4.11x4/11 – Cancer/Aquarius
Binary Number: 47
Degrees: 17½-20° Cancer
Aspect: quincunx
Moon Phase: full moon
Handorian Reference: STATE OF QUALD: Nation of Qrisial.
Binary Spirit: Quiu Uriah.

In the Astroshamanic Binary System Sun in Cancer (4) and Moon in Aquarius (11) constitute Binary 4.11, or Binary number 47.

Sun in Cancer and Moon in Aquarius blend Cardinal Water with Fixed Air, integrating the emotional sensitivity and nurturing qualities of Cancer with the multi-dimensional awareness and genius of Aquarius.

This binary balances the expression of emotions, allowing the channelling of profound feelings combined with the necessary detachment to process and release them. Wholehearted communicators, deeply concerned for the planet, tenacious paladin of non-ordinary ideas, they have the ability to expand their visions with compassion and honour.

Cancer and Aquarius are in quincunx aspect, an angle of 150°, which is five-twelfths of the 360°. This aspect tend to cause slides into parallel universes affecting what happens in everyday reality.

Qualities: empathy, compassion, honesty, transparency, vision, freedom, tolerance, intelligence, gregariousness, multidimensional nourishment/cooking.

Grievances: clannishness, abstraction, prejudice, fanaticism.

The phase of Full Moon begins two days before and ends two days after exact Full Moon or opposition (180°) of Moon to Sun, hence it also encompasses the quincunx (150°) when the Sun is in Cancer and the Moon in Aquarius. This is the final stage of the Full Moon leading to the next phase, the Disseminating Moon. The Full Moon is an active and highly charged moment. It represents the apex of the lunar cycle. Its function is to bring balance. The aim of the final part of the Full Moon as it moves in Aquarius, is to allow this balance to take place by deep and uncompromising release of pent-up emotions, especially in relation with the traditional themes of Aquarius, such as freedom, rebelliousness, change and synergy. It is essential at this stage to be aware that what is released is collective, ancestral energy, which can only be liberated if you let go of any personal identification.
Astroshamanic Seal: a shield-egg shape with a 12-ray circle within. The vision involves a group of 12 holding hands in a circle. Their presence unveils the deepest and most loving sense of community. The seal portrays the sacred circle within the egg. The members of the group change their positions from time to time, yet they keep being part of the same circle. Emphasis is given to the relevance of the Astroshamanic Seals, which can be used for many forms of healing, including divination. I am invited to fully express my creativity. I ask Kurandah whether I am entitled to use the seals. “You have permission to play, as long as you play your games. This permission falls short when you play games you don’t know. Play your games. Offer who you are. You can express your nature, yet you can’t express the nature of others. You have full authorisation to express your nature. You are the carrier of my tradition. Whenever you express your nature I will be with you. We are a lot, a huge community, a whole universe and you are our access to the dimension you see.”

Celebrities with 4.11

Dave Allen (Irish comedian)

Ning Baizura (Malaysian pop singer)

Mary Baker Eddy (American spiritual teacher, founder of Christian Science 4.11.9, Uranus-Neptune Instrument)

Barney Barnato (British-South African diamond entrepreneur, 4.11.5, Saturn-Uranus-Pluto Flower)

Francis Blanche (French actor, humorist, 4.11.8, Uranus Root)

Hassanal Bolkiah (Sultan of Brunei, 4.11.7, Saturn Power)

Alessio Boni (Italian actor)

Eugène Boudin (French landscape painter, 4.11.4, Pluto Flower)

Anthony Bourdain (American chef)

Mel Brooks (American director, Pluto Power)
David Brower (American environmentalist, 4.11.7, Uranus Vessel)

Molly Brown (American socialite, philanthropist, 4.11.5, Neptune Flower)

Sophia Bush (American actress, director)

Campino (German singer, songwriter, actor, Die Toten Hosen)

John Canton (English physicist)

Leslie Caron (French actress, 4.11.11)

Marc Chagall (French painter, 4.11.8, Saturn Power)

Stephen Chow (Hong Kong actor, director)

Alberto Colussi (Italian businessman, journalist, 4.11.9, Neptune Flower)

Cameron Crowe (American director) Vanilla Sky, Jerry Maguire, Singles, Almost Famous, Elisabethtown

Michael Cuesta (American director) 12 and Holding, L.I.E.

Scott Cunningham (American author on Wicca, occult, June 27, 1956 – March 28, 1993) Wicca. A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner, The Magical Household, Magical Herbalism, Living Wicca

Olivier Dahan (French director) La vie en rose

John Dee (English astronomer, astrologer, occultist, 4.11.9, Pluto Vessel, 13 July 1527–1608 or 1609)
Diana, Princess of Wales (first wife of Prince Charles, 4.11.9)

Guru Dutt (Indian director, Pluto Power) Mr and Ms 55

George Eastman (American entrepreneur, founder of Eastman Kodak, 4.11.3, Saturn Instrument)

Erró (Iceland artist, Pluto Power)
Adam Faith (British singer, actor)

Sabrina Ferilli (Italian actress, 4.11.10)

Abel Ferrara (American director) China Girl, Bad Lieutenant

Davide Ferrario (Italian director, Chiron Vessel) After Midnight, Children of Hannibal

Aundrea Fimbres (American singer)

Brandon Flowers (American singer, musician, The Killers)

Véronique Genest (French actress)

Emma Goldman (Russian-American anarchist, 4.11.8)

Leisha Hailey (American actress, musician)

Josh Hartnett (American actor)

Charles Harvey (British author, astrologer, 4.11.5) Sun Sign, Moon Sign

Greet Hofmans (Dutch healer, hand layer, 4.11.6)

Elias Howe (American inventor, sewing machine pioneer)

Chris Isaak (American indie rock pop singer, 4.11.11, Saturn Flower)

Sébastien Japrisot (French author, director, 4.11.3, Pluto Power)

Terry Jennings (American minimalist composer)

Joseph Joachim (Hungarian violinist, composer, Uranus Vessel)

Philip Johnson (American architect, 4.11.8, Neptune Power, Saturn Root)

Erik Axel Karlfeldt (Swedish poet)

Toby Kebbell (English actor)

Abbas Kiarostami (Iranian director) Ten, Five, Shirin, Close-Up

Solange Knowles (American singer, songwriter)
Richard Z. Kruspe (German musician, Rammstein)

Duncan Lamont (Scottish composer, 4.11.4, Pluto Power)

Gottfried von Leibniz (German polymath, 4.11.9) Discourse on Metaphysics

Carl Lewis (American athlete, 4.11.5, Uranus Instrument)

Folco Lulli (Italian actor)

Pavel Lungin (Russian director) The Island

Tobey Maguire (American actor, 4.11.5, Uranus Root, Chiron Flower)

Anton Giulio Majano (Italian screenwriter, director, 4.11.5, Neptune Power)

Riccardo Mazzucchelli (Italian-American industrialist, 4.11.6, Saturn Flower, Neptune Instrument)
Angela Merkel (German chancellor, 4.11.9, Uranus Power, Neptune Flower)

Roland Mesnier (French-American pastry chef)

Jean Metzinger (French painter, 4.11.1)

Deon Meyer (South African thriller novelist, Chiron Vessel)

David Miliband (British politician)

Gabriele Mucchi (Italian painter, 4.11.11, Uranus Flower)
Ludwig Müller (German theologian, 4.11.8, Uranus Flower)

Iris Murdoch (British author, philosopher, 4.11.5, Saturn Power) The Bell, The Sea, The Sea

Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa (South African shaman, author) Zulu Shaman, Indaba: My Children

Carl Orff (German composer, 4.11.4)

Nam June Paik (Korean-American artist, Pluto Power)

Jafar Panahi (Iranian director) Offside, The Circle

Ivan Passer (Czech director, Pluto Power) Intimate Lighting, Born to Win

Amrish Puri (Indian actor)

Jean Ray (Belgian writer, Saturn Power)
Henry Rider Haggard (English adventure writer, 4.11.4, Neptune Flower, Saturn Power)

Eva Rivas (Russian-American singer)

Linda Ronstadt (American singer, songwriter, 4.11.9, Saturn Power, Neptune Flower)
Michel Roux (French chef, restaurateur, 4.11.6)

Lalo Schifrin (Argentine composer, Saturn Vessel)
Raul Seixas (Brazilian singer, songwriter, 4.11.5, Pluto Instrument)

Red Skelton (American entertainer, 4.11.8, Neptune Power, Uranus Vessel)

Cat Stevens (American musician, singer, songwriter, 4.11.7, Neptune Instrument)

Vittorio Storaro (Italian cinematographer, 24 June 1940)
Shelley von Strunckel (American astrologer, 4.11.9, Saturn Power, Neptune Flower)

Sinclair (French singer)

Soraya Esfandiary-Bakhtiari (Queen consort of Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Iran. 4.11.11)

Donald Sutherland (Canadian actor, 4.11.6, Pluto Power)

Stuart Sutcliffe (British musician, 4.11.10)

Wislawa Szymborska (Polish poet, essayist, Pluto Power)

Terry-Thomas (English comic actor, 4.11.7, Neptune Power-Flower, Uranus Root)

Yann Tiersen (French musician, 4.11.6, Pluto Instrument)

Caroline Tresca (French TV host, 4.11.6)

United States Declaration of Independence (4.11.9, Neptune Flower)

Reverend G. Vale Owen (British medium, writer, 4.11.9, Saturn Instrument)

Benjamin Vautier (French artist, Pluto Power)

Lino Ventura (Italian-French actor, 4.11.6, Saturn Instrument)
Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa: born in 1921 in Natal (South Africa) with Sun in Cancer and Moon in Aquarius, he is a sangoma, author, and major authority in Zulu shamanism and African traditions in general. In an attempt to preserve the knowledge of his ancestors and support the vision of unity, Mutwa has unveiled most controversial and non-HAC guarded secrets of Zulu healing practices and myths. He broke the bond of HAC silence to share classified information regarding the development of separation, the HAC predatory universe, the extraterrestrial “fiery visitors” and other unmentionable facts. Please see the following sites for more details:
For a list of books and works by celebrities with this Binary please click here.
4.11 – Nation of Qrisial
4.11 – Qrisial This Nation extends on an elevated plateau. It is a traditional setting of retreat and healing, particularly relevant in order to cure matters related with human ordinary ancestral heritage. Hence one question to be asked when voyaging in Qrisial may be: what ordinary patterns have I inherited from my closest ancestors and how can I allow them to move into the multidimensional (here represented by HSS)?, which goes together with another most important question: what multidimensional (HSS) patterns have I inherited from my closest ancestors and how can I allow them to move into the ordinary?

The Trinities of Qrisial

Code Trinity Head City
4.11.1  Deputy Qrisial  Dominion City
4.11.2  Diarchy Qrisial Qrisial Pommel
4.11.3 Qal Qal
4.11.4  Doxy Dael
4.11.5 Quell Daisy
4.11.6 Deosil Druiel
4.11.7 Destiny Dalquiel
4.11.8 Diagonal Delicacy
4.11.9 Daredevil Daredevil
4.11.10 Dark Duchy Qrisiadell
4.11.11 Don Qrisial Don Qrisial
4.11.12 Ducal Quarry Ducal Quarry

Names: Doxy, Deosil, Destiny, Druiel, Qal, Dael; Dayal (compassionate), Dhaval (beautiful), Dil (heart), Dinpal (sun),
Agent reports on journeys to Qrisial
Quald, Qrisial, Doxy (4.11.4),  6.8.3, 260610, 15.10,
Uscire da tutti i problemi di casa e famiglia
4.11 – Qrisial:  mi siedo nel Settore 11 e aspetto, mi cristallizzo e divento un diamante umano, vedo delle altissime montagne ghiacciate che brillano, mi avvicino e mi ritrovo sulla vetta di una montagna ghiacciata, sembra fatta di cristallo. Mi sdraio a terra e osservo il cielo stellato. Le stelle si muovono e formano costellazioni e figure vive, rimango affascinata da tanta bellezza e mi sento a casa. Non mi muovo e non respiro per non perdere l’immagine ma sento una voce dietro di me che mi chiama. Vedo una donna giovane con lunghi capelli bianchi, mi chiede di seguirla. Entriamo dentro il ghiaccio in una grotta che ha le pareti piene di diamanti brillanti come le stelle, il soffitto è bucato e si può osservare il buio cielo stellato.
Sento salire l’energia dentro di me e io stessa sono fatta di stelle e perdo il corpo fisico. La donna mi parla: ” E’ tempo di costruire, ricorda la tua stella madre” Osservando il cielo un punto si illumina d’oro e diventa la stella più evidente del cielo. Mi chiedo come posso raggiungerla ma la donna risponde al mio pensiero:” la Stella ti ha già raggiunto, apriti a lei”.
Ridivento fisica e perdo il mio corpo stellare e la visione.
Picco: Sento salire l’energia dentro di me e io stessa sono fatta di stelle e perdo il corpo fisico
Aprirsi alle stelle
Quald, Qrisial, Don Qrisial, D. Memory (4.11.11), Dave Mountjoy, 3.6.5, 290610, 14.45,
To find inner peace in the midst of chaos
I moved from Sector 6 in the Spirit Circle through a tunnel in the Earth to the HSS in the centre of the Earth.
I landed at Don Qrisial and found it empty. I experienced a silence in the vicinity of the city. I stated the intent several times. A number of different owls descended from the sky. I climbed on the back of a Tawny Owl and we rose into the sky. I noticed an oriental man standing on the bird’s neck. He was brandishing a slightly curved sword with enormous power, whilst releasing a chant. He cut the air with impressive vigor.
He beckoned to me and handed me the sword. I too began to chant and experienced great release as I slashed the air. Below us I saw a single stone tower come into view. It had a bulbous top section and reminded me of a phallus. The owl descended and we landed by the side of the tower. A young boy came out and immediately took the sword from me. He attacked the stone blocks of the tower with it and in a short space of time engineered its collapse.
He flung the sword into a nearby lake and I saw a hand reach out and grab it. I heard the words ‘Be in it’ repeated over and over. I wondered what it was I would be in and the boy answered my thought: ‘You will be in peace amidst the chaos.’ He words produced a profound sense of peace in me.
I looked back at the hand in the lake and saw the waters begin to boil with energy. The waves were chaotic. The hand invited me in and I plunged into the water. I dived and twisted and turned in the liquid chaos. A sense of liberation seized me and I experienced a deepening stillness. The voice of the hand shouted out ‘You will marry her.’ I experienced and inner explosion of joy and looked up to see FS, NJ, LM and AB swimming in the water too. ES joined us. We joined for a time and then I observed them disappear under the waves.
As I looked at the state of the water, I slipped into a vision of the cells in my body. I realised they were all experiencing exactly the same thing as I was. I could feel them celebrating the sense of peace amidst chaos. I began to travel through them, visiting different parts of the bodily landscape. I saw deserts, mountains and a range of scenery types, each one a community in itself. I understood their combined landscape was what I call ‘my body.’ The feeling of togetherness was beautiful.
The voice came again ‘You will marry her’ and as I looked across the surface I saw myself standing on a watery platform. A female version of myself emerged from my body to stand next to me. As we were declared married, I saw us physically join to form one being. In the centre, between the male [right] and female [left] a combination of the two sexes appeared.
I sank into a space of utter bliss and union. I felt complete and wallowed in this place of harmony. I experienced no thoughts.
When I returned to the shore, I climbed aboard the owl, along with the oriental man and the boy. We landed at Don Qrisial, where they both walked into the silent city. As I made my way back to the Spirit Circle, I experience a certain sadness regarding the return, yet at the same time, I celebrated what I was able to bring back.
Union / marriage / peace / chaos
Peaks: The moment of marriage between the masculine and feminine and emergence of the third partner.
The journey into and through the landscapes of the cells.
Quald, Qrisial, Dire Estremity, Diarchy Q.  (4.11.2), 3.6.5, 280610, 20.35,
To acknowledge the crisis of illness
I arrived at Don Qrisial and saw it to be a dark domed city. I stood outside for a long time in a state of obscurity. Eventually, the PDB Captain came. He was a copy of my HAC self. He told me I would have to walk to Dire Estremity.
I moved over the hilly terrain for a while and through a tunnel that came out on the lower slopes of Dire Estremity. I entered a period during which I slipped in and out of awareness of the journey. A sudden jolt through my body brought me sharply back into an awareness of my position on the side of the mountain. I climbed until I reached the peak.
The view was incredible and my body shivered and trembled as waves of energy swept through me. I shouted my intent and heard it echo across the valleys below.
I returned to Don Qrisial and completed the journey.
Obscurity / Awareness
Peak: The feeling of being lifted by waves of energy as I stood on the peak of Dire Estremity.
Quald, Qrisial, Daisy, Quel (4.11.5), 3.6.5, 300610, 15.18,
To explore my HAC and MD ancestral patterns.
As I moved through a tunnel to reach HSS, FS went by, riding a bicycle through the air. He was followed by LM, AB and NJ who appeared to be swimming through the air.
I landed in Don Qrisial and saw that the city was like a fairytale castle. I moved inside the city walls and shouted to attract the PDB Captain. A knight in full armor appeared and I stated my intent to him. I then noticed a large line of people snaking through the grounds of the castle. At the front were my mother and father, followed by eight ancestors, including my maternal and paternal grandparents. It was agreed they would carry me on a seat to Daisy. When the rest of the line of people heard this, they began to complain. I understood they were all my ancestors. The knight stood up and shouted to them ‘Your turn will come.’ At that, they all dispersed talking peacefully to each other.
The chosen ancestors carried me along the interstate highway to Daisy. Many thousands of people lined each side of the road, moving in either direction. None of the ancestors spoke to me nor me to them, yet I received such loving support from their presence.
We arrived in Daisy and were met by a being dressed all in black. It wore a round helmet on its head. It asked me my reason for being in Daisy and I replied by expressing my intent. Having received my reply, the being became quite friendly and ushered me quickly to a location in the settlement reached via several curving passageways.
In it I recognised a black chair with many pipes and wires coming from it in to the floor. It was the chair I had sat in many times when I first began travelling to the HSS. The being asked me to climb into it and focus on the first part of my intent; four HAC patterns were received and each one was passed into the MD via a bodily function, the product of which was collected in a tube which fed into the floor. I understood that the material would be transported to the Direction Room and would be sent to where it could be of most benefit when my permission was given. I gave my permission immediately.
I noticed a second chair next to me and I realised it was time to focus on the second part of the intent. I climbed into it and received clarity regarding four MD patterns I had inherited from my closest ancestors. After gaining an understanding of the pattern, the essence of each one was given to a tube suspended over my head and upper body.
When complete, I returned to my ancestors who carried back to Don Qrisial via a now deserted interstate highway.
We all greeted the knight and we came together as a group, embracing each other at the same time. I completed by kissing each of my ancestors on the lips. As I moved into the air above Don Qrisial, the PDB Captain shouted that to balance the exchange I would have to utilise the MD patterns that were now waiting for me in HAC.
Ancestral support / Transfer / Acceptance / Release
Peaks: During the receipt and transfer of HAC and MD patterns inherited from my closest ancestors I experienced complete focus on my intent and the task being performed at that time.
Provisional Territorial Unit:

REGION D4-11: SPAIN,  Asturias, Cantabria, Galicia
Qrisial – Laisirq, Cancer/Aquarius

Decanate Sign/Ruler: Scorpio/Pluto
Duad Degree: 17½-20° Cancer
Stargate Link: 19°Cancer7’: Eta Geminorum, Propus, Gemini.
Administrative Division: Galicia is divided into four provinces and 53 comarcas. Cantabria is divided into 10 comarcas and 102 municipios. Asturias is divided into eight comarcas. PTU Provinces for D4-11 refer to comarcas.
ProvOrdo Authority: Galisie Samaya, Kantabrie Samaya.

D4-11: SPAIN, ASTURIAS, Oviedo, Avilés (5), Eo-Navia, Narcea (4), Gijón, Caudal, Oriente, Nalón (6). GALICIA, La Coruña: Santiago de Campostela (9), all comarcas except Santiago (8); Orense (1); Pontevedra: Vigo, Baixo Miño (2), all comarcas except D4-11-2 (3); Lugo: Lugo, all comarcas except D4-11-7 (12), Mariña, Terra Chá Meira, Fonsagrada (7). CANTABRIA, Santander: Santander, Saja Nansa, Liebana, Costa Occidental, Besaya (10), all comarcas except D4-11-10  (11).
17½-20°Cancer; Cancer/Aquarius; Scorpio/Pluto; 19°Cancer7’: Eta Geminorum, Propus.
Espanie Pradesia: Kantabrie Samaya. QUALD, Qrisial: Don Qrisial.
D4-11-1 Galicia, Orense, ES-OR (GA)
D4-11-2 Galicia, Pontevedra: (Vigo, Baixo Miño), ES-PO (GA)
D4-11-3 Galicia, Pontevedra, Pontevedra (all comarcas except D4-11-3), ES-PO (GA)
D4-11-4 Asturias: (Eo-Navia, Narcea), ES-O
D4-11-5 Asturias: Oviedo (Oviedo, Avilés), ES-O
D4-11-6 Asturias: (Gijón, Caudal, Oriente, Nalón), ES-O
D4-11-7 Galicia, Lugo (Mariña, Terra Chá Meira, Fonsagrada), ES-LU (GA)
D4-11-8 Galicia, La Coruña: La Coruña (all comarcas except Santiago), ES-C (GA)
D4-11-9 Galicia, La Coruña: Santiago de Campostela, ES-C (GA)
D4-11-10 Cantabria: (all comarcas except D4-11-10), ES-S
D4-11-11 Cantabria: Santander (Saja Nansa, Santander, Liebana, Costa Occidental, Besaya), ES-S
D4-11-12 Galicia, Lugo, Lugo (all comarcas except D4-11-7), ES-LU (GA)