You are not your astrological chart

AstrologosThe greatest mistake you can do with astrology is to identify yourself or others with the astrological chart. Your personal horoscope shows the nature of your separate identity. It shows what you are not, what you have been conditioned to see as yourself, together with the false assumptions about your interactions with others.

Astrology is useful because it shows the ego identity that you need to acknowledge, so that you can move beyond and become your true multidimensional self.

The astrological chart is the script of all your personal stories, the software programme of your biocomputer, which makes you totally predictable, no matter how refined you seem to be. It is the portrait of your separate self and all its illusions. Yet the astrological chart also shows the ways you can release this bogus identity and embrace your true holistic nature.

Identifying yourself or others with a particular zodiac sign, saying “I am Scorpio, you are Leo, etc.” is a black magic spell, a shamanic amputation, a deliberate act of soul loss. Zodiac signs represent all the parts of your soul. We are all the signs and we have no way out of this separated world unless we retrieve them all. The signs we tend to identify more with are not what we are. They constitute the fragments of the soul we have managed to retrieve. Their longing is to reunite with all the other parts, to become whole again.

The luminous purpose of astrology is to teach you that you are whole.

Franco Santoro