Astroshamanism (Book 1)A Journey into the Inner Universeby Franco Santoro Findhorn Press, 2003

In this book, the first of two, Franco Santoro provides an overview of the basic principles and practices of astroshamanism: a spiritual system of healing aimed at expanding human perception through the integration of shamanism with experiential astrology and the contemporary revival of archaic mystery traditions.
The author examines astrology and its close relationship with shamanism, showing how to employ different tools to facilitate the exploration of non-ordinary dimensions and help create a bridge with conventional reality. In this context the birth chart is used as a Sacred Circle to access information on the geography of shamanic states of consciousness and to allow their safe exploration, knowing where to find guides, spirits, allies, power, grievances, blocks, etc.
Here the horoscope is not interpreted or analysed, but it reveals itself through emotions, movements, dances, sounds, rituals, images and situations aimed at extending the awareness of reality and supporting strong transformational processes. Contents: Experiential astrology, shamanic cosmology, vertical and horizontal axis, the 12 Sectors, intent and function, the ego system, forgiveness, practices and rituals, the astroshamanic voyage, spirit guides, power animals, totem spirits and demons, spirit medicines and sacred tools, astroshamanic chants, trance postures and dances, astrodrama, astrological language, shamanic forms and derived houses, non-ordinary traits, the Sacred Cone, and more.
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Reviews “The principles of A Course in Miracles® underlie those of astroshamanism, which integrates shamanism, experiential astrology, the archaic mystery traditions and ACIM®. […] Forgiveness is the major function of astroshamanism in letting go of limited identification and expanding the scope of awareness. For those interested in these seemingly diverse disciplines this, possibly the first-ever integration of its kind, is a ‘must read'” MIRACLE WORKER, Magazine of the Uk Miracle Network, [excerpt from Issue 55, Nov/Dec 2003 “[…] As an astrologer you are either at home with chants and rituals and inner guides or you are not. This book certainly gives plenty of information about how to get safely on to this path and there is a wealth of material here, to be continued in the second part of the book.. ” THE ASTROLOGICAL JOURNAL, London [excerpt from Number 5, September/October 2003].”

“This is an excellent must read book that we would highly recommend, not only for those on their own shamanic journey through life, but also for anyone on a spiritual path of self discovery. An interesting and helpful read from start to finish full of no nonsense, practical facts and good advice.”
“I find your book interestingly conveying wealth of information, systematically presented and very well articulated. You encourage creativity and discourage dogmatism, and this approach is something I really appreciate in people. I especially found the chapter on Totam Spirits very instructive and inspiring. I give workshops in Astro-Tarot that have to do with these ideas about the sectors etc, and I can surely enrich these classes with ideas that popped into my head while reading this chapter. The advantage of your book is that you do not put it aside after reading it – you can use it constantly as an effective tool for self-improvement.Thanks for sharing this material.” RUTH AHARONI, astrologer, author, yoga teacher (Israel)
“In ‘Astroshamanism – Book 1’, Franco Santoro generously transmits his shamanic knowledge and experience through the language of astroshamanism: a method that he has developed by expanding the connections between shamanism and astrology. Astroshamanism has been one of the most significant healing tools and experiences in my life. This method allows the integration both of the personal and collective unconsious, through the relationship with the deities (planets) that refer to each zodiac sign. This rapport, which develops through the connection with the Spirit Guide, primarily serves a healing function. True healing, both physical and psychic, can only be of a spiritual nature, and this is what happens during the workshops and sessions lead by Franco Santoro” PAOLA PIERPAOLI, astrologer, author, channeler (Italy).
“Developed by the author over the last quarter century, Astroshamanism is a system of spiritual healing that integrates experiential astrology with the basic principles of shamanic traditions from around the world. It covers sacred rituals and tools, voyaging, spirit guides and power animals, totem spirits and demons, trance dance and more. The birth chart becomes a sacred circle. However, the horoscope is not interpreted analytically but expressed by using shamanic techniques to expand awareness. New transformative perceptions are facilitated by a direct connection with Overall the emphasis of the book is more on the author’s personal shamanistic approach, with the astrology offering a language to clarify the processes.” PILGRIMS UK Reviews, Gloucester (England)

Astroshamanism (Book 2)The Voyage Through the Zodiac by  Franco Santoro Findhorn Press, 2003

In this second volume, Franco Santoro takes us through an initiatory journey into the multi-dimensional universe that thrives beyond the limited boundaries of our ordinary perception. The book is devoted to the exploration of the zodiac as a Sacred Circle and consists of chapters dealing with each of its 12 Sectors and 4 Directions.
Extensive information on the shamanic and astrological characteristics of the Sacred Circle is provided, together with a wide range of practices, insights, approaches and experiential accounts to suit different people and situations. It includes detailed explanations that allow the reader to have a direct experience of their authentic potential and ground it in their daily life.
Both visionary and pragmatic, this book aims at accessing the shamanic realms of the zodiac to gently release the illusion of separation and gradually reawaken the original power of our divine nature. Contents: astrological signs, houses, planets and related shamanic connections, Totem Spirits and basic archetypes, astrological correspondences (animals, plants, minerals, qualities, grievances, etc.), healing tools, chants, dances, rituals, techniques, myths, reports of shamanic voyages, more.
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Astroshamanism Book II by Franco Santoro is one of those far-out books that can change the way you perceive reality. Astroshamanism leads the reader through the process of making a sacred circle, keeping an astroshamanic journal, going on a shamanistic voyage, and having a series of practices and rituals geared toward each of the twelve houses. Unlike most basic astrology texts, this book will touch your soul by introducing a life-affirming worldview completely different from anything most people are taught through the standard educational system. If you want a magical, transformative, mystical experience, Astroshamanism is your ticket. Dell Horoscope Magazine December 2003 [excerpted]
I first read the original draft of this book when a group of us at Findhorn were doing the training in Astroshamanism offered by Franco. As we met each month Franco would give us the literature for the relevant sector, along with some of the material that now forms part of Astroshamanism Book One. The material in Book Two is closely based on those early notes for each of the sectors that Franco so generously made available to us then, and we readers of this edition are privileged to receive a lot of previously unpublished original material in this volume. Book Two forms a major source of reference to return to time and time again, and can offer clues and pointers in many situations. A lot of the information contained here I have never come across anywhere else, and it has provided the key to understanding some aspect of my experience on many occasions.
I personally find the minutiae as fascinating as the broader picture and am deeply appreciative of finally having all of this information in a book. Whilst working on the draft Franco was driven by the need to get all of the information for each of the sectors down on paper and consequently out of his head (or wherever it comes from!) leaving him free to develop his practice, research and teaching of astroshamanism. This volume, along with the guidance contained in Book One, also forms a practical course to follow with some valuable and original exercises to undertake during each sector.  
The themes of each sector are explained in the text, and become the subject for extended meditation, journeying or other exploratory practices. Franco is an articulate and erudite writer and teacher, and this book contains many flavours to savour – abundant and hard to find information on varied aspects of spirituality and astrology. Franco’s personal stories, ideas and inspirational material of many kinds. Even after reading it several times its magnificence still has the power to take my breath away. JUDY WYLD
In Astroshamanism book 2: The Voyage through the Zodiac Franco Santoro focuses on the practical side of the work with his unique approach of blending astrology and shamanism, inviting the reader to join him in an experiential exploration of the 12 Zodiacal Signs (the Sectors), the four Directions and the Centre that in this tradition form the Sacred Circle. For a deeper understanding and a genuine exploration previous reading of the first volume is definitely required, but for those wanting to get an overview of the scope of the work and its methodology a clear and concise introduction to basic principles is provided at the beginning of this sequel. Since the world that gradually unfolds will certainly be experienced as complex, multi-layered and possibly deeply challenging old belief systems, the clear structure which the book follows provides orientation and grounding. Each direction and sector is introduced with a lot of attention to detail, providing factual information, correspondences, characteristics, and guides the reader into the specific energy that expresses itself in this particular area. In addition to some recommended basic practices a variety of healing tools are offered that support and encourage an individual path within this voyage, which on the whole will lead towards an expansion of human awareness. With a lot of openness, depth and humour the author contributes reports of his own journeys and other shamanic experiences. I greatly appreciate the thorough didactic approach that characterizes this second volume, the respect Franco Santoro shows to various traditions, the way he honours individual experiences, the joy and passion that shine through. I see the book as an exciting and inspiring invitation to go on a deeply transformative journey on which you will meet yourself and Spirit in whatever form He/She appears to you and where you will move towards a healing of the illusion of separation. ASTRID GUDE, educator (Germany)

You can order your copy of Astroshamanism Book One and Book Two directly at info@astroshamanism or by Paypal at £ 9 for each book (postage & packaging included in the UK and Italy).

Please be aware that the above texts may not fully or accurately reflect Franco Santoro’s current views.


Books in Italian


libro uno
Un viaggio nell’universo interiore
di Franco Santoro[Formato Kindle], Euro 7,72
edizione italiana, 18 agosto 2013
disponibile su, clicca qui per ordinare.
Dopo 10 anni è finalmente disponibile l’edizione italiana del primo dei due volumi di Astrosciamanesimo scritti da Franco Santoro, e pubblicati originariamente in lingua inglese.
Franco Santoro offre un’introduzione completa ai principi e alle pratiche dell’astrosciamanesimo, un sistema olistico di guarigione spirituale finalizzato a espandere la consapevolezza umana mediante l’integrazione di sciamanesimo, astrologia e antiche tradizioni esoteriche.
L’autore esamina l’astrologia e il suo rapporto con lo sciamanesimo, fornendo la descrizione di vari strumenti atti a facilitare l’esplorazione della nostra natura multidimensionale e ad integrarla con la realtà ordinaria.
La carta astrologica è impiegata esperienzialmente come cerchio sacro, e si rivela mediante il coinvolgimento di tutti i sensi, le emozioni, il movimento, la danza, il suono, i rituali e ogni forma di espressione, con lo scopo di espandere la nostra consapevolezza e fornire le chiavi per un completo processo di trasformazione.
Contenuto: astrologia esperienziale, cosmologie sciamaniche, asse orizzontale e verticale, i Dodici Settori, Intento e Funzione, il sistema dell’ego, il perdono, pratiche e rituali, il viaggio astrosciamanico, lo Spirito Guida, gli animali di potere, gli Spiriti Totem, i demoni, le medicine spirituali, gli oggetti sacri, i canti astrosciamanici, le posture di trance, la danza sciamanica, l’astrodramma, il linguaggio astrologico, le forme sciamaniche e le case derivate, i tratti non-ordinari e altri temi.
Iniziazione all’astrosciamanismo:
La via astrologica alla guida interiore
di Franco Santoro
Edizioni Mediterranee, 2000
(in Italian)
Le conoscenze millenarie delle tradizioni sciamaniche e le pratiche dell’astrologia esperienziale si fondono negli insegnamenti dell’astrosciamanesimo. Le tecniche descritte in questo libro rendono possibile un rapporto diretto con la propria Guida Interiore invece che una relazione di mediazione attraverso un medium o channeler. Si tratta di strumenti molto potenti, in grado di ricondurci alla nostra matrice originaria di estasi e amore. L’Autore considera dapprima l’astrologia e il suo rapporto con lo sciamanismo, soffermandosi sul sistema del Sacro Cerchio, sui concetti di Intento e Funzione, e sugli aspetti rituali del lavoro astrosciamanico. In seguito affronta il tema dei viaggi sciamanici e del contatto con la Guida Interiore, offrendo indicazioni molto accurate e una serie di tecniche estremamente efficaci per coloro che sono interessati ad averne un’esperienza diretta. Il libro propone inoltre un’ampia varietà di pratiche individuali e di gruppo intese a stimolare e riequilibrare le energie di ciascuno dei 12 segni astrologici. Il libro è in vendita nelle principali librerie in Italia
ImageConcisa Epitome del Compendio dell’Epica del Sacro Cono Franco Santoro (author) Cost: Euro 9 (plus P&P)
Language: Italian
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