6.5x6/5 – Virgo/Leo
Binary Number: 65
Degrees:  27½-30° Virgo
Aspect: bi-sextile
Moon Phase: New Moon
Handorian Reference: State of Frams: Nation of Sarkyrie
Binary Spirit: Kahesepoh Surahim
Provisional Territorial Unit: Region D6-5

In the Astroshamanic Binary System Sun in Virgo (6) and Moon in Leo (5) constitute Binary 6.5, or Binary number 65.

Expressing your talent of power means to do what you truly love and allowing it to become your work. In this way work does not involve any sacrifice, duty, effort or compromise. It becomes a sheer expression of your love, as everything you do and are. Whatever you need in life, including money and material goods, come to you abundantly as a response to this love.

This binary mixes Virgo’s efficiency, purification, selection and service with Leo’s vitality, creativity and leadership. Those who align with this combination receive the capacity of operating as meticulous workers or devoted servants, while at the same time functioning as stars or leaders, either in the sheer limelight or slightly in the background.

They cherish grandiose schemes in their hearts, yet holding the determination to work painstakingly and unwearyingly in order to attain them. Their attitude to work is in the main playful, radiant and creative, emanating huge power and purity, making them a great source of attraction and inspiration.

This binary comes right before the New Moon in Virgo (6.6), celebrating the climax of assimilation and release that precedes the upcoming lunation. Hence, this combination involves an attentive activity of discrimination between what is valuable and what is not valuable according to one’s pragmatic intent.

This is a crucial time aimed at making sure that all the residues and resources of the previous cycle are completely dealt with so as to sustain the imminent Virgo lunation. The way of carrying out this task is provided by the interaction of Virgo and Leo, which is physically reflected in the relation between intestine and heart.

With 6.5 it is helpful to let Leo play a significant role in the process by making the work light-hearted, creative, pleasant, entertaining or, if necessary, even dramatic and ritualistic. This makes it an ideal time for celebrating a Basic Ritual of the Sacred Cone.

An attitude of generosity, optimism and confidence is recommended when Virgo and Leo are involved, both in the receiving and release stage. In this respect this could be an ideal time to get rid of what no longer serves you in a practical way. For example, you can scrutinize your possessions and consider those things that you are not using anymore or that you have never used. If you realise that you are not truly willing to use those materials, kindly let go of them. You could find somebody that can purchase or swap them with something that you would like to receive. You could also generously donate them to somebody that needs them, offer them to a charity or even throw them away.

When the waning Moon is in Leo at 30° from the Sun in Virog, this is the final part of the phase of Balsamic Moon, or Waning Crescent Moon, the completion of the lunation cycle leading to the New Moon. It is a  crucial time of release and healing, leaving space for whatever need to be ultimately completed or let go of before moving on to another lunation. The main focus in this phase is a work of release and surrender. At this stage it is possible to feel confused, overwhelmed and face crisis. It is a process of major fermentation, in which it is vital to hold a sense of purpose, while also accepting uncertainty and nebulosity as part of the process. The question here is: “What do I release? What do I take in the next cycle?”
Astroshamanic Seal: a circle with a cross and a smaller circle within. This seal enhances storytelling and singing, the capacity to convert words in songs. The seal also promotes the expression of your true talents of power. Expressing your talent of power means to do what you truly love and allowing it to become your work. In this way work does not involve any sacrifice, duty, effort or compromise. It becomes a sheer expression of your love, as everything you do and are. Whatever you need in life, including money and material goods, come to you abundantly as a response to this love. Your ego identity, the attachment to the bogus idea you have of yourself prevents you from expressing your authentic talent and who you truly are. This attachment makes you feel afraid of what other people may think of you, of how they will react. They may judge, tease or even leave you. Yet the obstacle is not other people. It is your idea of them, which comes from the bogus idea you have of yourself. Letting go of this idea is the only way for expressing your authentic talent. In this way you will become who you truly are, and other people will also do the same.


Celebrities with 6.5:

Eric Coates, (6.5.10) English composer (27 August 1886, d. 1957)

Stephen Fry, (6.5.5) English comedian and actor, born 24 August 1957.

Janet Frame, (6.5) New Zealand author (born August 28, 1916 in San Francisco, California).

David Soul, (6.5.4) American actor, born 28 August 1943.
Provisional Territorial Unit:
Slovenia – SI
Total D6-5
D6-5: SLOVENIA, Osrednjeslovenska, Ljubljana (5); Pomurska: Murska Sobota (1); Podravska: Maribor (2); Koroška: Slovenj Gradec (3); Savinjska: Celje (4); Zasavska: Trbovlje (6); Spodnjeposavska: Krško (7); Jugovzhodna Slovenija: Novo Mesto (8); Notranjsko-kraška: Postojna (9); Gorenjska: Kranj (10); Goriška: Nova Gorica (11); Obalno-kraška: Koper (12).
27½-30°Virgo; Virgo/Leo; Taurus/Venus.
Italie Pradesia: Orione Prasamaya. FRAMS, Sarkyriame: Sarkyr.
D6-5-1 Pomurska, Murska Sobota
D6-5-2 Podravska, Maribor
D6-5-3 Koroška, Slovenj Gradec
D6-5-4 Savinjska, Celje
D6-5-5 Osrednjeslovenska, Ljubljana
D6-5-6 Zasavska, Trbovlje
D6-5-7 Spodnjeposavska, Krško
D6-5-8 Jugovzhodna Slovenija, Novo Mesto
D6-5-9 Notranjsko-kraška, Postojna
D6-5-10 Gorenjska, Kranj
D6-5-11 Goriška, Nova Gorica
D6-5-12 Obalno-kraška, Koper

Handorian States Reference:

State of Frams, Nation of Sarkyrie – 6/5

This is definitely the most ancient nation of the Handorian States System, whose origin dates back to the dawn of Age 1, when HSS was in its pristine form. In version 3.1 the Nation of Sanrkyirie, aka as Nation of Sandor, stands as a bogus Central State of Handor. Its capital is Sandor. In later versions Sandor constitutes the major creative work centre, and is traditionally defined as “the place were Framsian folks go to work when they are on holiday”.
Trinities of Sarkyrie
D6-5-1 Scarlet Tiger, Shooting Star
D6-5-2 Fe, Superconductor
D6-5-3 Sve, Fer
D6-5-4 Sage, Star, Sire
D6-5-5, Sabor, Shree, Subir, Spade, Scale, Flame, Fence, Force
D6-5-6 Sandor, Satkar, Shayar, Favour, Filter
D6-5-7 Samadar, Sanober, Feather, Foxfire
D6-5-8 Sapphire, Forester, Frontier, Sagamore, Stargaze
D6-5-9 Simulator, Spectator, Sculpture, Scavenger, Spectator
D6-5-10 Filibuster, Fascinator, Sandcastle
D6-5-11 Freewheeler, Facilitator
D6-5-12 Shapeshifter
Journeys to Sarkyrie
Frams (6.5.7), 060910, How best to move forward to create in service to the community project
6.5 – Frams –
I somersaulted through the air and landed in lush green field which was filled with much beauty. My awareness was taken towards the bright colours of the Sunflowers and Daffodills,he Sun was shining brightly on countryside and the mountainside I was vacating. My awareness went towards a small shack of a building that was a small distance away. I approached the wooden shack and walked up the steps onto the porchway where a Japenese girl dressed in indian headdress and feathers was standing. The young girl acknowledging me by nodding her head and opened the front door for me and welcomed me in. She shut the door behind me I immediately noticed a horrid stink of a smell in the front room that I was standing in. The smell was ransid and overwhelming, there was a clean bucket of water on the carpet floor with some cleaning solution placed next to the bowl and some bright Yellow rubber gloves.
I got down on my hands on knees and placed the gloves on and began to clean and purify the floor. I was on the floor and the carpet smelt like urine and was filthy. I cleaned the carpet in rotating circular motions until I finished the whole floor. I stood back and admired the work full of pride in my achievement as a pattern had emerged that was hidden by the dirt before. The patterns drawn in the carpet where shaped like flowers with Five petals sticking out and the colour that emerged was bright Yellow I noticed the flower of life in the Five patterns. I took some White paint and I drew a circle and divided the circl into twelve sectors. I had made an astrological wheel, I drew glyphs that where representative of some planets and signs and then I stamped an astroshamanic hand print in a Black and White colour. I pulled the carpet up which had become a beautiful fragrance and was very light in weight and took it outside and I let it go in the wind and it flew freely in the Air and the carpet rose towards the  bright Sun.
Peaks:bright colours of the sunflowers and Daffodills
the horrid stink of the carpet that with hard effort was purified and cleansed
Five petals and the symbol of the flower of life emerged
the stamp of the Astroshamanic hand print in Black and White was placed on the astrology map
I wish to express my gratitude to you all for you support and friendship. (NJ)
060910, How best to move forward to create in service to the community project.
I landed next to a very rough wooden shack in a lush green environment. A Japanese Geisha girl welcomed me into the shack. Inside I discovered a mass of animal body parts. I picked up a shovel and began throwing the parts into a fire set in one of the walls. As I dug down into the pile, I realised there were more and more body parts beneath me. I continued to dig and disappeared deep below the floor of the shack, into the earth.
I eventually reached a small cavern and lay down inside it. I felt deep inside myself. A large snake came which was carrying FS [serious facial expression] LM [eyes closed] and NJ [grinning ecstatically]. It wrapped me inside its coils, forming a cone around me. I became desperate to know what it could teach me and I asked it directly. It told me to acknowledge the power of choice as a real force in my life – that I truly have the power to choose. I asked it how I could share this as a service and it told me to make myself available to advertise that the power of choice indeed exists as a genuine and authentic force.
When the guidance had been received, a number of alien looking beings joined me inside the coils. They took it in turns to suck hard on my chest. I felt uncertain at first about the motive behind their action and stated my concerns to one of them. The being assured me they were performimng a service designed to help return me to physical fitness. I accepted the information and as the snake slithered away I discovered I was sitting on a pinnacle of rock. A number of birds flew past, one of which was a crow. I understood it to be FS and he came and landed on my right shoulder. I felt such love and warmth and listened with joy as the crow urged me to follow my heart. He repeated this message and stated it was most important I did so. I experienced a state of deep comfort.
Choice / Trust / Service / Heart
Peak: digging down through body parts and earth to reach the cavern. Connecting with the alien beings. Receiving the company and message of the crow. (DM)
Frams, (6.5.7), 060910, How best to move forward to create in service to the community project.
I see a green environment. My image vibrates in air and take form with flashes. I appear in a body and move in a beautiful scenery. The colours are very bright. I see a wooden shack and a young girl with a wonderful face, she seems Japanese but is dressed with feathers like the Indians. She calls me and I go to her shack. Many rattles and bottles and bizarre things hang from the roof. The girl opens the door and I see a small room with a carpet and many embalmed animals. The room seems a magic place.
I look at the girl but her face changes in a boy. I don’t understand his identity. He asks me to show my hand. I think he wants to predict me the future but he begins to paint with white colour.
Slowly he paints my hands and then my neck and chest. He finishes drawing a great Sun in my chest. I stay and look at a picture with a golden frame on the wall. It is a female image that remember me the Madonna.
When I lower the eyes I see a snake wrapped in my left ankle. I stand up and the room begins to move. I go on the carpet where is a zodiac circle, the signs lift up and begin to turn around me. I stay in the centre and many circles move in air. When they enter in right position a beam of light goes out from the centre. The energy permit me to displace objects. I feel power and my consciousness grows.
Peak: I feel power and I can move objects with energy. I see the signs move around me creating joint. (LM)