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Details on spiritual consultations with Franco Santoro, including how they work, what you can expect, information on costs and types of session.

There are two ways to receive an individual session from Franco
1) Via SKYPE, or TELEPHONE, the most recommended and practical way.
2) In PERSON: meeting Franco at Findhorn (Moray, Scotland), in Lunigiana (Massa, Italy) or in the venue of his workshops.

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How consultations work

Each consultation differs, though generally we will talk through what you would like to gain out of it and the ways we can manage it, using the techniques and options appropriate to your needs. During the session, the purpose is to identify what are the main areas of strength or potential, what is unbalanced or weak, finding tools for transformation and healing, allowing a deeper connection with yourself and your experience of your higher or multidimensional self, and God.

The session is also aimed at identifying empowering and healing practices and remedies that the client can use for a certain amount of time (usually one month) in order to support and implement what has emerged in the session. During the time after the session I remain available for assistance. I suggest contacting me at least once during the four weeks after the first session to check in and share about your experience. The first session is autonomous and can provide significant guidance. Follow-up and multiple sessions are also possible and recommended. For a complete assessment I suggest a minimum cycle of three sessions. Yet I prefer to leave it to your inner guidance whether to continue with follow-up sessions.

Each session is geared according to the current situation and intent of the client, including reference to their astrological charts and life processes. The aim is to focus on prominent issues, both from an ordinary and multidimensional perspective, releasing grievances, while uncovering authentic talents and finding empowering guidance.

A consultation with Franco Santoro is a spiritual healing session aimed at placing the client in direct connection with their higher or multidimensional self, through the use of shamanic techniques, spiritual astrology and expanded states of consciousness. The session is centred on the client’s intention, which the consultation aims to clarify and expand. Franco uses his experience and skills to identify and support areas of empowerment and healing resources, allowing the client to establish and autonomously develop a confident connection with their spirit helpers. Franco also offers holistic and spiritual counselling, including a large variety of tools and types of sessions (see list below)

Please be aware that we do not offer any form of fortune telling,  future prediction, or astrological character analysis. We believe that the greatest mistake you can do with astrology is to believe that the stars and planets have an influence on your life. We develop our traits based on our life experience and not on our date of birth. Your personal horoscope shows what you are not, your separate self and all its illusions. We employ astrology only as a strategic map of the human psyche and as a method for determining the division of time.

Please be aware that all consultations, workshops and services, including this website, are strictly spiritual, and are not intended as a substitute for professional medical or psychological advice, diagnosis or treatment. We do not work on physical or psychological conditions or provide any form of therapy. We strongly invite all those seeking medical or psychological assistance to consult a professional doctor, psychologist or counsellor.

Sessions are offered by Franco Santoro in English, French, Italian and Spanish.

If you wish to arrange a session, please contact Franco Santoro, at or use the contact form (click here)


In order to make sure that our work is available to all people, regardless of their financial circumstances, we offer prices with a sliding scale based on income, including bursaries, concessions and free charitable work. Your donations, of any size, help us continue our volunteer work.

Fees for an in-person or distant session (one hour, plus preliminary assessment and assistance) are income related: Euro 65, or £ 50, or $ 65 (low), Euro 80, or £ 65, or $80 (medium), Euro 100, or £ 80, or $100 (high). Bursaries, exchanges and concessions can at times be available for those who cannot afford the low fee.

Payment by bank transfer or Paypal.

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Types of Sessions

Each consultation is completely unique to the client, and the appropriate services and interventions are tracked during the session itself, unless there is a specific interest or request. Please find below a list of some of our services.

Soul Retrieval

Connection with Spirit Guide

Astrological Consultation

Multidimensional Astrology 


Astroshamanic Touch

Home, Office & Landscape Healing


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