Tanmarg, aka Tanmariat (Tairamnat in Rodnah), officially Grand Empire of Hanmar, is a Handorian State in the south-west area, bordered on the north by the State of Kortex, the State of Vanjuli and the Dominion of Tarrial; on the east by the Dominion of New Kopolia; on the south by the Pozdahian Grand Sea and on the west by the Ukarian Sea. It comprises, in addition to the Tanmarian peninsular mainland, the archipelagos of Galfamari and Tahemarz, and the No-name islands.

The area of the country is 2,381,110 sq km. Most of Tanmarg is a large multi-peninsular structure, with a terrain distributed harmoniously between mountainous, hilly and lowland territories. The Grandulkan Ranges, the Grand Hanmarian Ranges, the Gramirvak plateau and the Tarrinian plains. The central and southern area consists of hilly territories, mountainous peninsulas, islands and a large variety of coastal zones.

The State capital and second largest city is Grand Babaul, See of the Great Empress of Hanmar. The largest city is Grand Maikaln. A typical feature of most Tanmarian cities is the abundance of temples, towers, gardens and terraces.

The State official languages are Handorian and Hanmaran. Tarrinian is the third official language of the Nation of Tarrino, while in the “No-Name” Nation, officially Nation 7.3, no language is used.

The highest authority of the Grand State of Tanmarg is the most graceful, magnificent and adoringly tantalising Great Empress of Hanmar, or Graiasa Hanmara Gingat. The ruling authority is the Tanmaire Graiase Sangah (a council of 24 members, comprising the 12 Tanmairan Great Queens and 12 Imperial Generals, headed by the Imperial Trinity.

Tanmarg is divided, according to the classic Handorian system, into an Imperial Capital Territory and 12 Grand Nations. Below the national level, Tanmarg has a pyramidal ruling and administrative system. In descending order of importance are Grand Trinities (144), Squares (1728), Pentas (20736) and Hexas (248832).

The nature of the Grand State of Tanmarg is extremely controversial and limited information is provided. The reader may wonder why this State, unlike others, is called Grand. The issue is rather thorny here. By some means, Hanmar represents the other half of Handor, a kind of replacement for Rodnah. In pristine times of yore it was indeed a separate entity, which was then incorporated in the Handorian State System. Hence, the Grand State of Hanmar constitutes the informal sister of Handor. Yet Handor, being the thirteenth, is not a State, and this causes some complications upon which I do not intend to indulge. Information on most nations of the Grand State of Hanmar is currently classified.

Code Nation Capital Population
7.1 Galmaikaln T.Maikala 97,000,000
7.2 Tarrino Tarlokurb 40,000,000
7.3 No name No name No numbers
7.4 Gutraq Tamarind 63,000,000
7.5 Tsusihar Grant Susihar 67,000,000
7.6 Galvezians Garganus 75,000
7.7 Tanbaubart Grant Babaut 88,000,000
7.8 Tabadesh Tabadesh 65,000,000
7.9 Galfamari Gutrusi 39,000,000
7.10 Gramirvak Tormirwak 33,800,000
7.11 Tanmury Gardenardary 55,800,000
7.12 Tahemarz Tirgujuz 43,900,000

HSS 7.1 – Grand State of Tanmarg: Nation of Galmaikaln

7.1 is associated with Galmaikaln, one of the 12 nations of the Grand State of Hanmar. This is a most concise reference, which also reflects the straightforward and genuine nature of the Maikalnian folks, whose national motto is “Maikaln is Maikaln”. Galmaikaln hosts the inception point of Graha, in the homonymous trinity at 7-1-5. The capital is Tanmaikala (aka Maikal) at 7-1-1. Galmaikaln has a close association with the Archangel Michael. A relevant feature of Galmaikaln is the Rock of Hanmar, which is the counterpart of the Rock of Kallex, in the State of Quald, Domain Haragox, Devakallex (4-10-10), and of the other two Handorian Rocks in the State of Kortex and the State of Akirwa. The Rock of Hanmar is located in 7-1-1 (precisely at 7-1-1-7) and comprises an area (Territory of the Granter) under the joined jurisdiction of the Handorian Defense System, the State of Tanmariat and the Great Empress of Hanmar. This is one of the most relevant points for its effects on the Human Arbitrary Configuration, with particular regards to human relationships.

HSS 7.2 – Grand State of Tanmarg: Nation of Tarrino

7.2 The nation of Tarrino lies in the southern-east outpost of the Grand State of Tanmariat and constitutes a late incorporation, following the Handorian hostilities with the Empire of Kopolia. This nation is associated with most controversial features of the Handorian past, which required long ages to be thoroughly released and healed. The capital is Tarlokurb.

HSS 7.3 – Grand State of Tanmarg: Nation of 

7.3 is associated with a nation located at the extreme periphery of the State of Hanmar and or the Handorian State System itself. Its name is unknown and I simply refer to it as 7.3, yet this nation does certainly have a name. The point is that in 7.3 they are so absorbed in establishing communication and being as transparent as possible that their name is not so important. Yet again, they do have their name, and next time I go there I will find out what that is, though I am aware this is a most difficult enterprise. Consequently also the capita and the trinities do not have a name.

HSS 7.4 – Grand State of Tanmarg: Nation of Gutraq

The Nation of Gutraq covers the western central coast of the Grand State of Tanmariat. It is a nation abundant with resources and is particularly known for its golden mines. The capital is Tamarind.

HSS 7.5 – Grand State of Tanmarg: Nation of Tsusihar

Tsusihar is located in the eastern area of the State of Tanmariat, representing the traditional South-Eastern frontier of the Handorian States System. The capital is Grant Susihar, whose main feature is the Grant Rock of Hanmar, which is a huge fragment of the Rock of Hanmar located in 7-1-1-7.

HSS 7.6 – Grand State of Tanmarg: Nation of Galvezians
This is one of the smallest nation of HSS.

HSS 7.7 – Grand State of Tanmariat: Nation of Tanbaubart

This is the central nation of the Grand State of Hanmar, incorporating the State Capital Region of Grant Babaut. The emblem of Tanbaubart is the Hanmarian Bear, which looks a bit like a HAC teddy bear.

HSS 7.8 – Grand State of Tanmarg: Nation of Tabadesh

This nation, located in the area Centre-West of the State of Tanmarg, is most notorious for it was once and, should you get to Tabadesh in a dysfunctional frame of time, it can still be a major Graha proliferation zone. Handorians are not used to employ swear words, yet if they were, the saying “Go to Abades!” would surely be one of the direst insults.

What emerged in Tabadesh appeared as the most staggering Graha a mind could conceive. This is absolutely baffling for in Tanmarg and in all the remaining Handorian States, apart from Frian, there are supposed to be no Grauha. At least, this is the official version, as it is also the legitimate account that the presence of Graha in Tabadesh is merely a postulation resulting from the multifarious dynamics of the Game. A similar situation applies to the Nation of Herotlant (8.7) in the State of Frian.

The binaries 7.8 and 8.7 are most controversial for they evoke what is probably the cruellest episode ever occurred in the Handorian scenario: the heinous rapport between Frian and Tanmariat. Hence, working with 7.8 involves coming to terms with the innermost wound in the Libra sphere of relationships.

Please bear in mind here that in the current Handorian setting recollections of this wound are most likely merely available in the Tabadeshian National Archives and in the Franandarg, the colossal documentation centre of the Handorian States System. Paradoxically Tabadesh is at present (version 3.3) a most popular and trendy resort for multi-dimensional honey-moons. Yet please be aware that relationships in Handor have nothing to do with those on Earth,

Handorian do not relate between each other, for the acknowledgment of their unity is substantially grounded in their belief system and experience. They relate with what could be most precariously described as the Handorian Spirit, and its expression at a State, National and in version 3.3 also ternary level.

I prefer to keep the whole topic of Tabadesh still cryptic, also because in order to emerge it needs the close presence of one or more human beings opposed to my present polarity. Hence, if you and I are genuinely interested, whenever the above conditions apply, please do ask, and we may give it a try.

HSS 7.9 – Grand State of Tanmarg: Nation of Galfamari

7.9Galfamari: This nation is one of the major inspirer of the multi-dimensional crusade into the Ultimate Frontier. Incidentally, the Ultimate Frontier[i]  is the bona fide horny bit as it is perceived from the opposite perspective, which is that of those abiding beyond the HAC zone, such as Handorians and other non-HAC folks.

HSS 7.10 – Grand State of Tanmarg: Nation of Gramirvak
7.10 – Nation of Gramirvak: This nation occupies the elevated North-West zone of the State of Tanmariat, which is the most mountainous area of the Hanmarian territory. The area comprises the Grandulkan ranges in the north and the Grand Hanmirian ranges in the south. Between the two mountain systems lies the wide cleavage of the Gramirvak plateau. The Nation of Gramirvak is notable for the Rock of Gathak, intimately connected with the Rock of Haxar (State of Kortex, Kingdom of Haxarix, 10-4-4). The Rock of Gathak is in 7-10-10 within a special status zone operated by the Handorian Defense System, the Grand Queen of Gramirvak and the Kiteri Alliance. The capital of Gramirvak is Tormrvak (7-10-7), which hosts the highest tower of the State. Other cities areThorax (7-10-5) and Galatiak (7-10-1)

HSS 7.11 – Grand State of Tanmarg: Nation of Tanmury

7.11 Tamnury. The capital of Tamnury is Gardenardary which receives its name from the homonymous national hero Hardar and his ecstatic garden. Gardenardar is one of the most spectacular and unusual cities in the Handorian State System. Another relevant hero is Hamnur, from whom the name of the Nation derives (Tamnury “Territory of Hamnur”). Hamnur is one of the pristine settlers of the Great State of Tanmariat and is honoured throughout the Nation and in particular at the Grand Temple of Hamnur in Templaramnury.

HSS 7.12 – Grand State of Tanmarg: Nation of Tahemarz

An archipelago consisting of 12 islands, located in the South-West area of the State of Tanmairat. Its name comes from the larger island, which occupies 60% of the whole territory. Other islands are Tantrum, Tandem. The capital is Tirgujuz, whose main feature is the Tirgam Garz (Tower of the Boundless Column)