6.8x6/8 – Virgo/Scorpio
Binary Number: 68

Degrees:  5°-7½ Virgo
Aspect: sextile
Moon Phase: crescent
Handorian Reference: State of Frams: Nation of Sankurandah
Binary Spirit: Kahesepoh Harassah
Provisional Territorial Unit: Region D6-8, AUSTRIA, Burgenland, Oberosterreich, Steiermark.

In the Astroshamanic Binary System Sun in Virgo (6) and Moon in Scorpio (8) constitute Binary 6.8, or Binary number 68.

This is the combination 6.8, which is a blend of mutable Earth and fixed Water. Here the Virgo’s multi-dimensional intestine functions are at their peak. The most stagnant waste materials are retrieved and moved along the intestine through rhythmic dancing contractions of the intestinal muscles (peristalsis).

The pattern Sun in Virgo and Moon in Scorpio (6.8) mixes Virgo’s efficiency, purification, selection and service with Scorpio’s intensity, intimacy, passion, release and power. Since this is my natal binary, for matters of Virgo objectivity, I am not going to comment on the characteristics of those who resonate with this combination. I will refer to another source and quote from © Michael McClain 1996-2003.

“The combination of Sun in Virgo and Moon in Scorpio produces one that looks and acts like an intellectual, but with an emotional nature that is truly the driving force. This is perhaps the most emotional of the quiet Virgo breed. The quick mind and common sense that is so notable in all with Virgo Sun, is charged with an intense rashness and impulsiveness common to Scorpio. Your ability to reason and rationalize is well developed, but you often seem almost incapable of believing what is foreign to your internal emotional bias. Thus, you become very partisan in whatever causes or ideas light you fire. These you may rationalize and try to give intellectual status, but you usually color judgments with intuition rather than logic. You are facile at thinking up reasons why your ideas are right and always persuasive at putting them across. At times you appear near genius, and at other times, way off base. You are often to be found among the theoretical and radical thinkers, able to prove nearly anything on paper with diagrams to show how it should work. Whether it really will or not in real life may be another thing. Your intellectual powers are strong, but you’re often less than realistic. You have a certain zeal that makes it hard for you to remain still and listen to what others have to say, and you can be dominating in your approach to group endeavours. Underneath, you have a somewhat brooding personality that is forever probing, turning over stones and delving for ideas with which you can either feel affinity or enmity. In business you are likely to be successful and valuable to your employer because you do possess powerful leadership qualities. In this environment you seem to become more objective and less emotional. Nonetheless, learning to restrain the natural tendencies of this configuration will make life and relationships much easier.”

Four days after exact New Moon we are moving in the second half still of the Crescent Moon, or Sowing Moon, with exact Crescent Moon occurring when the Sun and the Moon is 45° apart  (Sun sextile Moon).  Significant elements of the potential of the New Moon continue to emerge. It is a receptive phase, aimed at gathering information and getting ready to take action according to the Intent established or perceived during New Moon. At this stage the multidimensional Intent gently comes to terms with the ordinary reality. The question here is: “How can I communicate my Intent in ways understandable in the third-dimensional reality?” This is also a time of digestion, analysis and planning.

Astroshamanic Seal: a vertical line crossed by a horizontal line with a semi-circle on one extremity and a circle on the other. “It is the side of healing. It involves letting go of darkness and receiving light. It is about shifting the attention from darkness to light. When darkness comes, that’s very well, for it shows that the material of exchange is available. At this stage all that is required is to exchange darkness with light, feeling totally entitled to do so. Remember that this exchange is your Function: what you are supposed to do here, your true mission in life. Then do it!”

6.8 A most potent seal as connected with astroshamanic work – healing practices and theoretical corpus as well. In one hand I hold my Light Intent, my Shadow Intent I hold in the other, through me they unite and flow. KOP 6.8  (Lan)


Celebrities with 6.8:

Miguel Ruiz (6.8) 27 August 1952

Bruno Bettelheim, (6.8) American psychologist (August 28, 1903 – March 13, 1990), Austrian-born American child psychologist and writer. He gained an international reputation for his work on Freud, psychoanalysis, and emotionally disturbed children. He had a prominent reputation as a compassionate man who had made a career of healing others and as an expert on the dynamics of the concentration camps. Suicide death.

Ben Gazzara, (6.8) American actor (born August 28, 1930).

Billy Boyd, (6.8) Scottish actor, born 28 August 1968.

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, (6.8.5) German philosopher (August 27, 1770 in Stuttgart – November 14, 1831)

Sangharakshita, (6.8) Indian religious figure, born 26 August 1925 in Tooting, London. Buddhist teacher and writer, and founder of the Triratna Buddhist Community, which was known until 2010 as the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order, or FWBO

A. S. Byatt, (6.8) English novelist, born 24 August 1936, Sheffield. Possession (1990) parallels the emerging relationship of two contemporary academics with the past of two (fictional) nineteenth century poets whom they are researching (made into a film)

William Ernest Henley, (6.8.2) English poet, critic, and editor (Gloucester, 23 August 1849 – 11 July 1903) best remembered for his 1875 poem “Invictus”. . It is said that this was written as a demonstration of his resilience following the amputation of his foot due to tubercular infection.

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.
In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.
Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds and shall find me unafraid.
It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishment the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

Saint Faustina, (6.8) Polish mystic (25 August 1905, d. 1938), the Apostle of Divine Mercy. Throughout her life, she reported a number of visions of Jesus and conversations with him (Diary: Divine Mercy in My Soul).

Provisional Territorial Unit:
AUSTRIA: Burgenland, Oberosterreich, Steiermark
Burgenland, AT-1

Styria/Steiermark, AT-2

Upper Austria/Oberosterreich, AT-4

Total D6-8

D6-8: AUSTRIA, Burgenland, Eisenstadt, Eisenstadt-Umgebung, Mattersburg, Neusiedl am See, Rust (1); Güssing, Jennersdorf, Oberpullendorf, Oberwart (2). STEIERMARK, Graz, Graz-Umgebung (5); Feldbach, Fürstenfeld, Hartberg, Mürzzuschlag, Weiz (4); Bruck an der Mur, Knittelfeld, Leoben (6); Judenburg, Liezen, Murau (7). Oberosterreich, Linz, Linz-Land, Urfahr-Umgebung (8); Gmunden, Kirchdorf an der Krems, Steyr, Steyr-Land (9); Eferding, Grieskirchen, Rohrbach, Wels, Wels-Land (10); Braunau am Inn, Ried im Innkreis, Schärding, Vöcklabruck (11); Freistadt, Perg (12).
5-7½°Virgo; Virgo/Scorpio; Virgo/Mercury.
Austrie Providia: Austrie Prasamaya. FRAMS, Sankurandah: St Kurandah.
In Burgenland there are 2 Statutarstädte and 7 districts.
Steiermark is divided into 16 districts (Bezirke), and a statutory city.
Upper Austria is traditionally divided into four regions: Hausruckviertel, Innviertel, Mühlviertel, and Traunviertel. Administratively, the state is divided into 15 districts (Bezirke), and three Statutarstädte.
D6-8-1 Burgenland, Eisenstadt, Eisenstadt-Umgebung, Mattersburg, Neusiedl am See, Rust, AT-1
D6-8-2 Burgenland, Güssing, Jennersdorf, Oberpullendorf, Oberwart, AT-1
D6-8-3 Steiermark, Feldbach, Fürstenfeld, Hartberg, Mürzzuschlag, Weiz, AT-2
D6-8-4 Steiermark, Deutschlandsberg, Leibnitz, Radkersburg, AT-2
D6-8-5 Steiermark, Graz, Graz-Umgebung, AT-2
D6-8-6 Steiermark, Bruck an der Mur, Knittelfeld, Leoben, AT-2
D6-8-7 Steiermark, Judenburg, Liezen, Murau, AT-2
D6-8-8 Oberosterreich, Linz, Linz-Land, Urfahr-Umgebung, AT-4
D6-8-9 Oberosterreich, Gmunden, Kirchdorf an der Krems, Steyr, Steyr-Land, AT-4
D6-8-10 Oberosterreich, Eferding, Grieskirchen, Rohrbach, Wels, Wels-Land, AT-4
D6-8-11 Oberosterreich, Braunau am Inn, Ried im Innkreis, Schärding, Vöcklabruck, AT-4
D6-8-12 Oberosterreich, Freistadt, Perg, AT-4
Handorian States Reference:
State of Frams, Nation of Sankurandah – 6.8
Sankurandah is one of the alleged natal places of Kurandah and among the major administration centres of the Game of the Sacred Cone. The capital is Farzanah, seat of the Sacred Cone United League. Sah (6-8-3) is the residence of the Temple of Sah, system of connection between sixth and eighth dimension, Sirius and Orion.
Trinities of Sankurandah
D6-8-1 Steinkurandah
D6-8-2 Sucharu Farrah
D6-8-3 Sah
D6-8-4 Setu, Sukh
D6-8-5 Fatah, Sabah (morning)
D6-8-6Farokh, Sandeh, Sindhu, Subodh, Furozh (light), Saidah (lion)
D6-8-7 Samaroh, Samarth, Sandesh, Santosh, Saurabh, Fravash (guardian angel), Saadah (happiness), Farrokh (happy, fortunate)
D6-8-8 Farzanah, Shailesh, Siddhesh, Saahirah (Earth, moon, a spring which flows constantly),
D6-8-9 Sudhanshu
D6-8-10 Satprakash
D6-8-11 Silversmith
D6-8-12 Sankuramah