6.4x6/4 – Virgo/Cancer
Binary Number: 64
Degrees:  25°-27½ Virgo
Aspect: sextile
Moon Phase: waning crescent
Handorian Reference: State of Frams: Nation of Salifrad
Binary Spirit: Kahesepoh Quiu
Provisional Territorial Unit: Region D6-4, CROATIA: Litorale, North-West.

In the Astroshamanic Binary System Sun in Virgo (6) and Moon in Cancer (4) constitute Binary 6.4, or Binary number 64.

This is a blend of mutable Earth and cardinal water, mixing Virgo’s efficiency, purification, selection and service with Cancer’s sensitivity, compassion, protectiveness and tenacity.

This combination offers major nourishing, serving, healing and caring energies which can express both in tender and pragmatic ways. Imagination and intuition is here firmly grounded in everyday reality, allowing manifestation of intentions and providing support for concrete implementation of goals.

This binary has an inward spontaneous capacity to grasp the tangible value of things and create successful conditions in any environment, as long as it is not affected by excessive shyness, withdrawal or instability. In order to function at its best Virgo/Cancer requires some adherence to traditions, protocols and the security of guidelines.

When the waning Moon is in Cancer at 60° from the Sun in Virgo, the phase of Balsamic Moon, or Waning Crescent Moon, starts. It is a crucial receptive phase, a time of healing and rest, yet also of intense preparation and completion. Here you prepare for a new cycle, the next New Moon, and let go of the residues of the old. What is mainly needed in this phase is a work of release and forgiveness. It is easy at this stage to feel restless, excited or willing to change everything and start doing something totally new and unpredictable Yet, until you learn to release the grievances recycled from the past, you will never truly create anything new. The question here is: “What do I release? What do I take in the next cycle?”
Astroshamanic Seal: a horizontal semi-circle surmounted by a rectangular shape moving upward as a line. This seal provides security and protection in the physical and third-dimensional reality aligning it with the multidimensional and spiritual levels. It provides awareness that everyone and everything on the physical plane is working for the same Function. When this awareness is available the whole physical universe works with you. Wherever you go there is security and protection.
Celebrities with 6.4:

David Soul, (6.5.4) American actor, born 28 August 1943.

Elvis Costello, (6.4) English musician, born 25 August 1954.

Antonia Fraser, (6.4.4) British author, born 27 August 1932

Lea Michele, (6.4) American actress and singer (born August 29, 1986), Glee, Dorothy of Oz.

Léo Ferré, (6.4.10) French composer and singer (24 August 1916, d. 1993)

Michael John Denton (6.4) (born 25 August 1943) British-Australian author and biochemist. Denton’s current interests include defending the “anti Darwinian evolutionary position” and the design hypothesis formulated in his book Nature’s Destiny. Denton is best known for his 1985 book Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, in the book he presented a systematic critique of neo-darwinism ranging from paleontology, fossils, homology, molecular biology, genetics and biochemistry and argued that evidence of design exists in nature.

Werner Herzog (6.4) born 5 September 1942, German director

“Do you not then hear this horrible scream all around you that people usually call silence.”

“Jeder für sich und Gott gegen alle”

“I believe the common denominator of the universe is not harmony; but chaos, hostility and murder.”

Keanu Reeves, born 2 September 1964, Sun/Ascendant in Virgo, Moon in Cancer

Antonin Artaud, born 4 September 1896, Sun in Virgo, Moon in Cancer, Ascendant in Libra

“There is in every madman
a misunderstood genius
whose idea
shining in his head
frightened people
and for whom delirium was the only solution
to the strangulation
that life had prepared for him.”

Ingo Swann, born September 14, 1933, Sun in Virgo, Moon in Cancer, Ascendant in Leo, co-creator of remote-viewing.


Provisional Territorial Unit:
CROATIA: Litorale, North-West

D6-4: CROATIA, Karlovac (1); Lika-Senj: Gospić (2); Primorje-Gorski Kotar: Rijeka,  all municipalities except islands (3); Cres, Kirk and other islands (4); Istria: Pazin (5); Zadar: Zadar (6), Dugi Otok and islands (7); Split-Dalmatia: islands (8), Split (9); Šibenik-Knin, Sibenik (10); Dubrovnik-Neretva: Dubrovnik (11), Korčula, Lastovo, Miljet, and all other islands (12).
25-27½°Virgo; Virgo/Cancer; Taurus/Venus.
Purve Prasupaja: Balke Purve Samaya. FRAMS, Salifrad: Seaward.
D6-4-1 Karlovac, Karlovac, HR-04
D6-4-2 Lika-Senj, Gospić, HR-09 [birthplace of Nikola Tesla (Smiljan)]
D6-4-3 Primorje-Gorski Kotar, Rijeka, (all municipalities except islands), HR-08
D6-4-4 Primorje-Gorski Kotar, (Cres, Kirk and other islands), HR-08
D6-4-5 Istria, Pazin, HR-18
D6-4-6 Zadar, Zadar, HR-13
D6-4-7 Zadar, (Dugi Otok and inslands), HR-13
D6-4-8 Split-Dalmatia, islands, HR-17
D6-4-9 Split-Dalmatia, Split, HR-17
D6-4-10 Šibenik-Knin, Sibenik, HR-15
D6-4-12 Dubrovnik-Neretva, Dubrovnik, HR-19
D6-4-12 Dubrovnik-Neretva, (Korčula, Lastovo, Miljet, and all other islands), HR-19
Handorian States Reference:

State of Frams, Nation of Salifrad – 6/4

Salifrad is the furthest south-west emanation of the State of Frams, bordering a trinity of States (Quald, Brento and CTP). Its institution is the result of developments occurred in age 3 aimed at providing a sea outlet to the State of Frams. Part of its territory constitute previously an integration healing area under the administration of the State of Quald. Salifrad still keeps a close devotional connection with Quald, and its sanctuaries are often the goal of pilgrimages for Qualdian people.

Trinities of Salifrad
D6-4-1 Star of Farid
D6-4-2 Smiljanad
D6-4-3 Sand, Scud, Ford, Scud
D6-4-4 Fiend, Squad, Sword
D6-4-5 Sajid, Fiend, Squad, Sword
D6-4-6 Sarmad, Shahid, Sharad, Shahid, Shield, Fecund
D6-4-7 SEAWARD, Foulard, Seaweed
D6-4-8 Sladoled, Safeguard, Sainthood
D6-4-9 Sandboard
D6-4-10 Sharnanand
D6-4-11 Shobhanand
D6-4-12 Sankalpanand, Santoshanand
Journeys to Salifrad
6.4.2 – Theme: To expand awareness of community
I landed on a large frame drum with a small rim round the edge. The drum was beating on its own and I bounced up and down with a certain amount of joy. I heard the phrase ‘you will succeed.’ It was repeated three times. The beating stopped and I lay on the skin. FS, LM, NJ, ES, AG, AB, AS and a small child appeared on the surface of the drum and we all held hands in a circle. We began to dance and jump and create a beat with our feet.
As we did so, I began to notice an energy grid becoming visible in the gaps between us. It spread rapidly and soon permeated everything in the location. It was a golden white colour. I could see our bodies divided into millions of tiny sections by the grid. We were joined by the PDB First Officer who danced into the circle dressed as a clown. As he danced in the centre I could see that as he moved his whole body migrated through the energy threads to each new position. This happened so quickly that it gave the illusion that his body was solid and fixed.
He joined us in the circle and then three figures moved into the centre – one in white, one in black and the third in grey. They began to whirl round and round and created a vortex with their movement. The energy grid was beginning to make a humming sound so intense did it become, whilst the group began to create a wild beat with their feet. The First Officer then invited us, on the count of three, to release any graha we were holding into the central vortex. I seized the opportunity and emptied myself willingly of the grievances that currently move in my awareness. I saw all the other members doing the same.
When the release was complete, the three figures moved inside the vortex, which then imploded, dragging into it the visible threads of the grid. It was replaced by a large silver heart that revolved, suspended in the air, in the centre. Each of the members moved to the heart and found their own way to acknowledge it.
As I concluded, I was strongly encouraged to communicate this message: “You are all supported by the energy grid. You are all connected by the energy grid. It is what binds us together. Draw strength and nourishment from it. Whilst in HAC, imagine it holding everything together.”
Energy grid / vortex / release / support / connection
Peak: Emptying graha into the central vortex. Receiving the message about the grid. Bouncing on the drum skin at the beginning. (DM)

I land in a large green place. I hear the rhythm of the drum and see DM, NJ, FS and AB. We are on a great drawn sheet and some white and green people are drumming on the edge.
We begin to dance unruly while FS goes to the edge and begin to drum. Three figures move into the centre, one in white, one in black and the third in grey. I‘m attracted by the black’s figure and come into her vortex. From my mouth goes out a black swarm, I note that happens the same from the other mouths. All the swarms go to the central vortex and then disappear.
The music stops and we fall in the ground. We remain spread while another rhythm emerges.
The white and green beings come in the circle and take our hands. The beings show us the movements of the dance. We begin to dance following their movements. They move in steps waving the hands. The dance is very harmonious and involve the entire circle, we are in totally agreement.
I am part of a squad, I feel cooperation and it gives me real peace. I understand the importance to have a guide that leads me lovingly. This remember me the mother. I feel security, protection and love.
Peak: the white and green people take our hands and we move into a dance. We create an harmonious dance and I’m part of a squad. I feel cooperation and real peace. (LM)

Frams, (6.4), Elijah,
I landed on the rim of a drum then I danced around the edge of the drum and was joined by the PDB officer he took my hand gently and we danced together. The whole skin of the drum split into a grid with many different layers which seemed very familiar to me. The officer and I danced the dervilish swirl together, we joined hands, whirling around and around in circular spiral movements until we reached a climax of energy. I felt I reached a state of ecstacy and bliss and I let go of his hand and somersaulted into the air and then landed safely and firmly on my feet back onto the skin of the drum. FS, DM, LM then joined us and sat in the exact middle of the drum. The PDB officer and I continued to dance in the energy of bliss. I came to a halt and my attention turned to a wooden house that was sitting in the distance. I was receptive to the beauty of the view of mountains and trees capped with snow.
I approached the house and under the house was a doorway which lead into the underground basement. I entered the dark basement by lifting the door in an upward motion. I closed the door behind me then I could see nothing. I felt an intense fear rise in me and insecurity of being alone and in darkness. I reached in my pocket and pulled out a candle and lit it. The basement felt cold and icy, I lay cuddled up next to the candle flame and I felt that this light nurtured and craddled me. I sat for a while the flame went out again I felt sad and inadequate and also bombarded by an intensity of emotions and an icyness that shivered through my body. I could sense and feel these emotions in the room they felt alive and possessed. I soon left the basement in fear on the way out next to the doorway I noticed a large spider on the floor.
I picked the spider up and took it over to the drum and placed it on top of the skin.
PEAKS: I felt intense fearful emotions while sitting in the darkness of the basement all alone. I felt nurtured by the light of the candle flame. I picked up a spider and claimed it as a gift and placed it on the skin of the drum (NJ)