casale1The Provisional Institute, founded by Franco Santoro, is an experiential holistic education and spiritual healing community network and centre, dedicated to the expansion of human awareness, the release of our perception based on separation, the reawakening of our multidimensional nature and higher collective consciousness.

Our intention is to be an inspiring and operative force aimed at supporting individuals, groups and communities in the discernment, acknowledgement and pragmatic expression of their authentic talents for the benefit of the whole. We are dedicated to serving others and the environment in alignment with the web of life, encompassing all polarities and beings, seen and unseen.

Our rhythms and services are grounded in the Western, Middle-Eastern and Eastern contemplative and shamanic traditions, ancient and modern non-dualistic mystery schools, all integrated in the revealing, concise and clear teachings of astroshamanism.

In our services we cover a wide spectrum of modalities, employing many tools to support a deep inner and shamanic connection with the Divine, clarity of intent and mastery of one’s creative potential, adapting the work to each individual and group.

Our live and online programmes focus on areas of transformation, identifying and promoting intentions and what truly motivates each participant, in an environment based on safety, respect and honourable agreements. This provides sound foundations for exploring deep dynamics, healing blocks and restoring fragmented parts.

Franco Santoro is happy to hold workshops in new venues and countries. If you would like to organize a holistic or astroshamanic workshop, course or any event, please click here or write to

Our institute is based at Findhorn (Moray, Scotland). Our main workshop and training centre are the Findhorn Foundation (Moray, Scotland) and Casale in Lunigiana (Merizzo, Massa, Italy).

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Skype address: sacrocono

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