. I can zap through the channels of a huge virtual television system and select the programmes I want. I can also elect to turn off that system and release all it contains. I can get out of the fiction of separation, hate and darkness. To do that there is no point in complaining or looking for intricate solutions. It is a matter of choosing to move toward unity, love and light. It is a decision that does not depend on the light. It is a choice that depends entirely on me.

“When relationship is used to delineate roles or describe stasis, as in <our marriage relationship>, the relationship becomes a thing possessed instead of an interaction; it becomes inert, an object instead of an activity. Dualism insists on distance, on egoic territorialism and fixed categorizations. It interprets relationship as something you personally have or don’t have, or as a measure of difference, not as a universal dance in which you play a part. Relationship in the shamanic sense is dynamic, coming as it does from a nondual spiritual concept of the cosmos as a unified movement. Thus, healing is not a battle between disease and health (evil versus good), but is a restoration of an intrinsically harmonious perspective. Within this orientation, relationship encompasses rather than distances, and right relationship is participation in a cosmic integrity expressive of dynamic well-being”.[13]

The only reality of the universe is unity and, although according to the hallucination of separation I appear as split, I am inevitably connected with whoever and whatever I perceive by a web of projections. Those on whom I project my shamanic forms or Totem Spirits (Paheka), do the same with theirs. However, no one is able to understand how he receives the projections of others until he has had a complete experience of how his projections manipulate the lives of other people. I am the only inhabitant of my mind and all I perceive outside is just a part of that mind.

“It can be but myself I crucify. When this is firmly understood and kept in full awareness, you will not attempt to harm yourself, nor make your body slave to vengeance. You will not attack yourself, and you will realise that to attack another is but to attack yourself. You will be free of the insane belief that to attack a brother saves yourself. And you will understand his safety is your own, and in his healing you are healed”.[14] As I become more aware of such a reality, my perception changes, together with all the people and situations that are part of that perception. All those I meet in my life are projected components of the wholeness from which I have separated myself, and every single relationship is a path to that wholeness. Here it is a question of pragmatically accepting with no reservation that “your partner is doing exactly what your energies, unconscious though they may be, are manipulating the partner into doing or saying. And you have to take full responsibility of this without saying, ‘Well, hey – Come on. He’s doing something too.’ What he’s doing in his movie, in his reality experience, doesn’t make any difference. It’s what he’s doing in your movie that carries the message from your Shadow. You have to begin by taking 100 percent responsibility for that – not 50 per cent or half and half – or the insight will never come. Only when you do take full responsibility (without any blame) for your partner’s behavior, for your partner’s speech and actions, only then are you in the place of power where you can begin to experience the manipulation of your partner by your Shadow side. You can then begin to bring the energy back to live comfortably in your own life. Then it no longer has to manipulate your partner into getting its messages to you or doing whatever it is that may be causing the problems between you, causing the barriers or the feelings of separation”.[15]

In most traditions and primal culture, shamans have Spirit Guides or Auxiliary Guide that act like multi-dimensional partners and assist during the healing work. Shamanic powers mainly derive from the effect of this relationship, which is like a spirit marriage. The Guide may be either a spirit wife or husband, depending whether the shaman is a man or woman.





Sacred and right relationships

Marriage and intimate relationships between human beings are simply one of the many paths available on the journey of transformation. The fact that they constitute the most advertised type of activities on this planet does not necessarily mean that they are natural or spontaneous pursuits for all human beings. As regards relationships that develop into sacred marriages there are different attitudes according to each tradition. A sacred marriage is not essential or mandatory for everyone on Earth. On the contrary it can be highly detrimental if it does not coincide with my true Intent or is contaminated by traditions that support the plan of separation. Sacred marriage is achieved through delicate preparations stages that often require years and even lives. It is a luminous path of initiation, spiritual transformation and outstanding planetary and galactic healing. Such relationships are part of most ancient teachings that have mainly be lost or deeply misunderstood. It is one of the aims of the Sacred Cone Circle to retrieve this information and allow it to be embodied in the lives of those human beings who are sincerely willing to respond to their inner call.

In epic times sacred relationships were taught from myths and learned from their representations in rituals and ceremonial practices. Such practices were not mere formality or extraordinary events. They were part of ordinary life. Nowadays the connections with the power of myths appears to be missed and this contributes to a sense of major confusion in the field of relationships. What follows are some excerpts from the teachings of the Sacred Circle Institute: [16]

“One of the effects of being cut off from archaic roots is that our natural cycles of emotional growth are hindered or diverted into unnatural energy pathways. The way of our ancestors, life in a clan or tribe that is deeply connected to the sustaining energies of the Earth, gave us a sense of belonging that allowed us to truly live life, not play at life as a game. We had a sense of safety that kept us from the anxiety and self-doubt that is so prevalent in today’s society. Without connectedness to Spirit, we will manipulate for life energy. We lack power and think that we need to take energy from others. This loss of right relationship causes extreme anxiety […], and the realization that something is not right about what we are doing. In order to compensate for the resultant belief that something is wrong with us, we develop two emotional drivers, (needs), to make us feel better about ourselves. They are the need for approval from others and the need to control others. These drivers also masquerade as the need to be right (control), and the need to look good, save face, or not be humiliated (approval). […] We gain release from uncomfortable feelings of anxiety by deep nurturing relationships, (such as we used to have with wise mentors and elders who understood and loved us unconditionally). Without such deep relationships, we will accept manipulated approval from others and the emotional ‘high’ that being right gives us. This temporary relief only lasts until those we have manipulated awaken to their manipulation, interference, or theft of their life energy. Even if they do not realize what is actually happening, their deeper self knows that they have lost a very dear part of themselves, and they most often respond with resentment. […] Uncertainty and stress from relationship conflicts increase and we suffer more alienation when all we wanted or really needed was intimate nurturing relationships. We continue to long for and search in the outer world for the energy connection and source of power that rightfully comes from within. This whole process escalates into constant power struggles which reinforce our self-message that we don’t belong or deserve to be punished and will continue until we recognize the underlying game and choose to disengage from the negativity and perversion of power that it represents. […] Recognition comes when we are willing to allow our ‘hidden agendas’ (ulterior motives), to be exposed, (brought up to the light of consciousness). […] Commitment to end manipulation and abuse comes when we consciously choose not to ask the cousin for money just because they are easy to coerce. And the development of intra and interpersonal skills comes when we participate in true and sincere communications and acts, (only calling if we really care about their birthday, or calling only to ask to borrow money and not mentioning the birthday if we don’t really care). The shift to personal clarity in thoughts and acts is the basis for beginning right relationships. Concentrating on and acknowledging the roots – approval or control needs . is the way to begin the resolution process and end alienation. We are responsible for how we feel and whether we obtain what we want from life. Choosing to stop seeking power from others, and instead open to the inner power of spiritual connection is the beginning of accepting spiritual responsibility and maturity. Looking inward teaches us how to consciously embrace our energy connection. The point is to connect with our own energy source – not to take energy from others. In this way we learn the true meaning of the give-away. In this way we can use our infinite power for gentle, creative acts that cooperate in the tender loving way of true beauty.

Following are Seven Keys to Right Relationship with ourselves and others. When you can repeat all seven from a voice of power, (no hesitation, no reservation no inner voice saying, ‘well maybe…), you will know you are firmly in the road of right relationship.

1. I trust myself.

2. I am trustworthy, (I mean what I say and do what I say I am going to do).

3. I understand my interdependence with all life and the responsibility of that relationship.

4. I treat myself and others with kindness and respect and relate from a place of personal clarity.

5. I tell the truth (to myself and others), without shame and blame.

6. I am open to new ideas.

7. I embrace life with dedication, devotion, compassion and passion.”

“Romance is, indeed, a most perilous phenomena amongst the lovers of humanity. The feminine soul is cast out and projected from its human male form when a man falls in love with a woman. This process is reversed when a woman falls in love with a man. When humans fall in love with the person most closely replicating their own inner self at the time, souls fly out of their bodies with all pandemonium breaking loose. On the spiritual plane, romance is a sacred intersection of astral and material dimensions… an initiation for awakening soul-consciousness in the human form ensues. The fundamental disorientation of Humans Falling In Love is a combination of inter-dimensional collision and a genuine out-of-body experience. It is in this light that some of this congregation are here today… you were released from your bodies, unintentionally, by the human projection mechanism.

Human personalities discover their spiritual nature in many ways, one of which is by throwing their souls away. This is only natural, as hearts grow fonder in absence. The fatal element of romance emerges when humans-in-love realize how much they miss their souls, after throwing them out, while  convinced they are missing their human other… the target of their projections […] To ease the suffering of your misguided human forms, teach it to turn within to find its true mate in the alchemical marriage of your union. The female human form learns she is also a masculine spirit, as the masculine human form realizes his internal feminine counterpart. This will dissipate obsession and the exhausting desperation of soulless bodies in heat. It will also render relationship possible to bear.”[17]



Sector Detectors and Shamanic Forms


What I see reflects a process in my mind, which starts with my idea of what I want. From there, the mind makes up an image of the thing the mind desires, judges valuable, and therefore seeks to find. These images are then projected outward, looked upon, esteemed as real and guarded as one’s own. From insane wishes comes an insane world. From judgment comes a world condemned. And from forgiving thoughts a gentle world comes forth, with mercy for the holy Son of God, to offer him a kindly home where he can rest a while before he journeys on, and help his brothers walk ahead with him, and find the way to Heaven and to God. (A Course in Miracles).[18]



If thine enemy be hungry, give him bread to eat; and if he be thirsty, give him water to drink: For thou shalt heap coals of fire upon his head, and the LORD shall reward thee. (Proverbs, 25:21)


“Let us not therefore judge one another any more: but judge this rather, that no man put a stumblingblock or an occasion to fall in his brother’s way. I know, and am persuaded by the Lord Jesus, that there is nothing unclean of itself: but to him that esteemeth any thing to be unclean, to him it is unclean.” (Romans, 14:13-14)



If you have not done it before, now it’s the time to consider the topic of so called Sector Detectors and Shamanic Forms. I invite you to read the section devoted to this topic in Astroshamanism Book One: A Journey into the Inner Universe, pp.104-110.



1 Personality, mask, identity, point of view, physical body, outer appearance, energy, desire, attraction, emergence, beginning, war, surgery, head and eyes. Aries, Mars. Paternal grandmother, maternal grandfather, 5th son/daughter, ex-partner of partner, friends of 1st brother/sister, 6th brother/sister.
2 Resources, material possessions, money, talents, values, means of sustenance, sense of self-worth, food, garden, furniture, land, ears, neck, mouth, throat. Taurus, Venus, Earth. 5th brother/sister of mother, partner of 2nd brother/sister of mother, friends of mother, 2nd brother/sister of father, 5th brother/sister of mother, mother of friends.
3 Communication, education, language, ordinary mind,   perception, information, brothers and sisters in general, press, mail, short journeys, transports, neighbours, car, bike, telephone, market, shop, hands, arms, lungs, shoulders. Gemini, Mercury. 1st brother/sister of maternal grandfather or of paternal grandmother, 1st brother/sister, 6th son/daughter, partner of 3rd son/daughter, friends of 1st son/daughter, 1st son/daughter of friends.
4 Past, home, home town and country, mother, real estate, roots, childhood, household items, memory, hotel, laundry, stomach, breast. Cancer, Moon. 3rd brother/sister of father, mother of paternal grandmother or of maternal grandfather, father of paternal grandfather or of maternal grandmother.
5 Creativity, love affairs, sons in general, pleasure, entertainment, play, actors, celebrities, monarchs, heart, spine. Leo, Sun. 2nd brother/sister, partner of 4th son/daughter, 1st and 7th son/daughter, friends of partner, partners of friends, 2nd brother/sister of paternal grandmother.
6 Health, service, servants, healing, work, efficiency, fellow workers, hygiene, nutrition, domestic animals, employees, clients, patients, craftsmen, secretary, diet, intestine. Virgo, Mercury, Ceres, Vesta, Chiron. 1st and 7th brother/sister of mother, 4th brother/sister of father, partner of 1st brother/sister of father.
7 Relationships, contracts, marriage, wife or husband, business partner or rival, love, social life, beauty, cosmetics, arts, co-operation, jewels, diplomacy, open enemies, shadow, kidneys, lower back. Libra, Venus, Juno, Pallas. Partner, ex-partner, paternal grandfather, maternal grandmother, 2nd son/daughter, 3rd brother/sister, 1st son/daughter of 1st brother/sister, room mate.
8 Transformation, release, rebirth, death, funerals, sex, finance, tax, legacies, shared feelings, occultism, banking and insurance, other people’s money and resources, psychotherapy, secrets, crisis, genitals, anus. Scorpio, Pluto, Mars. Partner of 2nd brother/sister of father, 2nd brother/sister of mother, 5th brother/sister of father.
9 High education, religion, wisdom, philosophy, beliefs, spiritual masters, law, long journeys, sons of sons and brothers in law in general, gambling, wealth, fortune, sport, Guide, thigh, liver. Sagittarius, Jupiter. 3rd son/daughter, 1st brother/sister of partner, partner of 1st brother/sister, 4th brother/sister, 2nd son/daughter of 1st brother/sister, friends of friends.
10 Objectives, ambitions, profession, career, reputation, social status, father, authorities, employers, restriction, loss, misfortune, debts, budgeting, old age, delay, bones, teeth, knee. Capricorn, Saturn. Partner of mother, father of paternal grandmother or of maternal grandfather, mother of maternal grandmother, mother of partner, 3rd brother/sister of mother, 6th brother/sister of father, 1st son/daughter of 1st brother/sister of mother.
11 Social groups, organisations, shared ideals, television, radio, computer, synergy, communities, associations, groups, friends, sons in law in general, divorce, freedom, ankle, circulation, lower leg. Aquarius, Uranus, Saturn. 4th son/daughter, partner of 1st son/daughter, 5th brother/sister, 1st son/daughter of 2nd son/daughter or 3rd brother/sister, 2nd son/daughter of 1st son/daughter or 2nd brother/sister.
12 Imagination, dreams, visions, other dimensions, meditation, inner life, secret enemies, spies, retirement, prisons, hospitals, wild animals, feet. Pisces, Neptune, Jupiter. 1st and 7th brother/sister of father, partner of 1st brother/sister of mother, 4th brother/sister of mother, 1st brother/sister of mother of partner.






Healing Tools


I invite you to select three of the following tools and practice them at least once. Then I suggest you choose one of them that you can use for a minimum of 21 days.


1) Greeting: The use of simple and pleasant forms of greeting addressed to people, animals, vegetables, minerals, or anything seen and unseen, is a most powerful practice of healing in relationships. Simply welcoming somebody with a heartfelt “Good morning” followed by his or her name, is enough to exchange great amounts of light and heal major conflicts. The words and the movements that I employ when meeting somebody are important. In real life there is nothing like an accidental or insignificant meeting. Although my limited perception does not always allow me to be aware of the depth of each encounter, once I am on a sacred path, I need to strengthen my willingness to go beyond appearances and daily automatism. “God is in everything I see” (ACIM, W45) and in every circumstance, through whoever I meet, both within and without, I have the opportunity to discover my authentic nature, Guide, Beloved, Spirit, etc. “When you meet anyone, remember it is a holy encounter. As you see him you will see yourself. As you treat him you will treat yourself. As you think of him you will think of yourself. Never forget this, for in him you will find yourself or lose yourself.” (ACIM, T142). Many forms of salutation employed by various traditions are expressions of the above awareness. In India the form Namasté is often used. It means something like “I bow to the Light that is in you” and is accompanied by an actual bow with the hands joined at the level of the heart. In Central Africa a way of greeting someone is to say “I am here to be seen” to which the other replies “I see you”. An old form of Gnostic salutation is “I am the Light in you”. In the Maya tradition there is the expression En lak’ech/A lak’en that means “I am another you. You are another me”. In some ancient Sufi dances, the participants meet the other dancers many times, moving around in two circles and greeting each other with specific movements and saying Ya Azim. Ill Allah Hu, i.e. “you are wonderful. Nothing but God the One”. The use of the body as a form of salutation finds its most intense expression through hugging. Holding someone in the arms allows a visible connection with the energy of the other. It can also be substituted by other forms like shaking hands or kissing. It does not really matter what form of salutation is chosen. It can even be a silent movement of the head or a gentle smile.

2) Shamanic forms: The relationship with shamanic forms is a most typical practice of astroshamanic healing. Here follows a brief example. Go to your Spirit Circle and call upon your Guide. Ask him to summon the shamanic form of a person with whom you have problems. Allow the image of that person to be translated into what that person corresponds to in your inner world. Do not relate with the image of the person as you see it in your daily life. Simply face the inner form. For example, if you have decided to deal with your former partner, do not identify that person with his or her physical body. Open up to the energy that he or she has in your inner world. This is the true energy that is manipulating your former partner as a puppet. You could see this energy as an animal, an archetype, a dragon, a Tarot card, a Totem Spirit. What matters is that you do not use the image of the person as you perceive them in your outer life. When you see the shamanic form, tell it what you feel and the nature of your problems. If you are not comfortable, ask support from your Guide. You can also invite this inner form to take up another form with whom you can feel more at ease. Be aware that you are the master of your inner world and can create whatever you want. For example, if the inner form appears aggressive or dangerous, you can call a group of brawny guards to calm it down or surround it with a sphere of pink light. Useful work to do with shamanic forms is that of sending light to them through the Guide. You can also give permission to the inner form to relax and express the love it feels for you. It is up to you to do whatever you consider appropriate in order to create harmony. Once you have established a good relationship with the shamanic form, you can ask questions such as: “What role do you play in my inner world? What lessons are you teaching me? What lessons am I teaching you? What Totem Spirit are you related to? What other people or situations are related to you? What can we do together in order to bring love and peace into our lives? How can we harmoniously contribute to our highest Intent?”. Answers to such questions come either verbally or through images, feelings, thoughts, etc. If the dialogue does not work, find another strategy, ask your Guide to work as mediator, use your gifts, send love and light and, most of all, allow the inner form itself to send you love and light. Avoid getting nervous or frustrated if you do not achieve immediate results. The work with shamanic forms requires patience, devotion, diplomacy. In my experience I find that the best way to relate with them is to send light and love, and to allow them also to reply with love and light. Whatever appears to attack or disturb me always indicates an area within myself were I need to work. Every attack, as I perceive it, is always a request of love. In the outer life it is sometimes difficult to be aware of this. Only when I face the shamanic form, I can really relate to the outer persons and acknowledge them as parts of me.

3) Shadows, gaps and silences: Every day for one week, I invite you to focus on the gap that exists among the objects or people around you, rather than on the objects or people themselves. Shift your perception by emphasising what is usually disregarded as meaningless. You can decide to spend a certain amount of time doing this every day and also to continue the practice throughout the day whenever you feel it appropriate or you have nothing specific to do. Please do not do this exercise while driving or doing anything that requires full attention to ordinary reality! Do the same practice with sounds. Bring your attention to the gaps of silence between words or sounds. For example, you can listen to the spaces between the words of someone who is talking, to the gaps of silence between the sounds that you hear as you walk in the countryside or in a town. You can also focus on the space of silence between the sounds that you make when you speak, sing, play an instrument, etc. Besides gaps and sounds, you can also focus your attention on the shadows produced by objects and people. Please send me a synopsis of this experience and of what you have discovered or felt during those spaces of silence or as you watched gaps and shadows.

4) Astroshamanic Totemic Postures: These shamanic trance postures are derived from the icons depicted at the beginning of each lesson on the Sectors. They are used for meeting their related Spirit and integrating or releasing its energies. You can employ them using the guidelines given in Exploring the Sectors in Lesson Two. The related image for Ataherah Sadoh, the Totem Spirit of Sector 7, is at p. 1 of this text and also beside. Stand straight and spread your weight evenly on the soles of your feet. Relax your knees and keep them slightly bent. Rise your arms up and bring them over your head. Keep both hands balanced as if they were sustaining two cups of equal weight. This posture resembles a common depiction of Shu, the Egyptian god of air and space, which is the basis for the Smai Tawi (Egyptian yoga) Shu posture (see below).

5) Smai Tawi/Yoga: The postures related with Libra are all those involving the achievement of balance. A common posture is Vrksasana (Tree posture). Begin the pose by standing upright.  Then, while balancing on your left foot, bend your right leg at the knee and raise the right thigh lifting the right foot as high as possible, ideally at the inner left thigh. Raise both hands above the head with the palms held together. Hold the posture for seven breaths. Then gently return to an ordinary standing position, pause and repeat the pose employing the opposite legs. In the Shu posture you first keep your knees bent and your hand at shoulder level. Then, as you inhale, you raise on your toes and lift your arms. This movement is repeated various times. Shu is the god that was sent by Ra, the supreme being, to determine the first act of creation. This involved separating Geb and Nut, earth and heaven. Shu represents air and the empty space or gap that exists between all separated visible forms.

6) Couple of Cernavoda: This belong to the shamanic trance postures experimented by Felicitas D. Goodman. It is inspired by a series of female and male statues, dating from 5000 to 7000 years ago, which have often been found in archaeological sites in Africa and Europe. In a 7000-year old grave bear Cernavoda, in the Romanian Danube delta, the male and the female statues were discovered together. The woman sits on the floor with the left leg extended straight in front of her body and the right knee raised. Both arms are bent and extended away form the body with the hands resting lightly on the right knee The left hand is arched backward and the right hand is cupped. The posture of the head is erected. The man sits with his feet on the floor and the elbows on the knees. The hands are brought toward the face with the head leaned forward and supported by the hands making a loose fist. When the posture is practiced with couples, the man and the woman sit in front of each other.

7) What do I like?: Reflect on the question What do I like? In the course of one week write as many sentences as you want beginning with I like … or I enjoy…. Please be honest about all this and let go of any conditioning or judgement whether it is right, spiritual or good to like something or not. If you tend to think of what you dislike or fear, consider the opposite and write it down. After one week read all your answers and discover their essential core. Organise them so that you come up with some basic statements about what you like. Send me such statements.

8) Table of Sectors Detectors. Employing the Table of Sector Detectors (see p. 20), make a list with the names of relatives and various people in your life that correspond to each Sector. During this month of work, whenever you do something together with, have dreams about or your attention is particularly drawn to, any of these people, be aware of that and consider the Sector to which they correspond. Send me a synopsis of your experience.

9) Astroshamanic Drumming Beats: are basic strokes employed in hand drumming to call upon the energy of each zodiac sign. They are based on a simple structure related to the element and quality of the sign. The best percussions for this kind of practice are frame drums (tambourine, bodhran, bendir, tammorra, riq, etc.) or other instruments played with bare hands. The drumming assigned to Libra is a single-beat sound produced through a movement called cha. Here the hand lightly hits the rim of the drum. The fingers are not touching the head and are not involved in the stroke. The base of the fingers hit the rim and, if you use a tambourine, this stroke produces the ringing of the jingles. The basic rhythm of this drumming is essentially in 1/1. It can also be played to create associations with other zodiac signs. In this case the series of single beats are followed by the specific stroke and number of beats related to the combined sign. For example, the combination Sector 7 and Sector 6 consists of one chah stroke (Sector 7) followed by three kah beats (Sector 6). If you decide to use this healing tool, it is preferable to do it daily for at least 7 minutes. The drumming can also be accompanied by the following chants.

10) Paheka Sadohe Korah (Chants of the Totem Spirits and Guides) are chants that activate the energy field of each Sector and allow connection with their Totem Spirits and Auxiliary Guides. Their structure involves the repetition of the name of the Totem Spirit followed by the term Sadoh (which can be translated as Spirit Guide). The chant for Sector 7 is Ataherah Sadoh. Please use this practice only if you intend to establish or support a relationship with the Totem Spirit of Sector 7. If you intend to use this chant, you can either sing it to accompany a shamanic journey in Sector 7 or as a practice on its own to be done preferably once or twice a day for at least 7 minutes during a period of 28 days.

11) The Scale of Venus and its chant can be used to activate or balance Sector 7:


This is a powerful device for releasing and transforming grievances based on relationship issues. If you use the Sacred Circle, you can sit or stand in Sector 7 or the Sector where Venus is positioned in your chart. You can also stay in the Sector where Venus is transiting at the moment. Before beginning, if you wish, you can light a candle (preferably pink, green, or white) and burn some incense (for example, rose, patchouli, sage, cedar). After calling your Spirit Guide, according to your habitual procedures, connect with your Intent and Function. Ask your Guide to draw the energy of Venus and the Totem Spirit of Sector 7. Then sing the chant (Nah Ti Nah, four times, followed by Oh at the end). It does not matter how you chant it, how many times and with what quality of voice. The Scale operates mainly on the Heart centre or Anahata. Witness what happens during the practice and, if you notice grievances, find your way to acknowledge or express them, without identifying yourself with their content. In the first stages open yourself to a situation of total block of the heart centre. Then experience the lower expressions of Venus and Sector 7. As with all the scales, you are invited to express or channel the lower stages with maximum intensity and awareness. When you reach the peak of the lower stage, pause and find your way to gather all the energy and lift it up to the next stage. Then start and open up to the higher vibrations of Venus. The stages usually involve these themes: block of the heart, predatory search for love, romantic love or special relationships, forgiveness, holy relationship. In the final stage simply be receptive to the energy of Venus and see what happens. Conclude by singing the chant for the last time. Then ground yourself and take note of your insights.

12) Autumn is a major time for taking an inventory of your life and gently releasing whatever or whoever no longer serves your Intent connected with the Function. As you move into the path of the West, attention to information coming from decoders is likely to increase. Have a look around! See what is being mirrored back in all that happens to you every day. Consider the place where you live and work, your job, your friends, your family, your financial situation, your relationships. Look at everything. Whatever you see, you have created it in order to learn some lessons. Is this what you want? Is this the way in which you wish to live? Is your current life connected with your Intent? These questions are not aimed at making you feel bad, depressed or worthless. On the contrary their purpose is to give you power. By being honest and considering the reality of what you have created around you, without playing the victim or making excuses, you move along the best way to transform your life according to your highest Intent. Beware of your projections! Consider them carefully with neutral and non-judgmental eyes. Be willing to see what you are putting on others that you can own yourself. Shadows are reflections of yourself and give a wider perspective of what exists at various levels. Autumn is an excellent time to work with shadows, for when the sun begins to lower itself in the sky, longer and clearer shadows are cast around physical forms. Shadows are gateways to other dimensions. Take time to be aware of shadows. Simply look at them, breathing deeply and paying attention to what happens within and without you. If possible, spend an evening or night alone in the wood or in your home with all the lights turned off. Let the natural darkness of the night embrace you wherever you are. Watch how you feel. Are you afraid? If yes, what are you afraid of? Do you like it? What do you like? Also sounds have shadow aspects and these are found in the spaces between each word or phrase or between the steady beat of your heart or of a drum. Spend time paying attention to those short instants of silence that exist in whatever you hear. When you talk be aware of the gaps between each word that you say. Try and fill those gaps with energy and significance. And finally be very aware of the spaces of void that exist around you. Pay attention to the gaps that apparently separate all the forms that you see. Such gaps are so important in astroshamanic work! Those places between the physical forms are the dwelling places of Bhi Jinah, strategic joyful beings of love and unity. When you start to become aware of them, you can rest assured that the hallucination of separation is close to being pierced. As you experiment with all these practices, go slowly, do not rush, take it gently, trust your intuition, take note of all your discoveries, allow the Spirit Guide to support you and open up to receive all you need.

13) Circle Positioning: This is an adaptation of the practice described  in the Work Guide (6. Exploration of Chart), which you can choose to employ as a regular meditative technique or as an application of the Basic Ritual of the Sacred Cone. Once you have clearly identified the necessary information on your natal chart, the invitation is to move, either physically in your Sacred Circle or shamanically in your Spirit Circle, to three different positions: 1) the sign of Libra; 2) the sign position of the cusp of your seventh house (Descendant); 3) the sign position of your Venus. The technique would require a minimum of 12 practices. After the conclusion of each exploration, as part of your practice, you are invited to jot down your feelings and impressions.



The following exercises are used to ground the lessons and become available to their inner or hidden meaning. They are not there to test your ability or quiz you. You can answer with words and phrases in English or in any other language, with a drawing, a song, etc. I do encourage you to use or do whatever can truly honour your vision. Once you have completed that, please send me a copy of your work.


1. Exploring Sector 7: Using the guidelines given in Exploring the Sectors in Lesson 2, meet the Totem Spirit of Sector 7. Send me a synopsis of your experience.


2. Activation of Sector 7: Activate the piece for Sector 7 in your kit of Sacred Circle Tools. Do that only after you have gone through the exploration of Sector 7. You can either draw or paint or carve or do whatever you decide to do to activate the piece. Make your choice according to the guidance you receive. Let the decision on how to build the piece come from within. Remember that this is sacred work and it does not necessarily have to please the body’s eyes or correspond to artistic standards. The only thing that matters is that what you do be the result of your inner connection. Send me a synopsis of the experience of activation.


3. Workshop: (This applies only if you have taken part in group or individual sessions on Sector 7) Send me a synopsis of your experiences, reflections and feelings during the session on Sector 7.


4. Questions:

1.     What are the animals, minerals, plants, colours, countries, people or objects, etc., that according to your perception and inner journeys are related to Sector 7?

2.     Are there also movies, books, music that you perceive are connected with Sector 7? If yes, please mention them.

3.     What is for you a sacred relationship?

4.     What do you like in your relationships and social environment?

5.     What kind of people do you find attractive and are attracted to you?

6.     What do you find attractive in them and what do they find attractive in you?

7.     What kind of people do you find unattractive and are unattracted by you?

8.     What do you find unattractive in them and what do they find unattractive in you?



5. Astrological Data:  Sector 7 is prominent if you have some of the following factors in your charts: Sun, Moon, Earth, Venus or more than three planets in Libra or in the Seventh House; an angle (Ascendant, Medium Coeli, Descendant, Immum Coeli) in Libra, Venus on an angle.



6. Exploration of Chart: Notice which house in your chart begins with the sign Libra. This is an area of life where the energy of Sector 7 expresses itself. Locate any planets in that house and identify them. Use your Sacred or Spirit Circle and position yourself there for at least five minutes. Open up to what comes to your mind, emotions and body. Take note of whatever calls your attention, no matter how trivial or distracting. Write it down. Then move into the area where Venus is located in your chart. Notice in which house and sign Venus is and what aspects it forms with other planets. Position yourself where Venus is, open up to your insights and take note of them. Finally look at the sign of Libra, locate any planets or angles and identify them. Sit in the sign of Libra and jot down your observations. Send me a synopsis of the whole experience.





Together with my Guide, I move to Sector 7 to receive guidance about sacred relationships. To Atahera Sadoh, the Totem Spirit of this Sector, I ask how I can create a sacred relationship. I am pervaded by a sphere of pink light. From its centre the following answer reaches me: “A sacred relationship is not a relationship between two partners. It is a relationship that involves three parties. In contrast to special relationships, that consider only two polarities, a sacred relationship opens up to the conscious presence and active participation of the third pole. It is indeed the latter that keeps the relationship together. A sacred relationship starts when, as a mutual agreement, the third pole is invited. It is a process of initiation that requires careful and patient work. A sacred relationship is undisturbed by time and space. It dwells in the eternal present and continues also when the partner is far away or is not in the physical reality anymore. The relationship goes on forever. Remember! Whenever you meet somebody in your thoughts, dreams or imagination, that is an actual meeting. Cease giving so much importance to physical forms. In a sacred relationship the connection at an emotional, mental and spiritual level is as real as that at a physical level. Employ the flow of subtle energy. Do not condense it, nor separate it. It is the way of Sector 7, that of the harmonic and balanced flow of love. Surrender to the beauty and charm of this Sector. Produce thoughts related to this energy and use the following practice: send out messages of love without saying anything, use the silence of your heart to talk, do not waste its energy through words or facial expressions. Avoid the display of your feelings, let them be a secret of love between you and me. And see what happens…”



I reach a large tipee where elders, shamans, Guides and other holy beings gather in a circle. I enter and sit among them. Then I say with determination: “I have come to receive instructions and get tangible signs of your presence. I am ready to surrender to your will”. I notice that there is a fire in the centre of the circle. All those beings stand up and move around the fire. They gently wave their bodies as the shape of a horned animal takes form. The animal invites me to sit at a table with two of my Guides. I ask them: “What can I do?”. They answer: “Operate in accordance with what you have established. Connect constantly with us. We are here to give you the support that you require. Great things are about to occur and only your availability can allow them to be part of your awareness. We cannot favour such a process if you are not available. That is feasible only through your regular focus on your Intent and the related Trust. Remember: Intent and Trust”. I tell them that I am ready to do that and encourage them to give me further instructions. They reply: “Be a channel through which our conjunct force can circulate. Look at all of us. Do you trust us?”. I carefully watch each one of them… Then I give my official “yes”. I receive information about sacred relationships. […] “Such relationships come from the connection with us. If this is not the case you are just mocking yourself and entering into the role of the manipulator. It is only a matter of relating with us. In a sacred relationship you cannot relate directly with what is perceived as separate (i.e. the other) for, from the perspective of the sacred, nothing is separate. It is only possible to let it flow and release through the Function of forgiveness. When you are not directly connected and operate on the horizontal level, it is acceptable to employ strategic structures and forms of energy condensation. This is important as, for human beings, condensation is a way of learning. What is essential is to be aware that condensation is just a strategy or symbol that needs to be released once the true force is there”.



I hear the voice of Atahera Sadoh. He speaks in sacred idiom and I can roughly translate his words as follows: “Learn to ask. God always gives to you. Ask outside and wait for the answer within. It does not matter what the outside answer is going to be. You are always aware that the answer comes from the inside. Have the courage to ask what your heart wants. Allow the request to move from the belly up to the heart and find its expression through the throat. When you ask and take action, you are already giving form to the object of your request. Dare to ask unconcerned about the consequences of your asking. It is a ritual act that relates you with me. This is a holy relationship”. […] “In Sector 7 red and white join and give birth to pink. The red of Sector 1 joins the white of Sector 12, the red of the first chakra blends with the white of the seventh. The meeting takes place in the heart creating the pink. Here the union between Heaven and earth takes place, between the Higher and the Lower, between the two cosmic lovers. The meeting with the Guide is an actual meeting of love, the peak love experience for a human being. It is the acknowledgement of the union with that who has always been with you, that has tenderly followed you throughout all ages, partaking of all the secrets and intimate movements of your heart. The connection with the Guide is the highest love experience. He reveals the true face of every being and situation, he teaches you to respect your true nature, he reminds you of who you are. The Guide is the Beloved who constantly embraces you in an everlasting ecstatic dance whose bliss is so boundless that, in order to be accessible to the awareness of your limited perception, it has to use fragmented ways of expressions. In the Guide you find that love you have always looked for: an eternal love, which cannot be halted. This relationship is so easy and simple and spontaneous. Yet, to the insane perception of human beings, accustomed to fight, effort, strife, competition, pain and suffering, such simplicity can be distorted as an intricate and unfathomable mystery. The major difficulty in relating with the Guide consists of accepting, and being aware of, what has always been there and always will be. This involves realising that the power of decision as regards the consent to this relationship merely relies on you. The Guide is available at all times. He is there waiting for you in the glorious land that exists beyond the insanity of this world. The place where you go whenever, either out of exhaustion or conscious choice, you leave your toys of separation and choose to look within, effortlessly receiving the essence of love. Such essence is unconditional. It does not require you to do anything special to deserve it. You are entitled to it as long as you decide that this is so. You know how to connect with the Guide, you know where to find him. All this is spontaneous as the authentic expression of love. Simply follow the natural élan of your heart. Let it flow with power and courage (Sector 1) into the relationship (Sector 7) so that it reaches the peak of ecstatic unity (Sector 12). Allow the meeting between red and white to take place inside, and then expand it outside so that both inside and outside melt into a further  ecstatic relationship, which moves even further to embrace that between universes, dimensions and infinite spheres. Each human relationship is indeed the symbolic representation of that with the Spirit Guide. As long as there is this awareness, human relationships are sacred. If this is not the case, what follows is inevitably pain, loss, and all kinds of grievance. It is not possible for a single human body to contain the overflowing abundance of the Spirit Guide. Sacred relationships between human beings involve the active participation of the Spirit Guide. In astroshamanic work it is a priority to relate to anyone through the Guide. In this way each relationship is acknowledged as part of the Whole and you release the hallucination of separation. If you have problems with a partner or friend, ask your Guide to relate with the Guide of the person involved. Guides know what is to be done and how to heal a relationship. This is one of the best ways to connect your Intent with your Function. Every time you relate with the Guide as regards such matters, you operate the connection between Intent and Function. This condition provides the integrity and the security to work with respect both for yourself and the other. In astroshamanism you do not operate on the outer person, but solely in the inner world through your Guide. This involves dealing with powerful and subtle dimensions. The healing process takes place through the intervention of such realities, which you can briefly sum up with the terms Spirit Guide and Spirits. To the astroshamanic operator only one major responsibility is left: giving consent for such intervention to occur and allowing one’s vehicle to be used for the purpose. It is not the power of the astroshamanic operator to provide healing. His power consists of being a channel and allowing the energies to do their work. As far as I know, for the time being, there is no other function reserved to the human race”.



Many aspects and concepts contained in the following journey are likely to sound strange or incomprehensible for the reader. To go into all the details of this story would require volumes.


I reach the Spirit Circle and I notice that my Guide and Bhima (the Guide of the Lower World) are standing by the Great Tree, wearing their ceremonial clothes. We descend together into the Lower World. In the long final part of the underground passage, I begin to see the faces of all my loved ones. Their number is huge. I gather they are likely to belong to other lives, as I do not remember having had anything to do with them in this life. Yet they are incredibly familiar. I realise that the reason for this journey is that of meeting the most important loved one of all, the Beloved (Satame). I know that she is in Quiumakai,[19] whereas another one is in Urplei.[20] Now I am heading for Quiumakai to meet that Satame. I understand that she also represents the strongest or terminal Graha.[21] I arrive in the dark countryside of Quiumakai and, as I walk along a path with my Guides, I suddenly get a glimpse of a small house. At its sight my body begins to shiver and my mind starts to panic. I ask the Guides to stay close to me. I can hear ecstatic shouts coming from the house. I approach the place and then peep through a window. I see a lover of mine having ritual sex with another man. It is like getting a stab in the belly. I feel such despair. I notice that the man involved looks very familiar, and this makes me feel even worse. Upon looking a bit closer I do realise that the man is somebody who, although with a different kind of hair style, looks very much like me. In the end I do understand that I am that man. I begin to retrieve very ancient memories. I recall long nights of ecstasy with my Beloved. We were so devoted! Then the time came when I chose to emerge onto the surface of the Earth. I solemnly said goodbye to her, knowing that we would not see each other with our body’s eyes for thousands of years. We pronounced devoted promises of reunion. As I remember all that, she comes near the window and opens it. She looks at me. Then also Bhima [the Guide of the Lower World] comes and I notice that the Beloved is indeed Bhima. I remember that our common promise was that of keeping the connection throughout my whole journey on the surface of the Earth. I recognise Bhima (Bhi Ma) in that new aspect. My torment toward the Beloved is the effect of the hallucination of separation that thrives on the surface of the planet. I am told that now a new initiation programme is ready for me. Bhima and my Guide take me into an underground chamber. There I see smoke of various colours which gradually fades away and uncovers the form of a big cone. “Here is where the terminal Graha of the Earth abides. It is the one who nourishes all other possible Graha. From this point you can also reach the Higher World. That requires a long series of labours”. I ask for something to protect myself for such atask. I am reminded of all the gifts I received from the Totem Spirits. They also tell me to claim the traditional conic hat with the golden seal of Quiumakai on a black background. “During this third year of initiation, you are going to receive instructions on how to operate the Sacred Cone. This requires the understanding of the 144 binary relationships. In one year’s time, if you proceed according to instructions, you will be able to operate as Sacred Cone Guide. In the meantime you are authorised to sing the mythic stories and to heal through them”. I ask to go to Urplei and meet my other Beloved. We move into the other side of the underground chamber, where there is a door which opens into a corridor leading to a sort of spaceship. I am told to close my eyes and drink a potion. Then I lose consciousness and wake up in front of a wonderful being with blond hair and a smiling face. I realise that I am in Urplei. She is very beautiful and has a proud and strong appearance. She smiles and I reply laughing. As I look at her, I notice that according to the perspective from where I am looking, she is also a man. “Here in Urplei” she comments “we can shift from one polarity to the other. We are trained to play this game and know all its tricks. Here we simulate the illusions and give them form in accordance with Kahesha Opa”. She then explains that she is my Beloved in the Higher World: “Once you are over with your initiation, you will be able to understand what this truly means”. I ask information about the promise denominated Satame.[22] “This promise was indeed pronounced. In the first time of the stars, as a playful challenge, we agreed to move into the swirl of a mutual Saike.[23] There were long wars and times of oblivion. We briefly met in the place of the double ‘A’. Then you moved along for further voyages. I reached Quiumakai and that triggered your memories. Your playful fury was turned on. You joined me there and we spent ages of splendour as in Urplei. Then came the time of the emergence where you are now. The search goes on. The promise is indeed kept each time you renew it with your remembrance. Satame Saike can be celebrated once every eleven years in Quiumakai and once a year on the Earth. It is the celebration of the simulation of polarities. On that day the polarities define themselves and play at their search. On the Earth the possibility then exists to revive the memory of the whole Game that proceeded from Handor into Rodnah and then in Pahai.[24] It is a time of major activation of Pahai. I drive the space-tanker. I am the major pilot. […]”. I then ask technical information about the functioning of Pahai […]. “…remember that in the Middle World everything is to be transformed according to Quiumakai and Urplei. This is the challenge. All is to be drawn toward the two myths so as to give rise to a third myth. This is your Intent”. I ask confidential information about my current relationships […] You made many promises to your lovers: that of reuniting the whole people in accordance with the Game. Now you are confronting yourself with the deep understanding of such promises. The only promise that matters is that related to Pahai. From Pahai all other promises emanate. Without Pahai all other promises are vain. Remember to activate Pahai. Be aware of your holy partners and understand that all other possible sacred partners are simply the result of a transfer. Be always with them. Never go on your own. Only in this way you can fulfil your promise. Realise Satame Saike. Create the glyph of the two hands and allow couples to meet with the double touch of the hands. The ancient traditions are available for you to chant them. Go wherever you are requested to plant Pahai. You can do it publicly now. Employ the triple sequence of the Intent. […]


What follows overleaf is an intimate letter taken at random from a pile of early love letters in my files. Various details were removed to conceal the identity of those involved.




Beloved AA,

Your ravishing effigy treads with me wherever I wander, placid and fragrant, balmy and tender, enchanting and soothing. Yes indeed, for I gave her permission to accompany me, as I also allowed my image to escort you. Da alcuni giorni la tua immagine mi accompagna dolce e serena, calda e tenera. Sì, perché ora gli ho dato il permesso di starmi accanto, così come ho dato il consenso alla mia immagine di restarti vicino. And as I commit these words to paper, my contemplation is drawn to that graceful bequest of yours, which so divinely conveys the veritable sentiments I cultivate for you. I do not need to behold that precious boon, for its essence abundantly vibrates within me.

We are both experiencing the same quality of love for each other. Of this I am sure. It reminds me of the horizon in your delicate island, those golden days when I could not see the diversity between the sky and the sea.  My beloved, I treasure your tenderness and passion. I am here to welcome and honour it as it is also mine. We belong to the same resplendent race. Our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual vehicles stem from an equivalent matrix. How could we even for a moment conceive to hold dissimilar feelings? How could that be possible? All you utter and endure is well-known to me. Your recondite hours of flaming ardour are also mine. You are a part of me, I am a part of you. And in this early process of reawakening to our true natures, I am just retrieving glimpses of memories. Honestly, the more I delve into my motivations, into what truly inspires me, beyond all the codes of galactic ethics, and the dilemma about what is supposed to be the right policy, well, indeed the more I uncover you. This relationship is entitled to flourish as it is most sacred. My system is acknowledging you more and more as the representation of ……. As you enter into this golden role of beauty, it is perfectly natural that I wish to be close to you.

Carissima, ci aspettano ere di operatività congiunta, in un contesto divinamente epico, denso di abbacinanti sfide mitiche, di lunghe notti colme di quei momenti che insieme vogliamo essere eterni. There are so many blessings pouring, such abundance. I am so proud of you. Often I do play back scenes of our time together. I see you there, determined and bold in your task, so captivating in your working uniforms! Then I contemplate your grace as you gently perform your evening ablutions. I purposefully set my eyes out of focus. The sacred geometry of your body is so radiant! So full of ecstatic information that my circuits risk to blow up. You are so beautiful! How is it possible for a human being? My eyes and tissues need a training to keep up with such a beauty. And as I perceive this magnificence in you I do rejoice at what is happening within me. I do realise that you are the product of a part of me as I am a product of a part of you. Through you I disclose the splendour that abounds within me. I am stunned at that. And I do exclaim Cigarnairodnah Sodalia Probhi, that in sacred idiom could be translated as an exponential wow, which is more than one billion of ordinary wows put together. What else could I say? Yes, please reread my letters. The else is there. And be aware that whatever you loved in that pile of letters is still there as if I’m writing it now.

What a blissful dance! I understand you can only show what is inside me, what belongs to me in all its possible expressions. Everything is included. Nothing is left out. In the full acceptance of who you are, I do accept myself. This is my Intent. I do realise it can be hard at times. Yet, this is part of the Game. And if errors occur, these will be teaching blessings. Gioia. Yes, joy! This is what our togetherness is producing. Ti sento così vicina. I feel you so close. Ti sono così vicino. I am so close to you. I am sure you can feel me. Sono sicuro che mi puoi sentire. Be aware that you have my full consent to reproduce my image at any time and to allow that to express all the love that it feels to you. It is not a fantasy. You have my official acknowledgment right here. You had my energetic one on that day in the island as you were operating with the medicine. And as I write this I do understand that I have also yours. When we do meet physically it will be a theatrical representation of what we do all the time. Yet, you cannot imagine how much I am looking forward to that representation to take place. As a matter of fact, I am sure that you can imagine it. Meraviglioso essere. Quale gioia l’averti incontrato! It is real. It is happening right now. I am with you. Sono con te e dentro di te. Io ti voglio tanto bene.




I release the 7 Directions of the Sacred Cone Circle and its 12 Sectors. I am grateful for the guidance received by the Spirit of Sector 7 and set It free. Oh Spirit Circle, Guide, Great Force of Love and Ecstasy That Moves Through All. Thank you for giving me protection. I honour your divine nature and claim my work to serve in accordance with my Intent connected with the Function. Kahesha Opa!




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[20] According to the Epic of the Sacred Cone, Urplei is the first vertical interspace base of Handor, the Peak of Light. It can also be described as one of the major layers of the Higher World. From a human  perspective, it is often traditionally located in the Pleiades and constitutes the ruling conscience of the universe.
[21] Another major term of the Epic of the Sacred Cone. Grah means to grasp and graha signifies that who grasps. In traditional Hinduism this word is employed to describe various demons or malefic spirits that enter inside their victims causing pain and misfortune. These demons were then associated with the constellations of Indian astrology. According to the Epic, Graha represent the activators of grievances or material of exchange between Handor and Rodnah, and the result of the relationship between Mare Paheka and Hare Paheka.
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