UNH – United Nations of Handor

UNH – United Nations of Handor

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UNH (United Nations of Handor), also known as Frian, is the largest state of the Handorian State System, comprising a huge articulation of terrains resonating the loving fury of the Handorians.

The current official name of this state, i.e. UNH (United Nations of Handor), is a development of Version 3 of the Game, aimed at harmonising the interaction between the northern and southern states. In previous versions the name for this state was Frian (pronounced freeank).

UNH has traditionally been regarded as the shadow of the Handorian States System, which was the case primarily in Version 0 and 1 of the Game. In the following versions UNH had a major expansion, incorporating Varran and the Kingdom of Rottlan.

UNH is divided, according to the classic Handorian system, into a State Capital Territory and 12 Nations, with some of them (Hierotlant, Hevarrany, Frianh) holding a special status. Below the national level, UNH has an administrative system consisting in 144 Counties, 1728 Squares and 20726 Districts. UNH also exercises deputy authority on the adjacent Dominion of Koplinat. The highest multidimensional authority is the Frianian Union, presided by the Hirlan Host.

The highest authority of the United Order of the Sacred Cone in UNH is the Primate of Frianh. The Order consists of Archvicaries and Vicaries. The Hotels of the Order are under the jurisdiction of the local Vicar and are each administered by an Archdean. The Binary Totem Zone and Vicarial Zones have their own Vicar or Supply Vicar.


The United Nations of Handor

Code Nation Capital MD Popul
8-1 Ukobarn Hirlan 37,000,000
8-2 Uturiano Uturiano 38,000,000
8-3 Utrimanic Utrimanic 33,000,000
8-4 Urzand Urzand 39,000,000
8-5 Hadar Hamonsante 40,000,000
8-6 Hatrevillians Hatrevillians 39,000,000
8-7 Herotlant Harvest 53,000,000
8-8 Frianh Friank 49,000,000
8-9 Unerdani Unerdani 39,000,000
8-10 Uskotax Helix 18,000,000
8-11 Hevarrany Horny 29,000,000
8-12 Helgolam Hum 15,000,000
State Capital Territory Friank 48,000,000

HSS 8.1 – United Nations of Handor (UNH) Nation of Ukobarn

8.1 is associated with Ukobarn, a nation of outstanding warriors, strenuous and implacable historical defenders of the northern Handorian borders.
The most celebrated feature in Ukobarn is a huge sacred pine tree, called the Great Tree of Kobar, located close to the capital, Hirlan.
Hirlan was the first outpost and capital of the pristine United Nations of Handor, when it was briefly called the United Nations of Hirlan.
Ukobarn also hosts the original headquarters of the Kobarian Forces, whose function is to protect the Sacred Cone Circle.
Amongst the notable Ukobarnian centre feature Ukor Kauraman (8-1-1), which was the pristine capital of the nation honouring the primal accomplished safety of the pioneers, and Hansa (8-1-5), celebrated for its black swans.

8.1.1 Ukor Kauraman, Heteroglossia

8.1.2 Ha

8.1.3 Uma, Uta

8.1.4 Hera, Heva, Hema, Hiya, Homa, Ulka, Hahn

8.1.5 Hansa, Hanna, Hasya, Udara, Usava, Hafen

8.1.6 Hirlan, Hekuba, Termia, Habiba, Hakima, Hamida, Hasina, Udgata, Uttara, Hetman

8.1.7 Undina, Harscha, Unmukta, Upasana

8.1.8 Haritama, Harshada, Harshila, Upachara

8.1.9 Haripriya,

8.1.10 Harisharan, Hafenhuren, Hauslinden

8.1.11 Heptahedron

8.1.12 Ukobarnilden


HSS 8.2 – United Nations of Handor (UNH) Nation of Uturiano

This nation hosts the highest peaks of the Urfrian Ranges and is mainly mountainous, with settlements especially in huge caves within the mountains. The nation’s coat of arms is the Bull in the Oak. The capital is Uturiano (8-2-8) and the main centres are Halo (8-2-4) and Urfriando (8-2-10).

8-2-1 Uturianohallo

8-2-2 Uturianohergab

8-2-3 Udo

8-2-4 Halo, Hiro, Urjo, Hugo, Hobo, Ukko, Urho

8-2-5 Habim, Hasyo, Ushmo, Usavo, Haimo, Heiko, Urego, Uralb

8-2-6 Hamido, Harito, Unmado, Unmano, Hagano, Urlaub

8-2-7 Hidalgo, Umberto, Horatio, Urtrieb

8-2-8 Uturiano, Holzdieb, Hellgelb

8-2-9 Heriberto, Hexentrio, Unterleib, Herrenalb

8-2-10 Urfriandro

8-2-11 Herdentrieb

8-2-12 Unterschrieb

HSS 8.3 – United Nations of Handor (UNH) Nation of Utrimanic

This nation is the land of the great saviours of the State, who enabled Frian to re-establish its connection with the Handorian States System during the Great Depression in age 1.

8-3-1 Heterogametic

8-3-2 Headmastership

8-3-3 Hop

8-3-4 Harp

8-3-5 Ulric, Uralp, Usurp, Unzip

8-3-6 Hectic, Hiccup

8-3-7 Habacuc, Unclamp, Hailwic

8-3-8 Horoskop, Hieratic, Holistic

8-3-9Utrimanic, Heffalump

8-3-10 Hierarchic

8-3-11 Hustensirup, Holoblastic

8-3-12 Histogenetic

HSS 8.4 – United Nations of Handor (UNH) Nation of Urzand

Urzand is the traditional central-western outpost of the Handorian State System, a pioneering oasis in turbulent lands.


8-4-1 Hervortretend

8-4-2 Harmonisierend

8-4-3 Hed

8-4-4 Hind, Huld, Hand, Hund

8-4-5 Hamid, Hasid, Hadad

8-4-6 Urzand, Harold, Herald, Howard

8-4-7 Harshad, Haywood, Hiltrud, Halsend, Heilbad, Hubbard

8-4-8 Hartgeld, Halbmond, Hochwald

8-4-9 Hallenbad, Heideland, Hitzegrad

8-4-10 Hildebrand, Hinterwand

8-4-11 Himmelsrund

8-4-12 Heranbildend, Herzensgrund

HSS 8.5 – United Nations of Handor (UNH) – Nation of Hadar

This nation is located in the western northern mainland, and it is traditionally, yet with an extremely low profile, regarded as Handor’s inception place. In version 2 this glorious circumstance was completely ignored and Hadar released its capital and became a district (8.5.5), while Hamonsante (8.5.10) became the capital and its name was given to the nation. In version 3 the Nation of Hadar has been restored, as well the capital. In version 3.3 Handor’s inception place is now part of a trinity (Handor) at 8.5.6, which also hosts the Handorian Northern Residence.

8-5-1 Herbrigender

8-5-2 Hinterlistiger

8-5-3 Her

8-5-4 Haar

8-5-5 Hadar, Udgar, Hafer, Homer, Heber, Hexer, Husar, Haute, Herbe, Halle

8-5-6 Handor, Helene, Upchar, Haller, Harter, Heiler

8-5-7 Haustor, Heilige, Unebner

8-5-8 Holunder, Herzlage, Unlauter

8-5-9 Hannelore, Hottender, Unterster

8-5-10 Hamonsante, Hundeleine, Handteller, Ungebetner

8-5-11 Hagelwetter, Herfallende, Umbilndender

8-5-12 Heimarbeiter


HSS 8.6 – United Nations of Handor (UNH) Nation of Hatrevilians

8.6 is associated with Hatrevilians, one of the 12 nations of the State of Friaan. This nation – together with Trevor (3.5), in the Handorian State of Tudor (Sector 3) – is devoted to the glory of Trevilian, a most celebrated Handorian hero. He is above all known for having devised the Trevilian Stones, potent multidimensional healing carriers of Handorian information. Although these items may appear as stones, they incorporate all traditional 3rd-dimensional nature kingdoms (mineral, vegetal, animal) together with the 4th-dimensional realms. These stones are more than ever useful to support the formation and development of sacred relationships and connections. In particular, when applied to alien or mutant human characters,they seem to draw and integrate their original potential and intent.

8-6-1 Umquartiertes

8-6-2 Universalerbes

8-6-3 Haf

8-6-4 Haas, Hans, Usus, Ukas

8-6-5 Hasas, Hades, Ufers, Ullas

8-6-6 Hampus, Hannas, Harris, Urfels

8-6-7 Heinous, Habitus, Hilferuf, Ultimos, Umkreis

8-6-8 Hadufuns, Urenkels, Heldenruf

8-6-9 Henkellos, Unsternes, Heimatdorf

8-6-10 Unterteils

8-6-11 Umgarnendes

8-6-12 Hatrevilians

HSS 8.7 – United Nations of Handor (UNH) – Nation of Herotlant

8.7 is associated with Herotlant, one of the 12 nations of the United Nations of Hirlan. This nation occupies the south and central part of the island of Rutinland. It is a recent incorporation into the Handorian State System and is still undergoing integration and release. Its admission to the Handorian States System caused the name of the State of Frian to change into United Nations of Handor. In former times Herotland was the emanation point of a major empire. The capital is Harvest, aka Ludhan, the second largest city of the United Nations of Handor, whose main squad is Harding. Other relevant cities are Heiling and Harlot.

8-7-1 Hilfestellung

8-7-2 Umorienterung

8-7-3 Hit

8-7-4 Haig

8-7-5 Honig, Herzt

8-7-6 Harlot, Herzog, Hedwig, Hamlet

8-7-7 Harvest, Harding, Heilung, Hartmut, Hadewig, Heilwig, Herheart, Henning

8-7-8 Hausberg, Hornberg

8-7-9 Hinderung, Heimatort

8-7-10 Heisenberg

8-7-11 Honorierung

8-7-12 Heranziehung

HSS 8.8 – United Nations of Handor (UNH) – Hirlan Nation of Frianh

Frianh is the dominant nation of the 12 nations of the United Nations of Hirlan. This nation – together with Uturiano (8.2), Hurzand (8.4), Ukobarn (8.1) and Utrimanic (8.3) – is part of the original territory of the State of Friaan, which later developed as the largest State of the Handorian State System. The capital (Frian) is also the second largest metropolis in the Handorian States System. Its main features are 12 huge black pyramids surrounding the Ur Frianh, a colossal conic structure. Most of Frianh is developed under level 0 and with the exclusion of Frian City (comprising the 12 pyramids and Ur Frian) and the districts of Hierarch and Hearh, the majority of buildings are low compared to other Handorian centres, though they develop considerably below level 0. Since version 3.2 Frianh hosts the Handorian District of Handor Frianh, an auxiliary emanation of the Treka.

8-8-1 Hannah Hamzah, Handelsbrauch

8-8-2 Hu

8-8-3 Uhu

8-8-4 Urau, Ubah, Huhu, Umah

8-8-5 Urach, Halah, Hinzu, Horch

8-8-6 Hurrah,  Hitesh, Hafsah, Ulrich, Unmesh, Hierzu

8-8-7 Hamidah, Hanifah, Habibah, Halimah, Hasmukh, Udghosh, Upakash, Hautnah, Hasinah, Ubaidah

8-8-8 Hadhirah, Heinrich, Hudhafah, Hellgrau, Unterbau

8-8-9 Haselbach

8-8-10 Hinderlich

8-8-11 Herrentisch

8-8-12  Haselstrauch

HSS 8.9 – United Nations of Handor (UNH) – Nation of Unerdani

This nation has a mainly flat surface and is abundant with colourful plants. It is celebrated for its harbour and navigators.

8-9-1 Unerdaniaraji

8-9-2 Unerdaniarasti

8-9-3 Hai, Uti

8-9-4 Hadi, Huri, Hari, Homi, Urbi, Urmi

8-9-5 Urabi, Heidi

8-9-6 Unmani, Haggai, Herbei, Upadhi

8-9-7 Hexerei, Hiroshi, Uparari, Urvashi

8-9-8 Unerdani, Harshini, Upasatti, Umbilici

8-9-9 Harimurti

8-9-10 Unerdanisi

8-9-11 Unerdanitri

8-9-12 Hari Upasani

HSS 8.10 – United Nations of Handor (UNH) – Nation of Uskotax 

Uskotax is quite a mysterious and remote dark land even to Frian standards. It occupies the far north area of the island of Rutinland. The capital is Helix.
8-10-1 Heilrutinilax
8-10-2 Uskotaxartarnox
8-10-3 Urk
8-10-4 Hark, Hulk, Ufuk
8-10-5 Helix
8-10-6 Undank, Henrik, Hallux
8-10-7 Hauruck, Haddock, Hauberk, Hillock
8-10-8 Havelock
8-10-9 Heuristik, Hosenrock
8-10-10 Holzpflock
8-10-12 Harnaruskork

HSS 8.11 – United Nations of Handor (UNH) – High Nation of Hevarrany

Located in the far north, this is the largest nation of the Handorian State System, following the nation of Friaan (8.8). The nations of UNH are huge compared to those of other nations. Considering that most of the Frianian territory has consistent developments also below its surface, this makes UNH a unique state. Indeed there was a time in which Friaan and Handor were two entirely separate entities, one (Friaan) incorporating the dark power and the other (Handor) resonating with the light power. Hevarrany is a recent assimilation in the Handorian States System. It stands out as a most unfathomable zone, with intense and erratic shifts of brightness and obscurity. It used to operate as one of the four Directional Reservoirs, aimed at storing darkness for Game-related purposes. Since the incorporation of the reservoirs into the Handorian State System, Hevarrany has gone through novel developments, yet it still holds a most prominent role in the Handorian core energy supply and distribution system. The capital is Horny.
8-11-1 Hevarranurtal
8-11-2 Horn of Heresy
8-11-3 Hol
8-11-4 Halle
8-11-5 Horny, Urwal, Hegel, Hobel
8-11-6 Handel, Henkel, Unfall
8-11-7 Husserl, Herwill, Urenkel
8-11-8 Herschel, Harlotry
8-11-9 Halbinsel, Unterteil
8-11-10 Herzanfall, Hebdomadal
8-11-11 Hexenpinsel, Hurenbengel
8-11-12 Hageltrommel, Hexengriffel

HSS 8.12 – United Nations of Handor (UNH) – Nation of Helgolam

Helgolam is a remote mythic island, which was basically uncharted and out of bound in the Low and Middle Handorian Age. It was incorporated in the State of Friaan only in the third epoch (version 3) of the High Handorian Age. The island consists of two radically different parts: Outer Helgolam (the coast and the adjacent plains), Inner Helgolam (the internal mountains, plateau and caves). Twelve main caves and underground channels connect the coast with the core of Inner Helgolam, which is the capital Hum.

8.12.1 Ultravelgolam

8.12.2 Hearts of Balm

8.12.3 Hum

8.12.4 Helm

8.12.5 Hafiz, Halim, Udgam, Uttam, Harem, Hakim,

8.12.6 Upagam, Unsrem, Helium, Hartem

8.12.7 Hassium

8.12.8 Hexagram, Hypogeum

8.12.9 Unternahm, Heliogram, Harmonium, Heldentum

8.12.10 Heilhartem, Honorarium

8.12.11 Unterklunim, Herzelgolam

8.12.12 Universheinz

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