You are not alone…

If you are in a process of multidimensional re-awakening, if you have had glimpses about who you truly are, beyond the limitations of this separate world, at times you may feel alone, even terribly alone.

This is because almost all people identify themselves with a separate identity, which you cannot conceive anymore. At the same time your connection with your multidimensional self is still rather weak. Ecstatic and luminous experiences come and go, often appearing as mere fantasies or illusions.

It is as if you don’t belong anywhere, disconnected from this reality as well as from other dimensions. This can be extremely painful, the feeling of being totally alone, and yet it is just a feeling, a horrible one, but not the reality. It is a wall of illusions that separates us from the multidimensional realms. This barrier generates immense fear, which is the reason why most people do not dare to venture beyond and keep staying here.

Yet this fear is only a symptom of a gestation process, which you have decided to embrace so as to give birth to your true self. There is labour involved here, yet in the process there is also an immense ecstasy, a huge joy, once you become aware of what is really happening.

In those moments you realise that you are not alone, and you have never been so. All the world and all its people, past, present and future, are within you at all times.

You are not alone.

Franco Santoro