Waking up

Every day, upon waking up, I exit from a world and enter into another world, just as when I fall asleep I do the same.  Every time they are different worlds and in these worlds I always meet new people and situations, although they may look familiar, even apparently the same I found in worlds I was before. There are infinite parallel worlds.

Today is a new day. You wake up after travelling to places you have probably already forgotten. This morning you may find yourself in a familiar place. Yet beware, it is not the same place. The people and situations you meet today are not the same as yesterday. During the night those people went to other places and those places changed them. Someone from those places shapeshifted into them and tonight will probably leave and be replaced by somebody else.

Today is a totally new day. You have also changed. Someone took the place of what you were yesterday and this morning there is a new being in you, looking forward to finding out what life is about.

Then, live this day fully, in this new place, together with new people and situations, with your new self in a brave new world.