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FrancoFBprofileHolistic and spiritual counsellor, shamanic facilitator, experiential astrologer, creator of astroshamanism and a large variety of tools for inner growth and transformation, resident member of the Findhorn Community (Scotland) since 1999, rector of the Provisional Institute.

Since 1976 Franco Santoro has worked with thousands of people from all walks of life and countries, offering regular support and guidance in their search for direction, life purpose, reconciliation, healing and peace. Using his unique holistic skills of facilitation, Franco has served for decades with non-profit charitable organisations, assisting individuals, groups and communities to gain clarity about their highest intentions, developing pragmatic means to fully implement them, while releasing and transforming deep rooted grievances and conflicts.

Drawing from a multicultural, non-dogmatic  and pluralistic approach to inner growth and spirituality, including consciousness research, expanded states of perception, astroshamanism (which he developed since 1976), the Western, Middle-Eastern and Eastern traditions, A Course in Miracles, Osho (for whom he was press agent as Swami Bodhi Satpathi from 1988 to 1991), the Findhorn Foundation Community and other spiritual communities.

His work honours and integrates official religions and their esoteric teachings, with particular reference to Christianity and Gnosticism.


Swami Bodhi Satpathi, 1988

He is the author of Astroshamanism: A Journey Into the Inner Universe; Astroshamanism: The Voyage Through the Zodiac; Iniziazione all’astrosciamanesimo and other books, a series of sound healing and astroshamanic CDs, more than 1000 articles published online on a large variety of blogs and websites, and other tools for inner growth and transformation.

As from 1988 Franco Santoro has run more than 2000 workshops, in Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, South Africa, Spain and the Middle East. At the Findhorn Foundation Cluny Hill in Northern Scotland he has held more than 200 one-week residential workshops.

Franco resides in Findhorn (Moray, Scotland, United Kingdom). He also holds events at il Casale in Lunigiana (Merizzo, Massa, Northern Tuscany, Italy).

Please be aware that Franco does not offer any form of fortune telling, divination, future prediction, or astrological character analysis. Franco employs astrology only as a strategic map of the human psyche and as a method for determining the division of time.

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Franco at Findhorn Foundation Cluny Hill, 2005

CD Recordings
Drumming for the Astroshamanic Voyage, 2002 (CD and tape)
The Breath of Emuria: Astroshamanic Healing Trance Dance, (with Shaun Foyle), 2004 (CD)
Mediterranean Shamanic Drumming, 2005 (CD)
Italian Tambourine and Jew’s Harp for the Astroshamanic Trance, 2005 (CD)
Astroshamanic Basic Ritual, (with Max Mattoni), 2009 (CD)
Zodiac Navigator, (with Max Mattoni), 2012 (CD)

Virtual books
PAN (Provisional Astroshamanic News) eZine of the Sacred Cone Circle, 2005-2009

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The primary function of shamans, as I see them, is to navigate from one reality to another in order to create healing connections. There are many dimensions and worlds, which in our separate reality are totally unknown. However I believe that before we can truly travel to other dimensions and realms, we need to be able to move within the realities available in our world. Unless we accept and manage to shapeshift here, I believe there is no much hope that we can ever aim to do so somewhere else. Being a shaman is not about being a “shaman”. It is being whoever and whatever can serve for the purpose of healing, and according to God’s will, no matter how contradictory or incompatible it seems to be for narrow minded folks. Each identity is provisional, taken for the purpose of connecting with other identities, healing fragmentation and separation.A shaman can shift from a “shaman” to a business man, an artist, a devoted Catholic, Hindu, or Muslim, a doctor, an architect, an atheist, you name it. Yet once a shaman becomes only a “shaman” you can be sure there is no shaman anymore. (Franco Santoro)
He it is Who made the sun a shining brightness and the moon a light, and ordained for it mansions that you might know the computation of years and the reckoning. Allah did not create it but with truth; He makes the signs manifest for a people who know. (Quran 10:5)