9/8 – Sagittarius/Scorpio

“Human beings are perhaps never more frightening than when they are convinced beyond doubt that they are right” Laurens Van der Post (Sun Sagittarius, Moon Scorpio, Ascendant Libra)

Binary Number: 104
Degrees:  27½-30° Sagittarius
Aspect: Semi-sextile
Moon Phase: Last Quarter
Handorian Reference: State of Vanjuli, Nation of Iemuriah
Binary Spirit: Nivaya Harassah
Provisional Territorial Unit: AREA D9-8

In the Astroshamanic Binary System, Sun in Sagittarius (9) and Moon in Scorpio (8) constitute Binary 9.8, or Binary number 104.

9.8 (Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Scorpio) blends mutable fire with fixed water, integrating Sagittarius’s adventure, expansion, optimism and love for truth with Scorpio’s passion, intensity and magnetism. This combination produces beings with an adamant determination to pursue their targets, and capacity of investing emotional energy.

Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Scorpio hold a semi-sextile (30°) aspect, connecting two consecutive signs, which are completely different energies, yet closely linked as part of a wider process. The signs involved can operate productively as long as they keep their integrity. The first sign, in this case Scorpio, sets the process in motion, and the second (Sagittarius) follows. Problems may arise when the opposite occurs.

When the waning Moon is in Scorpio at 30° from the Sun in Sagittarius, this is the final part of the phase of Balsamic Moon, or Waning Crescent Moon, the completion of the lunation cycle leading to the New Moon. It is a  crucial time of release and healing, leaving space for whatever need to be ultimately completed or let go of before moving on to another lunation. The main focus in this phase is a work of release and surrender. At this stage it is possible to feel confused, overwhelmed and face crisis. It is a process of major fermentation, in which it is vital to hold a sense of purpose, while also accepting uncertainty and nebulosity as part of the process. The question here is: “What do I release? What do I take in the next cycle?”

Create and accept in your mind the best possible dimension you can conceive for yourself and others, without any limit regarding what gives you joy, peace and any quality that you value.

It is you who has the power to create an alternative dimension, together with all those who are determined to retrieve their true nature, the capacity to be protagonists and release the condition of victims.

As regards this world, which mass media, ideologies, dialogues among people and also many religions depict as full of grievances and conflicts, you can choose to release it and cease giving it importance.

Forget it, allow it to vanish every day, like a dream, which once you are awake does not receive you attention anymore. Your attention goes towards what you choose to create and manifest in life.

A multidimensional emergency means that there is no time for remaining stuck in a dream-world, because it is the moment to wake up.

It is about letting go of a life based on illusions, giving space to the dimension you choose to create.

This is why you are here, to forget and let go.

Start now, by creating and accepting in your mind the best possible dimension you can conceive for yourself and others, without any limit regarding what gives you joy, peace and any quality that you value.

Then take action, do something no matter how big or small, which relates to that dimension.

Do it now!


Laurens van der Post: (9.8) born on 13 December 1906 in South Africa, with Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Scorpio and Ascendant in Libra, Sir Laurens Jan van der Post appears as an outstanding model of Sagittarius energy. Prolific writer, journalist, conservationist, traveller, educator, storyteller, explorer, television personality and strong opponent of apartheid, Van der Post’s works are a fascinating Jupiterian blend of adventure, philosophy, politics and search for truth. He has also been described as “a shaman, a trader in myths, a man who bent both legend and reality to his own ends. Where his end was to give meaning and inspiration to a world increasingly searching for it, he succeeded spectacularly, and that is why he charmed his way through life.” In the novel The Face Beside the Fire he wrote: “For this dream of being awake suddenly was more urgent that the condition of actually being awake. He felt like an explorer who had at last walked into the true unknown and found that the treasure of discovery was the realisation that true awareness needs not only the fact, but also the dream of the fact: these are the two vital ends to the journey between.”
Please find below two quotes:
If we could but make friends with our inner selves, come to terms with our own darkness, then there would be no trouble from without. But before we can close out split natures we must forgive ourselves. We must, we must forgive our European selves for what we have done to the African within us.
I have always had a hunch that [coincidences] are a manifestation of a law of life of which we are inadequately aware and which in terms of our short life are unfortunately incapable of total definition, and yet however partial the meaning we can extract from them, we ignore it, I believe, at our peril. For as well as promoting some cosmic law, coincidences, I suspect, are some sort of indication to what extent the evolution of our lives is obedient or not obedient to the symmetry of the universe.

Margaret Caroline Anderson (9.8) (November 24, 1886 – October 18, 1973) American founder, editor and publisher of the art and literary magazine The Little Review, noted for introducing many prominent American and British writers of the 20th century. The teachings of George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff played an important role in Anderson’s life. Anderson met Gurdjieff in Paris and, together with Leblanc, began studies with him, focusing on his original teaching called The Fourth Way. From 1935 to 1939, Anderson and Georgette Leblanc studied with Gurdjieff as part of a group of women known as “The Rope”, which included eight members in all: Jane Heap, Elizabeth Gordon, Solita Solano, Kathryn Hulme, Louise Davidson and Alice Rohrer, besides them. Along with Katherine Mansfield and Jean Heap, she remains one of most noted institutee of Gurdjieff’s, ‘Institute for the Harmonious Development of Man’, at Fontainebleau, a commune, near Paris. Anderson studied with Gurdjieff in France until his death in October 1949, writing about him and his teachings in most of her books, most extensively in her memoir, The Unknowable Gurdjief. She was the subject of an Academy Award for Documentary Short Subject nominated documentary entitled, Beyond Imagining: Margaret Anderson and the “Little Review” in 1991, by Wendy L. Weinberg.

Steven Spielberg: (9.8.4) born on 18 December 1946 with Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Scorpio and Ascendant in Cancer, he is the most financially successful and influential motion picture director of all time, also acclaimed by many magazines as number one in the list of the greatest film directors. Spielberg made his first movie at the age of 12. His first cult movie was Duel, which is about a mysterious non-HAC truck terrorizing a HAC citizen. Success came with Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, The Color Purple, Jurassic Park and in recent years also with Schindler’s List, and the Sagittarius trilogy on men on the run (A.I.: Artificial Intelligence, Minority Report, Catch Me If You Can), followed by The Terminal, the story of a traveller forced to live in a terminal at JFK International Airport. Yet, the most popular of his movies are those related with Indiana Jones, who personifies the triumph of Sagittarius, as I see it. Played by Harrison Ford, the character is a respectable university professor of anthropology, capable of speaking 27 languages, aversed to snakes, and major risk taker, adventurer and globe trotter.

Flo Rida,(9.8) American rapper 16 December 1979
Dick Van Dyke, (9.8) American actor and comedian 13 December 1925
André Claveau, (9.8) French singer (17 December 1915-d. 2003)
Uri Geller, (9.8.8; Saturn/Pluto Flower) Israeli mentalist 20 December 1946
Bette Midler, (9.8.1) American actress and singer 1 December 1945

Penelope Spheeris, (9.8) American film director 2 December 1945
Forrest J. Ackerman, (9.8) American writer and science-fiction spokesman (24 November 1916-d. 2008)
Félix Lope de Vega, (9.8) Spanish playwright (25 November 1562-d. 1635)
Emir Kusturica, (9.8) Serbian filmmaker 24 November 1954
Paul Eluard, (9.8.7) French poet (14 December 1895-d. 1952) “There is another world and it is in this one. ”

King George VI of the United Kingdom (9.8.7) (14 December 1895-d. 1952)
Tia Texada, (9.8) American actress and singer 14 December 1971
Gary Fleder, (9.8) American film director 19 December 1962
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., (9.8.8.) American actor (9 December 1909-d. 2000)
Imogen Heap, (9.8) English singer-songwriter 9 December 1977
Kathryn Bigelow, (9.8) American film director 27 November 1951
Lucius Verus, (9.8) Roman co-emperor (15 December 130-d. 169)
Hector Berlioz, (9.8.4) French composer (11 December1803-d. 1869)
Brenda Lee, (9.8.1) American singer 11 December 1944
Alexander Dubček, (9.8.4; Pluto Instrument, Uranus Flower) Slovak politician (27 November 1921 – d. 1992)
Edna O’Brien, (9.8.6) Irish novelist and short story writer 15 December 1930
Tim Conway, (9.8.7) American actor and comedian 15 December 1933
Bruce Channel, (9.8) American singer 28 November 1940
James Allen (9.8) English writer (28 November 1864-d. 1912)

Billy the Kid, (9.8.10) American outlaw (d. 1881) 23 November 1859
Ridley Scott, (9.8) British film director 30 November 1937

Andrea Claudio Galluzzo, (9.8) Italian writer and journalist 7 December 1969
Peter Handke, (9.8) Austrian writer 6 December 1942
Induction Programme – 081296-9.8:
081296: “If you choose to give your love and be total with whoever you encounter in the flow of energy, that’s all right, as long as you are determined to keep on that track without going into interpretations according to a non-pertinent reality. In brief: if you go into the free flow of love energy and then, when the flow is over, you start to interpret and judge, this is tantamount to an abuse of power. Employ the circle, employ your tools”.
“Go into the Dream and bring it down to earth. Act as catalyser of energy so as to stimulate human potential. Dream 1: I take a train to Roma Termini and then I realise I am on the wrong train…  Dream 2: I dance with my partner and keep very close to her. I then realise she prefers to dance alone for a while. I also realise that this is also the case with me. I enjoy dancing alone now and seeing the beauty of dancing in this apparent separation. I feel much more united to her as I dance on my own. It is clear that we are in love and that we’re a divine couple. There are also other couples dancing around. There are also two almost naked girl which I can see on the second or third floor of a building. As I was dreaming the afflictive state “Without you I’m lost” came about. It expanded in all kinds of helpless situations of passivity and being a pleaser. I was about to further propagate above when I was reminded of “You are a channel. You take what is below and send it above. Do it now!
“It’s up to you to verify how willingful you are to give form to your Intent. Are you operating for the same Intent or are you manipulating the other into your afflicted intent. Find a common Intent and focus constantly on it. The fact that you have so far converged on this common Intent, doesn’t imply anything. The Intent is to be promoted all the time as the contaminating process is always operating. This Intent is to be consistent and translated into forms which you define and create, test and share, in the company of the forces. You are to use the Circle procedures. When you leave it out, you manipulate. Give each other lessons with your talents and use your structures for that. Learn and teach each other your strategies. You’re channels and need to build a SR outer channel through which your joined channels can operate. The test here is how much you’re willing to renounce to your trips so as to build the above. Enjoy the relationship, but remember to measure it up with your commitment to work. That sounds very much like Virgo, does it? What you expressed during your Quest seemed to be pertinent. Verify now with sincerity whether you want to work really together or whether your union is to be just an exchange of energy. Conditions for the first instance would be that you take responsibility for initiating yourselves into each other’s skills. Whatever the case and whatever your decisions, always remember to confront everything with the Third Pole.