The Ultimate User

caledi2The greatest potential achievement and evolution as human beings involves implementing the experiential realisation that we are not our physical third dimensional body.

No matter how we appear to advance, in our search for progress and truth, as long as we keep promoting our addiction to third dimensional perception, we are bound to remain stuck in a toxic circle of falsity and pain.

There is no space for us in the real world unless we are willing to radically question our entire human paradigm.

Our human third dimensional perception is merely a trance state, the result of a most toxic and invasive sedation of consciousness.

The entire consensus reality is the result of this sedation, which we keep promoting through every aspect of human life.

Producing and managing this trance state involves the highest possible costs in the whole multidimensional universe, which imply giving up our entire consciousness.

There is basically no difference between our smart phones and our physical bodies. They are both provisional devices of communication. As such they can be useful and serve their purpose. Yet major issues arise when we identify with them and forget about their ultimate User.

There is a very long sequel of interfaces before we can reach the original source. Smart phones and social networks can be an additional interface of separation from the ultimate User, a further stage in the advancement of separation. They can also work as educational tools aimed at unveiling the dynamics of our separate reality and how we can release them. They can allow us to trace our way to the ultimate User.

They may inspire us to take a radical U-turn through the sequel of interfaces and resolve to finally confront the ultimate User.

© Franco Santoro