2 4 c copyBinary Number: 16

Degrees:  5-7½° Taurus
Aspect: Sextile.
Moon Phase: Crescent
Handorian Reference: State of Brento, Nation of Bondland
Binary Spirit: Rata Quiu

In the Astroshamanic Binary System Sun in Taurus (2) and Moon in Cancer (4) constitute Binary 2.4, or Binary number 16.

Sun in Taurus and Moon in Cancer blend Fixed Earth with Cardinal water, integrating Taurus’s tenacity, practical sense and grace with Cancer’s sensitivity, protective and nurturing qualities.

Those who resonate with this combination are profoundly devoted to family or tribal traditions, with the capacity to hold the basic essence of their lineage and firmly sustain it through the challenges of life. Reliable, determined, caring, imaginative and fertile, they are endowed with the gift of transforming emotions into artistic achievements.

Sun in Taurus and Moon in Cancer are in a sextile (60°) aspect, which involves two complementary signs, sharing the same polarity, yet not the same element. The binary can work harmoniously and provide beneficial opportunities as long as there is awareness and clarity of intention on both sides.

Qualities: sensitivity, devotion, reliability, determination, care, fertility, creativity.

Grievances: confusion, pessimism, possessiveness, rigidity.

Four days after exact New Moon we are moving in the second half still of the Crescent Moon, or Sowing Moon, with exact Crescent Moon occurring when the Sun and the Moon is 45° apart  (Sun sextile Moon).  Significant elements of the potential of the New Moon continue to emerge. It is a receptive phase, aimed at gathering information and getting ready to take action according to the Intent established or perceived during New Moon. At this stage the multidimensional Intent gently comes to terms with the ordinary reality. The question here is: “How can I translate my Intent into a goal understandable in the third-dimensional reality?” The major impulse for third-dimensional initiation is produced in this phase, which is therefore ideal for clearly identifying and sowing the Intent. This is also a time of digestion, analysis and planning.

Astroshamanic Seal: a conic shape, consisting of two joined triangles of different shapes and an upper semi-circle surmounted by a curved line. All astroshamanic seals also represent connections between parts of the body, and their multidimensional association. This seal relates mouth and throat (Taurus) with stomach and breasts (Cancer). All grievances, including physical ones, are connected with the interaction of the binaries. The seal heals the nourishing process, the way we incorporate and integrate the resources we acquire.


Celebrities with 2.4:

Vicente Aleixandre (Spanish poet)
Emile Ardolino (film director)
Nora Arnezeder (actress, singer, 2.4.9)
Eddy Arnold (singer)
Adriana Asti (actress)
Edmond Baudoin (artist, illustrator)
Raymond Bernard (writer, esotericist, mystic, 2.4.9, Pluto Vessel)
Joseph Beuys (German artist)
Jules Breton (French painter, 2.4.4, Saturn Vessel)
Vince Cable (British politician)
Penélope Cruz (actress, dancer)
Madhuri Dixit (Indian actress)
Betty Driver (singer, actress)
Sebastian Faulks (English novelist)
Gabriel Fauré (French composer, 2.4.2)
Fish (Scottish singer, 2.3.7)
Michael Fish (fashion designer, 2.4.9, Uranus Power)
Fomalhaut (astrologer, 2.4.4, Uranus Power)
Fulvia Franco (actress, 2.4.8)
Augustin Fresnel (physicist, Uranus Vessel)
Dave Gahan (singer Depeche Mode, 2.4.2)
Valentino Garavani (fashion designer, Pluto Vessel/instr., 2.4.4)
Amedeo Giannini (founder of Bank of America, 2.4.2, Pluto Power/Instr., Uranus Vessel)
Jean Girault (French film director)
Simonetta Greggio (novelist)
Graham Guit (French director)
Amy Heckerling (film director, Uranus Vessel)
Jean Hélion (French painter, 2.4.3, Neptune Vessel/Instr.)
Peter Howitt (English actor, director)
Soren Kierkegard
Louise Huber (astrologer, 2.4.1)
Kim Jong Kook (South Korean singer)
David Icke (writer, speaker, 2.4.7, Uranus Vessel, Neptune Instr.)
Pope Innocent XI (2.4.10)
Marija Karan (Serbian actress)
Soren Kierkegaard (Danish philosopher, 2.4.5)

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

Sonny Knight (singer, 2.4.3)

Gérard Krawczyk (film director, Uranus Vessel)

Michio Kushi (macrobiotic educator, Uranus Instr., Pluto Vessel, 2.4.12)

Hugh Lloyd (English actor)

Gabriel Loire (artist, 2.4.5, Neptune Vessel)

Ettore Manni (actor, Pluto Vessel)

Valeria Marini (actress, model)

Enrico Mattei (public administrator, 2.4.9, Neptune Vessel)

Mary McDonnell (actress, Uranus Vessel)

Rod McKuen (poet, 2.4.4, Pluto Instr.)

Vittorio Merloni (industrialist Indesit, 2.4.11, Saturn Instr.)

Hans Mueller-Freywardt (astrologer, homeopath, 2.4.6)

Robert Oppenheimer (physicist, atomic bomb, 2.4.10, Neptune/Pluto Instr.)

Bettie Page (American model, 2.4.12, Uranus Instr., Pluto Vessel)
Stella Parton (singer, song-writer)
Robert Pattinson (actor, 2.4.4)
Anthony Quinn (actor, Zorba the Greek, Neptune Vessel)
Serge Reggiani (French singer, painter, 2.4.2)

Wladyslaw Reymont (Polish novelist, Pluto Power, Uranus Vessel)

Erik Satie
Bridget Riley (English painter, Pluto Vessel)
Daniel Russo (French actor)
Richard C. Sarafian (tv film director)
Erik Satie (composer, 2.4.5)
Eric Schmidt (chairman of Google, Uranus Vessel)
Vincent Scotto (French composer, Neptune Power)
David Servan-Schreiber (physician, neuroscientist, author, 2.4.7)
Pete Seeger (singer, Pluto Vessel)
Peter Shaffer (dramatist, 2.4.4, Pluto Vessel, Uranus Flower)
David Shepherd (artist, conservationist, 2.4.1, Uranus Instr,)
Jerzy Skolimowski (Polish film director, Uranus Power, Pluto Vessel)
William Soutar (Scottish poet, 2.4.2)
Benjamin Spock (pediatrician, 2.4.2)
Arthur Sullivan (composer, 2.4.7)

Tchaikovsky (composer, 2.4.4, Neptune Flower)

Melanie Thornton (pop singer)

Dimitri Tiomkin (score composer)

Cy Twombly (American artist, Pluto Vessel)

Tyagaraja (Carnatic music composer)

João Villaret (Portuguese actor, 2.4.12)

Thomas Vinterberg (Danish film director)

Jasmin Wagner (German pop singer)

Steve Winwood (singer, song-writer, 2.4.2, Uranus Vessel)

Yared (Ethiopian musician)

Roger Zelazny (science fiction writer, 2.4.12)

(Juan Gelman, nato il 3 maggio 1930, Sole in Toro e Luna in Cancro, poeta, scrittore e giornalista argentino)
“La tua voce è oscura
di baci che non mi hai dato
di baci che non mi dai.
La notte è polvere di quest’esilio.
I tuoi baci appendono lune
che raggelano il mio cammino.
E tremo
sotto il sole.”

Rebecca Zlotowski (French author, director)

David Vaughan Icke: (2.4.7) born in Leicester (England) on 29 April 1952, with Sun in Taurus, Moon in Cancer and Ascendant in Libra, Uranus Vessel (Uranus conjunct Moon), Neptune Instrument (Neptune conjunct Ascendant), is one of the most controversial contemporary non-ordinary writers. Former professional football player, television sports presenter and British Green Party national spokesman, in 1990 he received guidance to delve into a full investigation of non-ordinary activities and promote healing on earth. He was also told that one day there would be a huge earthquake and the “sea will reclaim land” due to human abuse of earth. His researches allege to prove that the world has been ruled by a secret group called “Illuminati”. In The Biggest Secret he maintains that the world is controlled by a race of reptilian humanoids, and that many relevant public figures are actually “reptilians,” including Queen Elizabeth II, George W. Bush, Henry Kissinger, Tony Blair, Silvio Berlusconi, Bill Clinton, Winston Churchill, Robert Murdoch, Al Gore and practically every world leader. These reptilians are involved in unmentionable activities, ranging from human sacrifice, blood-drinking and human mass exploitation. After being widely ridiculed, he disappeared from public view. For many years people would point and laugh at him, and this experience helped him find the courage to develop his ideas. Icke has published 15 books and he is undoubtedly the main the most popular of conspiracy authors. At the heart of his vision is the belief that the world is being controlled by a secret government and that ordinary people are being massively manipulated at every level. This government arranges for incidents to occur around the world, which then provoke a response from the public, allowing those in power to do whatever they had planned to do in the first place. Icke refers to the Holocaust, Oklahoma City bombing, the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, the war in Bosnia, and the September 11, 2001 attacks as examples of such events. Icke also maintains that people have a “multi-dimensional consciousness”, which has been blocked by the bogus reality that the secret government (reptilian-human in nature) has installed. “My own research suggests that it is from another dimension, the lower fourth dimension, that the reptilian control and manipulation is primarily orchestrated. Other people know this as the lower astral dimension, the legendary home of demons and malevolent entities in their black magic rituals …” According to Icke, the reptilian-human DNA allow a shape-shift from reptilian to human form whenever these creatures consume human blood.


Situated in the east-central area of the State of Brento, bordering the State of Yukal, this is the largest nation of the State. Its territory is divided into two parts, the north, consisting of vast flat lands and fertile fields, and the north, combining flat lands with minor low hills and some lakes in the south-east. This nation is a climax of care, devotion, nourishment and protection. The capital is Bond, seat of the Archvicary and the nearby Osantamater Jade Mandrent, the temple of the national saint, a vast earth dome covered with shining diamonds. The trinity of Bond Pahaid (2.4.11) is one of the most significant Sacred Cone resonator, also hosting the Bondah Pahaid a healing network of channels.

The Trinities of Bondland

Code Trinity Head City
2.4.1  Over Langedoq  Blangedo Gard
2.4.2  Ouest Langedoq Baron Langedoq
2.4.3 Barous Languedoq Oud
2.4.4  Bond Bond
2.4.5 Brand Brand
2.4.6 Bayard Bayard
2.4.7 Bollard Bollard
2.4.8 Bawdland Bawdhead
2.4.9 Brownland Bandorlid
2.4.10 Bloomsland Bloomshead
2.4.11 Bond Pahaid Bond Etnaid
2.4.12 Bas Langedoq Res langedoq

Names: Bayard, Bollard, Bond, Oud; Bamshad (happy dawn), Bhed (secret).

Other Names: Backboard, Eagle, Band, Baud, Bead, Behead, Bid, Blizzard, Bod, Brand, Old, Bernard, Brigid.

Cadet reports of journeys to Bondland

1) Bond, Byword (2.4.6): I passed through the Handorian Portal and passed through a black tube-tunnel through space. I was inside a small hard ball. I noticed out in space there were the roots of many plants suspended, yet the plants themselves were not visible. As I neared Bond Proport I saw a huge earth dome with many small dark glass windows. I moved inside it into a place of total darkness. I began to feel expanded. A voice asked me to state my intent – when I had finished, the whole inside of the dome was illuminated and I saw a huge city down below me. My immediate surroundings were a beautiful array of small trees and shrubs and well-tended gravel pathways. I felt strong and set a restore point. An Agent approached and he told me he would accompany me throughout the entire journey. I connected with the Centre and set another restore point. A military figure in blue uniform came towards me and introduced himself as the PDB Captain. I was amazed by the sense of abundance and vitality he seemed to be expressing. He took my hand and shook it warmly and then introduced a beautiful blonde woman, who I understood was the PDB First Officer for Byword (2.4.6) – my destination for the journey. I began to experience great expansion.
The First Officer, Agent and I left the Proport by hover-jet and travelled over a rich, fat landscape that appeared to be bursting with health and fertility. There were many small domed settlements, hedgerows and small pockets of woodland. There was a clear sense of abundance and contentment. When we reached Byword, I saw that the settlement consisted of four equal sized mounds set around a central meeting place – a circle with an elaborately carved wooden roof that was umbrella shaped. Each mound incorporated a number of dwellings, whose doors and windows looked out onto the meeting place. The First Officer [I’d learned that her name was Neecer] and I stood in the centre of the meeting place and she formally introduced me to the inhabitants who were sitting in terraced seats built into the front of each mound. I was then given the formal Byword greeting; each mound in turn [they were colour coded beginning with the Reds, Blues, Yellows and Greens] sang their particular chant. When this was complete, I understood I had to share my reason for visiting them and therefore stated my intent. When I had finished, I noticed that the lower seats in each terrace were occupied by Elders, many of whom were dark-skinned and wore their hair in dreadlocks. They nodded they heads in approval of what I’d said and then invited me to dance for them, which I did.
Having completed the dance, I was told I can receive the support of the inhabitants of Byword in regard to my intentions, yet this was on the condition of agreeing to perform a daily practice. This is to write for at least ten minutes every day something about Astroshamanism, for the remainder of the period of Taurus. The writing has to be done backwards. I was also advised to tune into them whilst doing the writing. They then invited me to visit them again. I thanked them for the meeting and support received and officially agreed to the terms of the contract.
On arrival back at Bond Proport, I connected with the PDB Captain, who once again shook me warmly by the hand. Before departing, Neecer, the First Officer came and rested her forehead against mine. She then kissed me on the lips at which my circuits experienced a definite tremor and I felt a swirl of sensuality. I completed the journey in the Spirit Circle.
2) Byword (2.4.6): As I moved beyond the Handorian Portal, I noticed I was followed by many children I used to teach. They were flying behind me as I travelled through a tunnel within the Earth.
When I reached Bond, I was greeted by the PDB Captain and Neecer, the First Officer. I saw that the inhabitants were naked and were bouncing on large trampolines. They allowed their bodies to touch as they twisted and tumbled in the air. Some were bouncing right over the many trees found in the area. I began bouncing and felt full of laughter. Other members of the Astroshamanic Network were also present and bouncing with delight. Some of us connected mid-bounce and revelled in this form of communication and touch.
When it was time to depart for Byword, I made a huge leap into the air. Neecer and The Agent came and sat on my back and I flew them over abundant forests towards our destination. Many birds and butterflies flew up out of the trees to greet us.
When we reached Byword, I announced my arrival by chanting to the Meeting Circle. I hadn’t yet entered the settlement yet heard the response from the inhabitants. We engaged in a call and response chant exchange and my energy levels surged. I began to feel much expanded, particularly in my arms and hands. They felt strange, as if the bones had been removed and for a few moments I struggled to maintain my composure. Having acknowledged what I was experiencing, I was able to continue without a reduction in the intensity.
As I moved into the Circle, I noticed all the inhabitants had painted their bodies in accordance with the colour section they were aligned to. When I reached the centre, four representatives [two men and two women] from each section came to me. Each of them was painted in all the colours of the four sections. I introduced my purpose and intent, to hold an astroshamanic workshop in the circle, dedicated to the energy of sector 2. Wanting to offer the inhabitants choice regarding possible practices, I firstly offered a trance dance, which was met with a resounding ‘No’. I did likewise for the Basic Ritual and received the same response. When I gave details of astroshamanic touch, the inhabitants cheered and signalled that this was their preferred choice.
I explained how the practice was done and asked each inhabitant to find a partner from another section. When the practice began, I chanted for the first part, when the active partner was searching for a medicine. When it came to the transmission part, Neecer handed me a kind of flute which I played. I noticed that the passive partners had become transparent and many of those who were active had placed their hands inside their partner’s bodies. They were removing dark spots. Neecer did the same to me and I felt her hand working its way inside my chest.
The routine was repeated when the active and passive roles were reversed, including the way I produced the supporting sounds. During the transmission, I observed certain active agents actually climbing inside the transparent body of their partner.
When the practice concluded, all of the inhabitants exchanged blessings with their partner by touching their foreheads together. Neecer did this with me. The circle was then emptied apart from the sixteen multicoloured representatives, myself and one black dreadlocked elder who began to address me. He expressed his deep gratitude for the workshop and I experienced a beautiful sense of empathy with him. He told me I was fully worthy of receiving the whole settlement’s support in any physical action I make in the ordinary reality and that this connection allows each physical touch to have a multidimensional quality.
I thanked the inhabitants as sincerely as I could and took my leave of them.

3) B. Davidoud (2.4.3) Bondland, 17.05.2010
When I arrived in Trent, I perceived the whole city as one huge tree. I met the PDB Captain and stated my intent. I met N. and we travelled inside a tree root to our destination of B. Davidoud in Bondland.
We emerged from the root and up through the earth to a small stone temple with a domed roof. It was very rustic looking with old stones and was set onto the side of a steep hill. Below the temple was a large plain absolutely full with people. It appeared to be a place with a Mediterranean climate. I heard the words ‘you are dying to love’ and then N. and I flew through the air to a stone platform nearer the crowd. On closer inspection, I could see that the hundreds of thousands of cheering people were in fact many versions of the same woman.
I jumped down onto the plain, leaving N. on the platform and stated my intent. I understood I had to find the one who could help me. I searched quite frantically and experienced a powerful sense of deviousness. I began to feel it was going to be difficult to find the one when in front of me a youthful Indian woman wearing a green sari appeared. She had many arms and touched and tickled my body. I stated my intent to her and realised she was the First Officer. She told me that she held the information I required. I was informed that to plant the Sector Stones in the UK and Ireland was what was practically required. This was to be done with patience and was ‘The Seeding of the UK and Ireland’. I understood it would enable these areas to elevate and also that it was to be done with a sense of loving playfulness. I was told that when I am not directly involved, I was to connect with whoever was planting the Stone. I experienced a great sense of fulfilment and satisfaction at receiving the information.
For the medicine, I was told by the First Officer to seek another woman. I moved into a different part of the crowd and was intensely attracted to an African woman who approached me. She told me she had the gift and presented me with a bottle covered in leaf and flower designs. She told me it contained massage oil that was to be rubbed on parts of the body experiencing tension. Its aroma enabled the user to breathe deeply into the tension and harness its energy to support the intent. I asked about an exchange was told I was required to allow myself to receive oral sex from her. The depth of the experience was quite incredible and when I climaxed, she swallowed what I was able to produce. I learned from her that it was vital for the four travellers involved in this work (Letizia, Andrea, Nicholas and I) to share what we experience only with ourselves and Franco. This maintains its potency and reduces the possibility of corruption. She told me this was the exchange and I left her in an expanded state. The scene faded rapidly and I found myself back at the tree in Trent. Upon returning to the Spirit Circle, I met with the others and sensed we represented the Four Directions. The journey then concluded.

4) Bond Pahaid (2.4.11): I entered the Sacred Cone and declared my intent. A small sphere opened ahead me and I entered. I flew slowly and arrived to Bond Proport. I saw many tables with white drinks, I approached and I read some names: almond milk – coconut and pistachio milk – strawberry milk – chocolate milk… I drank one and felt warm in my body. I reached a brown girl, she had large hips and big breasts. The woman had an ankle bracelet with bells. I asked her to visit Bond Pahaid. City Bond was full of people that ate everything with tastefully. We went through beautiful gardens with flowers and lakes, populated by many animals as turtles, hedgehogs and ducks, I thought that other invisible animals were hiding. In a meadow there was a big cone I went  to see what it was.
It really seemed a big ice cream, while I touched it a man with a peaked cap and white dressed asked me, “ do you want an ice cream?” He had a cart and handed me an enormous multicolored ice cream.
I took it and began to eat, it had a lot of tastes and its dimensions didn’t decrease while I ate it. I said man that I wished to increase my astroshamanic work to expanded my possibilities and I was looking for support. The man answered me to eat the Ice Cream and take support by it. I remained with the big cone and the man slowly disappeared. I returned in my room eager to have an ice cream cone.


Provisional Territorial Units:

Languedoc-Roussellon, Midi Pyrénées

Nation of Bondland

D2-4-1 Languedoc-Roussellon, Gard: Nîmes, FR-30 [A: Maison Carrée, Roman temple, 16 BC, 43° 50′ 18″ N, 4° 21′ 22″ E]
D2-4-2 Languedoc-Roussellon, Hérault: Montpellier, FR-34
D2-4-3 Languedoc-Roussellon, Aude: Carcassonne, FR-11 [Rennes-le-Château]
D2-4-4 Languedoc-Roussellon, Pyrénées-Orientales: Perpignan, FR-66
D2-4-5 Midi-Pyrénées, Haute-Garonne: Toulouse, FR-31 [A: Basilica of St Sernin, 1077, 43° 36′ 30.24″ N, 1° 26′ 31.2″ E (Toulouse)]
D2-4-6 Midi-Pyrénées, Ariège: Foix, FR-09 [A: Cave of Niaux, 5000 BC, 42° 49′ 15″ N, 1° 35′ 37″ E (Foix)]
D2-4-7 Midi-Pyrénées, Hautes-Pyrènèes: Tarbes, FR-65 [A: Lourdes, 1858, 43° 5′ 51″ N, 0° 3′ 27″ W (Argelès-Gazost)]
D2-4-8 Midi-Pyrénées, Gers: Auch, FR-32
D2-4-9 Midi-Pyrénées, Tarn-et-Garonne: Montauban, FR-82
D2-4-10 Midi-Pyrénées, Lot: Cahors, FR-46 [A: Rocamadour, Black Madonna, 650, 44° 48′ 1″ N, 1° 37′ 7″ E (Gramat, Gourdon)]
D2-4-11 Midi-Pyrénées, Aveyron: Rodez, FR-12
D2-4-12 Languedoc-Roussellon, Lozère: Mende, FR-48