Soul Retrieval

touchSoul Retrieval

The traditional approach of this practice is based on the understanding that most painful issues we experience are due to the fact that significant parts of our souls are trapped or lost. When this is the case clients sense that a vital part of themselves is missing, feel regularly stuck or in a vicious circle, at times experiencing severe disruption and misery in their life. The task is to identify and retrieve these missing parts, restoring them into the wholeness of the individual.

In astroshamanism the 12 signs of the zodiac strategically represent the complete setting of the soul. In traditional soul retrieval sessions the client usually remains passive and unconscious, while the practitioner does all the work. In Franco Santoro’s astroshamanic soul retrieval sessions, clients are fully present and directly involved in the process, while the practitioner supports and guides them. Soul retrieval here involves first the acknowledgement of the missing parts and their original separation, followed by their search and retrieval. Franco’s approach also aims at effectively restoring those parts, by returning luminous talents, allowing their harmonious integration in accordance with the client’s intention. Franco can help at various levels of this process.

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