6.11x6/11 – Virgo/Aquarius
Binary Number: 71
Degrees: 12½-15° Virgo
Aspect: quincunx
Moon Phase: gibbous
Handorian Reference: State of Frams: Nation of Seporal
Binary Spirit: Kahesepoh Uriah
Provisional Territorial Unit: Region D6-11, CZECH Republic: Bohemia.

In the Astroshamanic Binary System Sun in Virgo (6) and Moon in Aquarius (11) constitute Binary 6.11, or Binary number 71.

This is a blend of mutable Earth and fixed Air, combining Virgo’s efficiency, purification, selection and service with Aquarius’ originality, rebelliousness, inventiveness and genius.

Those who resonate with this combination are multi-dimensionally aligned technicians and healers. They have the ability to firmly reside in the realm of earthy practicality and ordinary reality, exercising grounded objectivity and critical faculties, while simultaneously being at work above the mundane horizon and venturing into exceptional spheres of consciousness. Their dedication to collective enterprises of healing and service is paramount, especially when it involves the use of unconventional, surprising and unpredictable resources.

Virgo and Aquarius are in quincunx aspect, an angle of 150°, which is five-twelfths of the 360°. This aspect tends to cause slides into parallel universes affecting what happens in your everyday reality with occasional glimpses of other configurations. The influence can be moderate, yet in some circumstances rather abrupt.

Qualities: analysis, detachment, inventiveness, innovation, integrity, originality.

Grievances: alienation, fussiness, aloofness.

During this binary the Moon is still Gibbous Moon, though it is gradually approaching the Full Moon. If the first days of the Gibbous Moon have provided harmony, ease and effective work, this is a time of anticipation for the upcoming challenges of the Full Moon. You may start to identify some areas drawing attention and requiring action. This could be either the best time to undertake action, with the desired outcome climaxing with the Full Moon, or to acquire the necessary resources so as to act on the Full Moon itself.
Astroshamanic Seal: a circle with a vertical line and two lower diagonal lines, representing a hand. The glyph resembles the logos of “make love not war”. This seal emphasizes detachment and operative focus. It allows to release major interferences and grievances by simply turning off their functionality. It brings awareness towards our primary tasks in life, letting of amnesia, conditionings and decoys. It is a very straightforward and uncompromising seal.
Celebrities with 6.11:

Sri Chinmoy, Indian guru (6.11)  (August 27, 1931 – October 11, 2007) founder of the religious organization “Sri Chinmoy Centre Church, Inc.” better known as “Sri Chinmoy Centre”. According to his followers, Sri Chinmoy wrote 1,500 books, 115,000 poems and 20,000 songs, created 200,000 paintings and gave almost 800 free peace concerts around the world. He advocated meditation, chanting mantras and prayers, performing dedicated service to God as a way to personal enlightenment, or God-realisationas described by Eastern religions, including Sri Aurobindo’s spiritual teaching.

Jens Liens, (6.11) Norwegian film director, born 14 September 1967

Sheridan Le Fanu, (6.11) Irish writer (28 August 1814 – 7 February 1873).
Irish writer of Gothic tales and mystery novels. He was the leading ghost-story writer of the nineteenth century and was central to the development of the genre in the Victorian era. Uncle Silas, In a Glass Darkly

King Philip II of France (6.11.3) (1165-1223)

Rachel Shelley, (6.11) English actress, born 25 August 1969.

Alexandra Burke, (6.11) English singer, born 25 August 1988.

Sophia Loren

Natacha Amal

John McCain

David Copperfield

Francis I of France

Morten Harket

Bill Murray


Gustav Holst

Phil Jackson

Larry Hagman

H. G. Wells

Scott Hamilton

Cesare Borgia

Enrico Maria Salerno

Provisional Territorial Unit:
CZECH Republic: Bohemia
D6-11: CZECH REPUBLIC, Prague (9); Pardubice (1); Central Bohemia: Benešov, Kolín, Kutná Hora, Nymburk (2), all other districts (3); South Bohemia: České Budějovice, Český Krumlov, Jindřichův Hradec (4), all other districts (5); Plzeň: Plzeň, Plzeň-jih, Plzeň-sever (6), other districts (7); Karlovy Vary (8); Ústí nad Labem; Ústí nad Labem, Decin, Teplice (10), other districts (11); Liberec (12).
12½-15°Virgo; Virgo/Aquarius; Capricorn/Saturn.
Purve Prasupaja: Prahe Purve Samaya. FRAMS, Seporal: Seporal City.
D6-11-1 Pardubice, CZ-PA
D6-11-2 Central Bohemia, Benešov, Kolín, Kutná Hora, Nymburk, CZ-ST
D6-11-3 Central Bohemia, all other districts, CZ-ST
D6-11-4 South Bohemia, České Budějovice, Český Krumlov, Jindřichův Hradec, CZ-JC
D6-11-5 South Bohemia, CZ-JC
D6-11-6 Plzeň, Plzeň, Plzeň-jih, Plzeň-sever CZ-PL
D6-11-7 Plzeň, other districts, CZ-PL
D6-11-8 Karlovy Vary, CZ-KA
D6-11-9 Prague, CZ-PR
D6-11-10 Ústí nad Labem, Ústí nad Labem, Decin, Teplice, CZ-US
D6-11-11 Ústí nad Labem, (other districts), CZ-US
D6-11-12 Liberec, CZ-LI
Handorian States Reference:
State of Frams, Nation of Seporal – 6.11

This nation is located in the north-east area of the State of Frams, bordering the State of Brento in the East and the United Handorian Nations in the North. The capital is Fazal, known for its celebrated multidimensional clinics, which also constitute a major features of other trinities, such as Sybil Hospital and Sempiternally.
Trinities of Seporal:
D6-11-1 Sempiternally
D6-11-2 Sybil Hospital
D6-11-3 Sly, Fay, Sal
D6-11-4 Soul, Fury
D6-11-5 Fazal, Saral, Shail, Sheel, Sonal, Sully
D6-11-6 Sambal, Shakil, Shekar, Soumil, Finley, Schopny
D6-11-7 Samoday
D6-11-8 Saravary, Schivany
D6-11-9 Shovivavy
D6-11-10 Sebevedomy, Smaragdovy
D6-11-11 Slonovinovy
D6-11-12 Seporal Seal