2.2 copy2/2 – Taurus/Taurus
Binary Number: 14
Degrees:  0-2½° Taurus
Aspect: Conjunction
Moon Phase: New Moon
Handorian Reference: State of Brento, Nation of Obrento
Binary Spirit: Rata Rata

In the Astroshamanic Binary System Sun in Taurus (2) and Moon in Taurus (2) constitute Binary 2.2, or Binary number 14.

Sun and Moon in Taurus are a New Moon binary and a climax of fixed Earth.

These is a most enduring, no-nonsense, stable and down to earth binary, for whom life is a practical constructive journey, also filled with the enjoyment of the delights of life. Its stability and sense of order can provide reassurance and support.

Qualities: determination, patience, concentration, endurance, persistence, pragmatism, relentlessness, tenacity, reliability.

Grievances: stubbornness, possessiveness, conventionality, conservativeness, slowness, materialism.

Sun and Moon in Taurus are a conjunction binary, which occurs on a New Moon in Taurus.

The time preceding the New Moon traditionally involves a confrontation with release and death of the old cycle, as well as the shape-shifting into another cycle.

The New Moon is an ideal time to explore  your connection with Spirit, All That Is or, as we call it in astroshamanism, our Core Multidimensional Identity (CMI).

This also involves inquiring about the way we relate with Spirit, finding out if our connection has become impaired and, if this is the case, how and why.

On a New Moon we often experience a glowing sense of melancholy. We can discern the caring company of the healing spirits and also the challenge to accept their presence. This is the anxiety of experiencing the luminous side, knowing that it will draw the dark side.

Experiencing darkness is part of the process of bringing light, as long as this does not lead into polarity and conflict with either darkness or light. Once we bring light into the darkness, then there is no darkness anymore.

This reveals a totally new landscape, where fear, terror and other grievances are transmuted into love, joy and ultimately unity. Once the relationship with Spirit moves beyond the nurturing and initiatory level, it inescapably involves the unveiling of the dark side.

Darkness is the other side of Spirit. This is what I find when the honeymoon is over. Just like the night follows the day, darkness comes after light.

Since on a New Moon the Sun and the Moon are both in conjunction, there is potential to experience idyllic moments of unity. On such occasions we may feel the presence of Spirit so strongly, yet there may also be so much sadness, despair and fear.

Where does it come from? Why do we feel so miserable? What have we done? What has been done to us?

The answer we may receive from Spirit is that this is part of the healing work. It implies becoming aware that these gloomy feelings are the dark side of Spirit. This is the part that, once accepted, can lead us into the authentic experience of unity. It comes to us whenever we have blissful luminous experiences. It arrives in the form of fear and other grievances. It brings death and rebirth. Yet this death is not opposed to life. It is the denied side of life, the secret lover that in our bravest dreams we crave to reunite with.

If we create an antagonism with the dark side, we can have some temporary relief, yet we miss the lesson of the cycle. The incorporation of the dark side is the foundation of true healing. It is quite a huge leap, for when we confront with the dark side we perceive ourself isolated from the consensus reality based on the denial of the dark side itself.

The consensus reality provides a provisional relief and sense of unity. We are grateful for its compassionate support. Yet there is an expiry date. Although it can be denied and postponed, the confrontation with the dark side is inevitable.

From the Guide’s perspective, we are in a hallucination based on polarity. Here everything appears confrontational and predatory. This is the obvious result of separation. We perceive ourself as separated and therefore we need to defend our separated bit. We defend ourself from whatever can threat the fragmented identity that we believe to be. We protect ourself from other people, and also predatory animals (from tigers to ticks), environmental conditions, natural phenomena, weather, etc.

This is a forlorn war, since in the end our fragmented bit will succumb. Holistic healing involves acknowledging, retrieving and incorporating the fragmented parts, which are basically those that our separated self is at war with or terrified of.

During the New Moon there is a temporary crisis in the motivation to fight the polarity war. Since the Sun and Moon are united, the reality based on separation temporarily falls apart. For the fragmented identity it is a most dramatic event and death, whereas from the astroshamanic healing perspective it is the gateway to ecstasy.

On a New Moon the game of separation suffers an inexorable crisis. The two polarities are at one. If we have started the previous cycle with a healing Intent, this is the moment when we gather all the pieces we have retrieved and put them together. The separated parts die and are reborn into a unified part. The perception of such an event changes according to separation or unity. This is what causes such contradictory feelings. It is also a solitary process, death and rebirth. This is a paradox for, although this is happening to everyone, we seem to be the only one who dies.

Please be aware that you are not alone. Death and life blend themselves on a New Moon. The secret is unveiled. Here we face the opportunity to start a new cycle based on healing. Here we can release the temptation to fight another war. Let’s join forces on this New Moon.

Let’s allow our individual grievances to be collective grievances. Let’s give our consent for our dark side to meet all the other dark sides. Let’s allow this collective dark side to meet its luminous counterpart and become one.

Let’s employ whatever we experience on this New Moon as fertiliser for a healing Intent. This will initiate a new cycle of the Moon based on retrieval.

After the New Moon the two polarities will separate again. Yet this departure is aimed at retrieving the fragmented pieces. Consequently, after a whole cycle, on the next New Moon they will incorporate and become one.

This is an invitation for you to join this enterprise. What we invite us to do is to collectively share our experiences of the dark and the luminous side. This is something that could occur at every New Moon, as well as at every Full Moon.

The first stage of healing and retrieval of unity, as we see it, is connecting personal experience/history to collective experience/history.

The second stage is connecting collective experience/history to spiritual experience/history.

One by one, and together, we can decide to take this first crucial step. Let’s come together and unify our solitary release paths on this New Moon!

Let’s be united both in our misery and bliss. Let’s prepare and adorn the wedding chamber for the ecstatic encounter of the two polarities. “I am a part of you, you are a part of me.” Let’s ground this awareness in our hearts and throats.



Astroshamanic Seal: a square with a circle inside and a snaky line moving upward from the centre of the circle, widening itself and emerging as two circles. These two circles represent two golden stones. The seal is the tangible representation of Quiumakai, the lower world, into the third-dimensional reality. It signifies the outer manifestation of what is experienced in the lower world. This requires patience, organization and determination. The snaky line is a fertilising serpent, coming from below and giving form to the world above. This serpent is also a giant tortoise, whose face comes in and out, with the rest of the body always dwelling inside. The task is to preserve with integrity what abides below the earth, using it only to manifest honourable intentions in the outer world. The seal also encourages to release fear and dare to manifest what receives a blessing from the earth. The seal exemplifies fertility and the journey of spermatozoa to the ovum (click here for details).
Celebrities with 2.2:

Diego Abatantuono (actor);

Armande Altaï (singer);

Ann-Margret (actress, 2.2.3);

Giulio Carlo Argan (politician, 2.2.9);

Mike Barson (musician, 2.2.3);

Irving Berlin (composer, 2.2.4);

Laura Betti (actress, 2.2.4);

David Boreanaz (actor);

Giulio Brogi (actor);

Chris Brown (singer, 2.2.5);

Carol Burnett (actress, 2.2.1);

Glen Campbell (singer, 2.2.8);

Martine Carol (actress, 2.2.7);

Kelly Clarkson (singer);

Joe Cocker (singer, 2.2.1);

Oliver Cromwell (poltician, 2.2.12);

Judy Davis (actress);

Cipa Dichter (musician, 2.2.9);
Howard Donald (singer);
Giovanni Falcone (magistrate, 2.2.7);
Lee Falk (writer);
Glenn Ford (actor, 2.2.5);
Dominique Fourcade (writer);
Farrah Franklin (singer);
Giorgia (singer);
Lesley Gore (singer);
Ralf Gothoni (composer, 2.2.9);
Stewart Granger (actor, 2.2.11);
Peter Grünberg (physicist);
Antonio Guterres (politician, 2.2.10);
Friedrich Hayek (economist);
Robin Heath (astrologer, 2.2.9);

Jean Houston
David Helfgott (pianist, 2.2.3);
Katharine Hepburn (actress, 2.2.8);
Hô Chi Minh (politician, 2.2.2);
Jean Houston (author, 2.2.6); click here for further info.
Jerome K. Jerome (writer);
Roger Judenne (writer);
Stephen J. Kaltenbach (artist, 2.2.9);
Otto Klemperer (composer, 2.2.7);
Michael E. Knight (actor, 2.2.10);
Jean Leclerc (singer);
Franz Lehár (composer, 2.2.9);
Carmen Llera (writer, 2.2.9);
Joanna Lumley (actress, 2.2.8);
Andie Macdowell (actress);
Lucia Mannucci (singer, 2.2.5);
Karl Marx (2.2.11);
Alicia Morton (singer);
Claude Mauriac (author, 2.2.3);
Rollo May (psychologist, 2.2.11);
Victor Benjamin Neuburg (poet);
Florence Nightingale (2.2.6);
Anita Noyes-Smith (astrologer, 2.2.4);
Novalis (poet, 2.2.4);
Shavo Odadjian (singer);
Vittorio Orlando (politician, 2.2.8);
Robert Owen (social reformer);
Michael Palin (actor, 2.2.5);
Julie Pietri (singer, 2.2.4);
Larry Pines (astrologer, 2.2.2);

Jane Roberts
Henri Poincaré (mathematician, 2.2.10);
Iggy Pop (singer, 2.2.4);
Herbert Thomas Potter (Centrepoint community, 2.2.11);
Luise Rinser (author, 2.2.10);
Jane Roberts (psychic, channeler of Seth, 2.2.10);
Jean Rochefort (actor, 2.2.5);
Frère Roger (monk Taizé);
Dante Gabriel Rossetti (painter, poet 2.2.2);

“I have been here before,
But when or how I cannot tell:
I know the grass beyond the door,
The sweet keen smell,
The sighing sound, the lights around the shore.

You have been mine before,
How long ago I may not know:
But just when at that swallow’s soar
Your neck turned so,
Some veil did fall – I knew it all of yore.

Has this been thus before?
And shall not thus time’s eddying flight
Still with our lives our love restore
In death’s despite,
And day and night yield one delight once more”
Tim Roth (actor);
Mano Solo (singer, 2.2.9);
Aminata Sow Fall (author);
Jess Stearn (writer, 2.2.5);
Max Steiner (composer);
David Suchet (actor);
Tamia (singer, 2.2.6);
Emiliana Torrini (Icelandic singer);
Timothy Treadwell (environmentalist);
Paul Vecchiali (author);
Roland L. Verhavert (director, 2.2.5);
Rüdiger Vogler (actor);
William the Silent (prince, 2.2.12);
Barry Watson (actor);
Akira Yoshimura (writer);
Handorian States:
2.2 – State of Brento, Nation of Obrento

2.2 OBRENTO: Located at the core of the State of Brento, this nation, also incorporating the State Capital Territory of Trent, is the most populated and the second largest. Its territory consists mainly of bountiful flat fields, most of them employed for the thriving cultivation of ecstatic multi-crops, fruits, berries and other products used to sustain multidimensional awareness, mainly derived from its most celebrated interdimensional seed, the Bijo, which was originally implanted in the State Capital. The north of Obrento is exclusively flat and green, while in the south plains are still prevalent, yet there are a few minor hills, some of them rocky.
The nation of Obrento has its own national capital, Bardo (2.2.5), which differs from the State Capital of Trent, though it is basically adjacent. Bardo is the seat of the Archivicary of Obrento and abides on a low flat hill in close proximity to the radiant Etoile des Bards, the highest national rocky hill, which is a condensed solidified star.
The Obrento State Capital Territory, Trent, abides in the centre of the nation and, including the surrounding cities and centres, is one of the largest metropolitan areas of the Handorian States System. Its buildings are renowned for their elegance, grace and solidity. Trentrant, the Capital City centre, is entirely built with gold, diamonds and jasper. Abundant varieties of trees, flowers and plants populate the Capital, both in its park and avenues. A typical feature in Trent are its colourful towers and three-stage arcades, such as those along the Grand Trent Boulevard, connecting the BST (Brentan State Temple) is a huge golden cube building, hosting the Brentrant Trent Ozentnart Brakatrant, the abode of the ruling council of the State of Brento and its executive administration, with the Svarna Paramandira, the Golden Duome, seat of Primate of Trent (Trent Primata), the highest authority of the United Order of the Sacred Cone in Brento. Other features of Trent are Bavlo (a large amusement park), Park Brentrano, the Arena of Trent (one of the most important squads in the States) in the Borough of Bilbo, the Trentan Seal Pramandir (seat of the astroshamanic seal for sector 2), the Arena of Borne du Trent, the Boulevard de Beano, the State peak of third-dimensional pleasure, the Bhodo, a massive stone library.
Other relevant cities with vicarian seats are Brown Silo, in Ouest Coino (2.2.11), known for its huge Brun Silo; Banato, in Bistro (2.2.6), Barnvikaro, in Ontaineblo (2.2.10), Belcanto (2.2.8), with the massive Opera de Belcanto, and Ordo (2.2.4), with its superb Brentan Bulb and the Ordo Windmill.
The Trinities of Obrento

The Trinities of Obrento

Code Trinity Head City
2.2.1  Obrentserpeno  Obrento Albedo
2.2.2  Beau d’Obrento Beau d’Obrento
2.2.3 Orb Oro
2.2.4  Ordo Ordo
2.2.5 Bardo Bardo
2.2.6 Bistro Banato
2.2.7 Belamb Belamb
2.2.8 Belcanto Belcanto
2.2.9 Beinebaro Beinebaro
2.2.10 Ontaineblo Barnvikaro
2.2.11 Ouest Coino Brown Silo
2.2.12 Ol d’Obrento Ballad Hero
State Capital Territory Trent

Names: Banato, Bardo, Beinebaro, Belamb, Belcanto, Bavlo (mad), Bijo (seed), Bilbo, Blanco, Bodho (understanding), Boffo, Bruno, Obrentserpeno, Ontaneiblo, Ordo, Oro.
Cadet reports of journeys to Obrento:
1) Trent: I’m chanting in a large green meadow,” Brento, Obrento, Trent”, my voice is harmonious and spreads all around. When I stop the chant I can see a big table with many variety of food: fruits, canapés, cakes, ice creams and red wine. I take a cake with chocolate and pistachio and I fall into it. I travel through creams and sweet smell and I sink down in a great cake. I have the form of a biscuit man with a large face and smile.
I begin to walk and see some chocolate rivers and nut mountains, I’m afraid of being eaten and I would like to have a human form. I leave my old form and now I’m a beautiful woman with golden skin and blond hair. I‘m nude and I have long legs, muscular body and shapely breasts. Many people walk around me without clothes, they are very jaunty. A man asks me if I would like to visit the Gold City of Trent, he accompanies me in the heart of the City. The plant city is a square with one Main Street, in the centre there are many banks, business palaces and high towers, we leave the business centre and  arrive in a garden where there are some white sofas with people in relax.  It’s easy to stay here without working. Although the pleasure is great I‘m  curious to see the Golden Dome, I ask if it is possible to visit the place. We enter in a circular space with many doors, I choose one of it and a woman accompanies me in a pool of argil. It is hot and dense and I feel it penetrate everywhere in my body. I feel a deep  wellbeing and the warmth kindles my hidden desires. A man enter in the pool and slips near me, silently  I receive his touch on my body. The hot argil favors the pleasure touch, and we make love while descend in the Earth.
2) Bardo: I entered the spaceport and was saluted by a guard there, again dressed in white. I went to the room and spoke of my intent and what I wanted to release.  He gave me a dark brown drink, like the colour of drinking chocolate to drink.  I drank as I talked then I drank two more cups of this. I was to go to Bardo by chopper. As I flew I saw beautiful green countryside, very lush and fertile. I landed and got out. I saw a cave and walked inside. It was very dark and as I walked inside I felt warmth around my heart it was very comforting. There was a bed in the far corner and I led down on it. I felt a beautiful peaceful energy and rested in it. I knew it was time to get up. I rose and left myself sleeping on the bed.  I was white and transparent like an angel and I could fly.  I flew out of the cave and sat on the grass.  After a while I got up and went to a wood, it was a laughing wood, all the trees had mouths and faces and they were laughing.  I stood inside the wood and began to laugh. Then I became a laughing tree I felt its energy inside me an continued to laugh. I saw a figure in the distance it was bright white and shining. I ignored it as I wanted to keep grounded but then I returned to the figure. It was Mary I went to her and sat with her. Then she told me to dance and I danced around. My own inner male energy joined me and we danced together. I became him and I danced around as him.  It was time to go.
3) Ordo: After connecting with the spirit circle and the totem spirit of sector 2. I arrived at the aeroport and I was met immediately by the space attendant who asked me what my intent was and where I wanted to travel too and what was my required mode of transport? I replied that I would like to travel by plane to Trent than onto Ordo and that my intent is to get grounded in the knowledge of who I truly am. The attendant than gave me a fireman’s helmet to wear for my journey.
Stage 1 – I boarded the plane and then a shortly afterwards I arrived in Trent and I felt that I needed to move on to Ordo. I then walked a short distance to the river, there was a speed boat waiting for me to board. The river was very dirty it looked like a swamp with lots of bush in it. The boat departed at fast speed easily moving through the obstacles in the river and on arrival in Ordo I was met by my guide, a large cat who seemed a bit aggressive at first, we began to chat and then the conversation got lighter and I felt more comfortable in the cats company. The cat was my tour guide showing me around Ordo.
Stage 2 – My guide introduced me to the community and the people of Ordo. My first impression was one of how calm and relaxed these people where and how the energy of the whole community was very inviting and that I felt welcome in Ordo. The people where sitting on the bank of a large hill overlooking the river. There was also a windmill standing on top of the hill that was obviously a place of sanctuary. My guide told me it was also the community vicarage and everyday the people of Ordo would all meet up and sit on the hill and bask in the atmosphere of inner peace and serenity joining in games of fun and laughter with the earth spirit. The main resource of the community was trust in each other and the continuation of building strong foundations through this trust and faith with each other as a family.
My guide said to me that I am here to learn to trust in myself so I can spread this trust and share it with my community.
I then turned to the windmill and my guide invited me to release my blockages and grievances into the windmill propellers, imagining the sacred circle and the wheel and sacrificing my resistance to life and other people, inviting in the medicine of trust and faith and working all together as a family.
Stage 3 – I then walked behind the windmill to a large hedgerow, I looked over the hedge and the local farmers were ploughing the fields. My guide accompanied me and suggested that I do the inner healing work necessary with the nature spirits and to work more intimately with the people that I trust and love. Inviting me to take risks to grow, inviting me to look at all the generous abundance in my life that needs to be consolidated and solidified spontaneously and patiently. I then thanked my guide for all the support of the community and that I would honour my calling. My guide suggested that my business was not finished at Ordo and that I should return very soon.
Provisional Territorial Unit:

Nation of Obrento  Île-de-France is divided into eight departments (Essonne, Hauts-de-Seine, Paris, Seine-et-Marne, Seine-Saint-Denis, Val-de-Marne, Val-d’Oise, Yvelines). Paris is divided into 20 municipal arrondissements. Paris claims to be the geographical centre, with l’Ile de la Cité literally representing the centre of France and Km. 0. Also Vesdun, Bruère-Allichamp and Saulzais-le-Potier in the Cher department of the Centre region are considered as centres.

Decanate Sign/Ruler: Taurus/Venus
Duad Degree: 0-2½° Taurus
Stargate Link: Beta Andromedae, or Mirach, 0° Taurus 33’, Andromeda. 1°Taurus41’: Omicron Ceti, Mira, Cetus.

D2-2-1 Ile-de-France, Paris: (Batignolles-Monceau, Butte-Montmartre, Buttes-Chaumont, Ménilmontant), FR-75
D2-2-2 Ile-de-France, Paris: (Louvre, Bourse, Temple, Hôtel-de-Ville, Panthéon, Luxembourg, Palais-Bourbon, Élysée, Opéra, Enclos-St-Laurent, Popincourt, Reuilly), FR-75 [A: Notre Dame de Paris, 1163, 48° 51′ 10.8″ N, 2° 20′ 59.28″ E]
D2-2-3 Ile-de-France, Paris: (Gobelins, Observatoire, Vaugirard, Paussy), FR-75
D2-2-4 Ile-de-France, Hauts-de-Seine, Nanterre, FR-92
D2-2-5 Ile-de-France, Seine-Saint-Denis, FR-93
D2-2-6 Ile-de-France, Val-de-Marne, Créteil, FR-94
D2-2-7 Ile-de-France, Yvelines, Versailles, FR-78
D2-2-8 Ile-de-France, Val d’Oise, Pontoise, FR-95
D2-2-9 Ile-de-France, Seine-et-Marne: (Meaux, Provins, Torcy), FR-77
D2-2-10 Ile-de-France, Seine-et-Marne: Melun, (Fontainebleau, Melun), FR-77
D2-2-11 Ile-de-France, Essonne: (Etampes, Palaiseau), FR-91
D2-2-12 Ile-de-France, Essonne: Évry (Évry), FR-91


Il Libro del Fondo, istituito nel 1980, è uno dei primi documenti riguardo la gestione di S2. A questo proposito cito alcuni passi tratti da una pagina manoscritta intitolata “Istituzione dell’Holy Fund”. Essa recita: “E’ istituito un Fondo Sacro. I suoi contenuti sono stati trasferiti dall’abissale Irrealtà alla Realtà Suprema a cui appartengono. Essi, come del resto tutti i fondi di cui provvisoriamente dispongo, non devono essere assolutamente considerati patrimonio personale poiché la mia funzione è quella del semplice e diligente funzionario fiduciario. Sono parte integrante del Fondo: i proventi derivati da attività lavorative, le entrate derivate dalle vendite dei libri universitari e non […], ulteriori proventi e materiali previa decisione del fiduciario in armonia con i principi fondamentali. L’inserimento e l’estrazione dei contenuti del Fondo devono essere precedute da una dedica diretta all’Idea del Supremo. L’estrazione può avvenire solo dopo accurato discernimento, atto a rendere partecipe nel modo più totale possibile la Realtà della scelta che si intende operare. L’utilizzazione può aver luogo solo nell’ambito della più rigorosa conformità al Sentiero e ai termini dell’istituzione dell’Holy Fund. Se il fiduciario attraversa un periodo di difficoltà, l’utilizzazione può avvenire solo dopo una lunga meditazione oppure non avvenire affatto. L’utilizzazione è possibile solo nei casi in cui l’armonia con il Sentiero è chiara e indubbia. Deve essere bandita ogni ingenuità e il fiduciario ha a rendere conto di ogni eventuale errore di gestione. Possono essere acquistati: materiali atti ad assimilare retta conoscenza (libri sacri  o strumenti similari), materiale utile nell’esecuzione di attività pratiche o mentali strettamente connesse con il programma a breve termine (opere assistenziali, azioni non violente, attività agricole, alimentazione naturale, conoscenza della terra), viaggi a scopo esclusivamente spirituale o assistenziale, donazioni. Naturalmente ciò che è acquistato rimane sempre parte integrante del Fondo ed è soggetto ai medesimi obblighi […]. 2 giugno 1980”. A partire da tale data e fino al 1995, ogni entrata e uscita economica viene documentata in appositi libri contabili e definita in base a criteri di classificazione talvolta estremamente complessi.[1]
Le prime esplorazioni ufficiali di S2 avvengono nel mese di luglio del 1992. In quelle occasioni mi incontro con due alleati: il Mandatario (la rappresentazione sciamanica del Fiduciario) e il Muratore. Quest’ultimo è esperito soprattutto nel novembre 1992 durante la Luna Piena in Toro. Lo incontro mentre costruisce la casa con grande armonia. In questa casa, estremamente ideale, vi sono grandi simboli di potere e tutto ciò che è materialmente necessario per il cammino lungo il Sentiero. In quell’occasione sento molto forte il potere del segno del Toro. Osservando il Sacro Cerchio in generale noto che mentre a ogni posizione angolare vi sono delle Guardie, nelle cuspidi delle case fisse vi sono varie figure e immagini. Il 16 agosto 1995 svolgo una celebrazione speciale per la città di Bologna, tradizionalmente connessa con S2. In quel giorno ricevo il messaggio di procedere al posizionamento di una pietra per ciascuna delle dodici Porte. Qualcosa di analogo era già accaduto all’inizio del 1989 allorché effettuai un giro rituale notturno completo delle Porte di Bologna. Il 12 settembre 1995, mi viene suggerito di impiegare tecniche dirette di rilascio rispetto a tutto ciò che è materialmente visibile. Due giorni dopo vivo un’esperienza denominata Zodiac Dance of Forgiveness. Si tratta di un giro danzante attorno a tutti i segni zodiacali finalizzato all’espressione della componente presente in quel momento di ogni segno e al suo rilascio. In S2 il corpo è diventato il centro dell’attenzione. In particolare divento pienamente consapevole  dell’esperienza di ogni parte del corpo come nazione o villaggio. Le cellule dell’organismo celebrano gioiosamente. Il 6 novembre 1995 mi viene consigliato di stabilire un’alleanza con lo Spirito della città (Marghu).
050597: Impiego la Albatross Posture. Partendo dal Sacro Cerchio nel bosco, mi inoltro lungo il sentiero che dagli edifici del museo della zona archeologica di Marzabotto porta al cimitero etrusco. Mi confronto con gli alberi con euforia. Li saluto e abbraccio, parlo con loro ed essi rispondono. Mi ricordano gli abbracci passati con loro che ho sospeso a causa dell’allergia. Arrivano rancori riguardo il mangiare (il fatto che questa pratica richieda il digiuno fino al tramonto). Li offro come materiale di scambio. Prendo la Ciotola Tailandese e la faccio salire attraverso i tre mondi. Procedo quindi a praticare la tecnica stabilita con H. che intendo operare a partire da questo nuovo ciclo lunare. Dopo l’offerta,  mi dirigo verso il ponte e la zona dei templi. Incontro un nuovo rancore relativo al rapporto con H. Individuo la soluzione: ogni volta che si verificano situazioni di mancanza di fiducia si evidenziano i motivi e si procede a una pratica con tambureggiamento. Nella zona recintata degli scavi noto una moneta d’oro antica. La raccolgo e vedo che v’è incisa una ruota con all’interno una pianta a tre foglie. In cambio, sul punto in cui l’ho trovata, metto la mia saliva e un capello. Stabilisco la mia determinazione a impiegare le risorse della Terra in armonia con Intento e Funzione. Costruisco un prayer stick che mi impegno a portare concretamente in quel luogo. Mi siedo presso l’Albero Grande del Tempio di Marzabotto e vi entro dentro, salendo e scendendo da esso.
Binary Programme 1 – Pahekarubhe: 2.2 – 250398
Binary Totem Spirit: RATA RATA
Handorian Nation: Obrento
Capital: Bardi
Pahai link: Ratrat
260498: Raggiungo Quiumakai attraverso il percorso indicato dal marchio. Mi ritrovo in un’area molto ampia nel cui centro scorre un fiume. Più avanti, in un campo verde, vi sono alcuni anziani riuniti in cerchio. Li raggiungo e pronuncio le parole dell’Intento e quelle del Tulah. Sono invitato a riassumere tutto ciò che ho imparato riguardo i Tulah. Mostro il Tulah di S10, il potere delle radici e del radicamento. Esso consente di toccare con mano la parte più occulta, di afferrarla e sentirla pienamente. E’ la capacità di spingersi verso le radici dei Graha. Via via mostro tutti i Tulah e impiego quello di S5 sull’articolo realizzato ieri e sul libro in programmazione. Il Tulah di S3 è definito come la capacità di dialogare e di stabilire una retta comunicazione che non parte dal verbale enunciato ma dalla vibrazione che a esso sottende. E’ un invito ai Sadoha a operare attraverso il suono. I fastidi alla pancia sono dovuti allo spostamento di Tulah di S4 verso il centro. Sembra che sia disponibile per me un nuovo dono. Vengono avanti il Sadoh di S2 e Kurandah. Il Sadoh di S2 mi invita a guardare in giro per vedere se quello che mi circonda è ciò che voglio. Mi sposto per lo stesso Centro che vidi nel mio primo viaggio. Vedo la pietra che estrassi dal pozzo. C’è una sala con il Cerchio su cui sono impresse le figure dei Sadoha, non sono ancora definite le direzioni e i tre mondi. V’è pure un Cerchio esterno su una collina e una zona per il lavoro editoriale. Confermo che è questo che voglio realizzare. Mi viene data la pozione e la visione procede come segue: una vasta distesa di terra con colline e montagne che si muovono. E’ come se vi sia qualcosa sotto che fluisce come un serpente ondulato. Il movimento di questo qualcosa dà forma a colline e montagne. Quando striscia si formano le pianure. Poi il Serpente emerge e scivola, dando vita ai fiumi. In seguito si accovaccia creando laghi e depressioni. Questo Serpente è in realtà una Tartaruga gigante il cui volto e collo sbucano fuori allungandosi e poi si ritraggono. La Terra è una grande Tartaruga, al suo interno c’è questo essere che non si vede. Esso di tanto in tanto, quando si sente protetto, lascia uscire il suo volto. Il tuo compito è di vegliare per custodire ciò che c’è dentro la Terra, sei un elemento di protezione per la Terra, su di essa vigili. Proteggi la pietra dorata all’interno della terra che ieri ti è stata consegnata così come hai custodito la pietra di S2 estratta dal pozzo. Il tuo compito è di preservare la grande luminosità del centro della Terra e di farla fluire via via all’esterno. Non è più tempo di avere paura e difendersi. Ora la luminosità di Quiumakai può uscire all’esterno. Ciò procede con pazienza e metodo. Il marchio è un quadrato con all’interno un cerchio da cui parte nel centro una linea sinuosa verticale che sbuca esternamente come pietra dorata. E’ il segno tangibile della realizzazione concreta di Quiumakai all’esterno per cui tu lavori ora. Realizzi all’esterno ciò che tu vedi quando scendi in Quiumakai. Ciò richiede tempo e procede per mezzo dell’adempimento dei vari compiti tra cui: libro e associazione. Procedi e considera varie situazioni e consultati con noi prima di prendere ogni decisione. Ricevi la pietra estratta dal pozzo come strumento. E’ inserita al centro tra la pancia e il plesso solare. Il suo nome è Krakatoa. Essa serve a dare forma all’Intento. Pulisci gli altari, visita l’albero S2 e porta lì una pietra (quella presa al fiume che è rimasta nella libreria per circa due anni assorbendo l’energia dell’uomo). Nella mano destra mi viene tracciato il marchio di Kurandah, Quiumakai, e S2. Le tue mani possono guarire, tu hai il potere del tocco e qualunque cosa tocchi viene connessa con l’Intento

[1] come per esempio il Forlorn Accounting Code documentato nella corrispondenza ufficiale con A.F.S. Bogus (vedi  lettera del 15 marzo 1987 in The Provisional Order File for 1986-1987).